Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 123

Jessica woke up early, feeling extremely well-rested after having slept most of the previous day as well as all night. Looking over at Celeste, who was sleeping next to her illuminated by the first rays of morning light, she remembered the events of the previous evening and sighed contentedly. She stretched and yawned, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with both hands.

She slipped quietly out of bed and put on her robe, intending to make herself a cup of coffee. On her way to the kitchen she stopped and peeked in on Marie and Jane, who had been relegated to the second bedroom when Jessica chose Celeste to share her bed. They had not been too happy about it, Jessica knew, though they were smart enough to keep their displeasure to themselves. Now they were contentedly snuggled together in bed, Marie’s head nuzzled into Jane’s shoulder.

A few minutes later, cup of coffee in hand, Jessica went back to the bedroom. She hung up her robe and slid back under the covers, soaking up the wonderful warmth of Celeste’s body heat. Celeste stirred slightly and moaned quietly, pressing her butt against the side of Jessica’s thigh, but did not actually wake up.

After a few sips of coffee Jessica started to really wake up, and started to get ideas. She reached down and began to casually play with Celeste’s breasts, feeling the smooth skin and gently tweaking the nipples. The coffee was delicious, but Celeste’s tits looked even better; Jessica set her cup down and leaned over to taste them. Celeste whimpered and sighed, but still didn’t come to consciousness.

Jessica had been with her share of black girls, but Celeste’s skin had a different, exotic flavor, redolent of ripe fruit and cinnamon. Intoxicated, Jessica slowly licked her all over: shoulders, neck, ribcage, belly. Celeste gradually became more awake but only reached full consciousness when Jessica spread her legs and kissed her soft inner thighs.

Opening her eyes, Celeste lifted her head and saw what was happening between her legs. It suited her just fine, so she let her head fall back on the pillow and her eyes close again, enjoying the sweet sensations of Jessica’s lips and tongue exploring her most sensitive places.

Jessica took her time, teasing, probing, playing. Celeste was highly responsive; every time the tip of Jessica’s tongue touched her pussy, her whole body quivered. Jessica stretched out the process for as long as possible. For awhile she just blew warm air on Celeste’s clit; when she licked it again, Celeste exploded, gripping Jessica’s shoulders with both hands and screaming French curse words.

When Jessica went to start up again, Celeste gently pushed her away. Jessica thought she understood; sometimes the first orgasm was so good, you just wanted to leave it alone. So she climbed up and stretched herself out full-length on top of Celeste, letting her full weight press down on the younger woman. Celeste was more than strong enough to support her; they kissed and then lay quiet, enjoying a moment of peaceful repose.

* * *

It was Christmas Day, but under the circumstances they were completely unprepared – no tree, no presents, no cookies or candy. It was a gorgeous day out, cold but sunny, so they bundled up (Celeste borrowing one of Marie’s coats) and went for a long walk. Afterward they ate Chinese food at the only restaurant in town that was open. By the time they got home again the weather was turning, and they were happy to get back inside the nice warm house.

Jessica’s mind was working overtime. She had a scene in mind, and she set about making it a reality. As it began to unfold, she realized that it was taking on the form of a religious ritual. That had not been her intention at the start, but when it started to happen she rolled with it.

In a bedroom lit by candles, Jessica had Marie and Jane strip Celeste naked, stretch her out on the bed, and bind her hand and foot to the bedposts. Marie and Jane were both wearing dark robes and suddenly Jessica realized: I am the high priestess, those two are my acolytes, and Celeste is the new initiate.

Jessica had Jane fetch Magic the strap-on and help her on with it. For a moment she just stood there stroking it, considering, watching Celeste’s eyes. Then she ordered Jane and Marie to drop to their knees and lick and suck it, which they did dutifully. Only when they were done did she flick the switch to turn it on.

Telling Jane and Marie to step aside, Jessica strode over to the bed and lay down on top of Celeste. They kissed; Jessica felt Celeste’s rock-hard nipples pressing into her ribs; Celeste felt the length of the dildo against her belly. Then Jessica put her weight on her knees and aimed the strap-on at Celeste’s pussy lips. She rubbed the tip between them, producing some delightful little squishing sounds, then began to push in.

When she was all the way full Celeste inhaled dramatically and then let out a long, slow exhale. Jessica could feel the vibration connecting them. Celeste’s eyes glazed over and her lips pursed as a deep, powerful moan escaped her diaphragm. She tugged briefly at her bonds and then, realizing there was no point, relaxed into the experience.

Jessica threw all of her considerable expertise into giving Celeste the maximum possible pleasure. She delayed Celeste’s first orgasm as long as she could and when it arrived, she pulled out and let the strap-on rest, buzzing quietly, on Celeste’s thigh.

Only then did Jessica feel the tingling in her own clit. For a long moment she savored the feeling, looking down at the bound beauty beneath her. Then, feeling suddenly energized, she plunged back in again and began to fuck Celeste with abandon. She pounded away right through Celeste’s second and third orgasms as Celeste screamed and struggled to meet her thrusts.

Finally they came together. Jessica grunted and fell forward, her head coming to rest on Celeste’s shoulder. She reached down to switch off the strap-on; it was enough. Maybe too much. No – just right.

When Jessica rose she saw Jane and Marie sitting there, looking up at her with pleading eyes. They both probably could use a good fucking, she realized. But she didn’t have the energy to do anything to help them right now. She loosened the harness and let the strap-on fall to the floor, then left to find the bathroom.

Glancing out the window she saw that it had started snowing. The streetlight down the block cast a soft light over a fresh, untouched blanket of the purest white.


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