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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 127

Over Christmas most of the family had been staying with Kat’s grandmother, but she had opted for the guest room at the nearby house of her Uncle Brian, J.J.’s father. At first she had regretted it.

Before this she hadn’t spent much time around J.J.’s stepmother, Lauren, who had married Brian a little over a year before. Initially Kat was confused by the way Lauren acted towards her – aloof, almost hostile. A few times she’d caught Lauren looking at her in a funny way, and when their eyes met, Lauren just stared straight through her, then after a few seconds abruptly looked away.

But on her second day there, Kat had dropped her phone on the floor and bent over to pick it up. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Lauren staring at her ass, and realized: Oh, she’s into me. That was why she was acting so weird – she was trying to hide it. It all suddenly seemed so obvious, and Kat couldn’t believe she hadn’t figured it out before.

On the one hand, this was very flattering. Lauren was an extremely attractive woman – a tall redhead with an athletic build, and gorgeously crystalline blue-green eyes. She was also a full decade younger than Brian – a trophy wife, no doubt about it.

On the other hand, Kat wasn’t sure she liked Lauren all that much. They were on very different wavelengths. Kat found Lauren to be full of herself, stuck-up, and materialistic. And she wasn’t always very nice to J.J.

On the third hand Kat was horny. It had been a few days, and she had gotten used to a pretty steady diet of pussy. She found herself staring at Lauren’s body – which Lauren liked to show off with tight clothes and short skirts – and salivating a little bit.

Then again Lauren was her uncle’s wife. Kat had been with several married women in the last few months, but this was on a whole different level. In the end, she decided to take a wait-and-see attitude; she wouldn’t make any kind of move, but just let things happen. Still, at times she found herself flirting with Lauren, almost against her will. She kind of enjoyed playing this game without feeling particularly invested in the outcome.

On that particular morning, J.J. and her father had risen early to join the rest of the family for a long hike. Kat, who liked to sleep in whenever possible, had passed on the hike, as had Lauren, who was not the outdoorsy type.

It was late in the morning before Kat stirred, and even then she didn’t open her eyes, just rolled over onto her side. She had been having a sexy dream and was in no hurry to wake up.

Suddenly, though, she got a strange feeling, like she was being watched. She squinted her eyes and glanced to one side – and sure enough, there was Lauren, leaning in the doorway. In response, Kat rolled over onto her other side, but this time made sure her naked ass was sticking out from under the covers (she was sleeping in the nude, as usual). Then she just lay quietly, breathing, waiting.

Finally, a couple minutes later, Lauren crept over to the bed and sat down. Kat felt a warm hand run across her butt. She sighed quietly, as if still asleep. That simple touch melted all her resistance – her nipples got hard, her pussy got wet, and she was ready to go. The hell with everything else.

Lauren lifted the blanket still covering most of Kat’s body and slipped underneath. She spooned Kat from behind, kissing her on the neck. She reached one hand over to cup Kat’s breasts, pinched each nipple, then traced the hand down Kat’s belly and abdomen, through her pubic hair, and between her legs. Feeling one of Lauren’s fingers slide between her pussy lips and push inside, Kat decided there was no point being coy anymore. She rolled over and kissed Lauren hard on the mouth.

At this point Lauren was still fully dressed while Kat was naked, which hardly seemed fair. So Kat pulled Lauren’s T-shirt up and off, revealing a pair of full, luscious breasts with thick brown nipples. Kat sucked them hungrily as Lauren continued to finger-fuck her. She was fully awake now, and then some; she felt aggressive, almost feral. She bit down forcefully on Lauren’s nipples, prompting a moan that was half pleasure, half pain.

Contorting herself, Kat turned sideways so she could pull Lauren’s yoga pants down and off. The smell of Lauren’s arousal was strong and intoxicating, and Kat wasted no time in climbing into 69 position atop the older woman. From there it was almost like a competition between them to see who could make the other come harder and faster. They gripped each other tightly, stabbing their tongues into each other, sucking each others’ clits.

Kat held on for as long as she could. For awhile she was right on the edge but kept her climax at bay by thinking profoundly unsexy thoughts – her least favorite foods, certain teachers at her school. Only when she felt Lauren bucking and spasming beneath her did she let go and feel a tremendously powerful orgasm wash over her.

Sitting back on her haunches, Kat let her weight press her wet pussy down onto Lauren’s face before climbing off. Lauren just lay there unmoving, legs splayed, eyes closed, face smeared with girl juice. As her orgasm subsided Kat started to feel mad at herself for having let herself go so easily. She had been weak, and now she wanted to feel strong.

Moving quickly and decisively, Kat rolled Lauren over onto her stomach and tied her hands behind her back with a belt. Lauren offered no resistance. Kat slid a pillow under her so her ass was lifted in the air, then took a deep breath and laid a good, solid smack on Lauren’s left cheek.

Lauren looked back over her shoulder at Kat, a crooked smile playing across her face. “That all you got?”

In answer, Kat hauled off and swatted her harder on the other cheek. Lauren grunted, but her expression didn’t change. She stared straight into Kat’s eyes, a challenge implicit in her gaze. Kat spanked her several more times, but didn’t get the reaction she wanted. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for, exactly ... respect, maybe?

Kat decided to try a different tack. She went to the kitchen and found a nice, heavy wooden spoon. Returning to her room, she thwacked the spoon on the mattress a few times to test it. Lauren raised an eyebrow, then gasped slightly as the spoon landed on her rump. Kat took her time punishing Lauren’s ass with the spoon, turning it good and red, but still wasn’t satisfied with the effect she was having.

Finally she tossed the spoon aside and went to get the strap-on she had brought along, just in case. Opening her suitcase, Kat tossed aside the panties and socks that were covering the strap-on and picked it up. Its weight felt good in her hand. She whacked Lauren’s rear end with it a few times before harnessing up.

Once properly equipped, Kat walked around to where Lauren’s head was and dangled the strap-on in front of her. Her lips were slightly parted, and Kat eased the tip of the dildo between them. Holding the back of Lauren’s head with one hand, Kat thrust forward with her hips, forcing most of the shaft inside. She enjoyed watching the plastic cock disappear into Lauren’s mouth; it was a powerful feeling, as always, especially with the older woman’s hands still tied behind her back.

Kat continued to push in until Lauren started to gag, then eased off a bit. She moved in and out, in and out, fucking Lauren’s mouth until she felt like it was time. Then she pulled out – looking down briefly at Lauren’s eyes, which stared back wide and imploring – and moved around to the other side of the bed.

Kat spread Lauren’s legs, then used her thumbs to pry the older woman’s pussy lips apart. She slowly nudged the thick head of the dildo inside, watching Lauren’s cunt stretch to accommodate it, then abruptly and mercilessly drove the rest of the length in.

Lauren let out a helpless moan that made Kat feel like she was finally getting somewhere. She put every bit of focus and effort at her disposal into taming Lauren’s pussy – slamming into her, then short-stroking, then teasing her clit with the head. When Lauren finally came, she cut loose with a scream that the neighbors must have heard; Kat wondered if her husband and stepdaughter, many miles away, somehow sensed it.

Afterward, they both felt satisfied, though in different ways. They cleaned up and had breakfast, then just hung out, not saying much, but the vibe was relaxed and peaceful. Maybe they weren’t friends now, exactly, but on some level they understood each other. Later in the afternoon Lauren made margaritas and they settled down to wait for Brian and J.J. to come home. No one needed to know what had transpired here; it would be their little secret.

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  1. fantastic chapter. so hot in fact i wouldn't mind seeing some more lauren in the future