Friday, January 22, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 125

Minutes later Jane and Marie found themselves on their knees, handcuffed and blindfolded, bent naked over the couch to await punishment. They had submitted to being bound without comment or complaint; they knew perfectly well that using the strap-on without Jessica’s permission was against the rules. Probably, Jessica thought, they wanted to be punished. Fair enough; they would get their wish, and then some.

Going through her implements of discipline, she eventually decided on a riding crop. Then she glanced over at Celeste, who was sitting there looking back and forth between Jessica and the two bound women. Inspired, Jessica found a second, identical riding crop and handed it to Celeste. A look of alarm mingled with excitement spread across Celeste’s face as she realized what was being asked of her.

Jessica warmed up with a few waves through the air, making sure the crop was close enough to Marie and Jane for them to hear. Celeste did likewise; she was left-handed, Jessica noted.

Positioning herself next to Marie, Jessica pointed Celeste toward Jane. After lining up precisely, making sure of her aim, she landed a nice resounding thwack on Marie’s left butt cheek. Then she looked expectantly over at Celeste, who seemed hesitant.

Jessica understood – it felt like she and Celeste were in some kind of communication with each other, language barrier or no. On the one hand, Jane and Marie had been nothing but kind to Celeste, who had only the vaguest idea of what they were being punished for. On the other hand, they clearly expected, even welcomed, this punishment; and being blindfolded, they would never know a thing. Jessica waited patiently until Celeste appeared to make up her mind and landed a mild, almost tender blow on Jane’s butt.

Jessica answered with a slightly harder swat to Marie’s right cheek. This time Marie cried out, a breathy gasp that was two parts pleasure, one part pain. Sensing the challenge, Celeste hauled off a little further this time, making a reasonably solid impact on Jane’s rear. Jane let out a little “Ugh” and shook her head, but that was all. She wanted it harder, Jessica knew.

Changing pace, Jessica ran the tip of the crop up and down Marie’s inner thighs, then gave her a few soft taps right on her crotch. Celeste followed suit with Jane. Then Jessica steadied herself and got serious. She traced the crop along the length of Marie’s spine, lifted it high into the air, and brought it down with a crack that echoed through the room. Marie yelped, and a nice glowing red mark appeared on her derriere.

Celeste mimicked Jessica’s movements exactly, leaving a similar – if somewhat pinker – spot on Jane. From there they got into a good rhythm – first Jessica, then Celeste, then Jessica again. The blows grew harder and the moans from Jane and Marie grew louder until both asses were luminously crimson.

Jessica dropped her crop and reached down to feel between Marie’s legs. She pulled her hand back sopping wet, took a little taste, and then shoved her fingers into Marie’s mouth for cleaning. Celeste, again, did exactly as Jessica did, except with the opposite hand.

Standing, Jessica stripped. A punishment always got her excited, and she was ready for some relief. She positioned herself on the couch in front of Marie, as Celeste did the same in front of Jane. Jessica gripped Marie by the ears and pulled her head in. Jane, smelling Celeste’s pussy directly in front of her, needed no encouragement; she dove in on her own.

For awhile Jessica and Celeste just leaned back and enjoyed. Jessica smiled at the younger woman, then leaned over to kiss her. The kiss sent a surprising electric shudder through both of them, like the completion of a circuit.

Eventually Jessica decided that though Marie was doing an excellent job as usual, her itch wasn’t quite being scratched. She went back into the bedroom and returned with two face dildos, fastening one onto the head of each blindfolded woman. Then she held Marie’s head again and situated herself so the tip of the dildo was aimed right between her pussy lips. Celeste balanced one hand on top of Jane’s head and arranged herself similarly.

Jessica eased forward and grunted as the shaft pushed into her. A few seconds later Celeste bit her lip and gasped “Oh, merde” as she too was penetrated. Jessica found Celeste’s hand and held it as they sat side by side being dildo-fucked by the bound and blindfolded women in front of them. She fumbled for her riding crop, which was sitting on the floor, and used it to smack Marie’s ass a couple more times. “Harder,” she barked, and gave Jane a couple whacks for good measure.

Soon they were building up to orgasm. Jessica felt it hit Celeste, then it seemed to jump over into her, then they were vibrating in sync. She held Marie’s head still and let the wave wash over her.

“Fuck,” said Jessica.

“Oui,” answered Celeste.

Afterwards Jessica removed Marie and Jane’s blindfolds. Their eyes were full of pleading, and at this point she was ready to throw them a bone. She looked over at the strap-on sitting in the corner; but just to give them what they had originally wanted would be rewarding misbehavior. Then she remembered that in the other room she had two of those dildos with suction cups on one end. They didn’t get used very often, as they were kind of inconvenient, but they seemed perfect for this situation.

She retrieved them and stood one up on either end of the coffee table. She nodded to Marie and Jane, who looked at the dildos, then back at her, then at the dildos again. Then they both shrugged and each one picked a side.

Jessica poured a glass of cognac for herself and one for Celeste, and they sat back to watch as Marie and Jane each somewhat awkwardly tried to mount one of the dildos. It was hard for them to keep their balance with their hands cuffed behind them, but they were very determined and eventually managed to impale themselves on the thick shafts. It was not a very dignified process, but they didn’t care – their cunts were burning with need after all they’d been through.

Standing, Jessica shifted her glass to her left hand and picked up a riding crop with her right. She circled Jane and Marie, smacking each ass in turn as they bounced up and down on their respective dildos. Soon Jane and Marie were both sweating, crying out alternately in pleasure and pain as they struggled to stimulate their clits without toppling over.

Finally, taking pity on them, Jessica dropped her crop, sat down her glass, and stationed herself directly between Marie and Jane. She extended her arms and began to gently rub both girls’ clits. They both went rigid, lifted straight up on their knees, then sat down hard on their dildos one last time. Their orgasms were long and intense, and afterward they slumped forward, spent. Jessica uncuffed them and helped them up, giving each one a kiss on the forehead.

By now it was quite late. It had been a long day, and a good one. This time they all four crowded into one bed together, which made for a bit of a tight fit, but no one seemed to mind.

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