Friday, January 15, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 124

On Monday Jessica decreed that it was time for a shopping expedition. Celeste needed new clothes and seemed like she would be fun to shop for, so the four of them piled into the car and drove to the mall.

This being the day after Christmas, it was tremendously crowded, and they were forced to park far away and walk. Almost immediately Jessica noticed the reaction that her entourage drew from passers-by; men looked on with undisguised lust, women with naked envy, possibly lust also. It continued as they walked into the mall, heads turning left and right; two men walking in opposite directions collided and glared at each other.

They set about finding a new wardrobe for Celeste, the three of them buzzing around her, suggesting things for her to try on. Seemingly everything she tried on looked amazing; she was just one of those people who made clothes look good. They spent a lot of time in dressing rooms, passing clothes in and out, debating what went best with what.

At one point Jessica went off on her own to get coffee, and waiting in line she saw a familiar face: Tanya, from yoga class. Jessica hadn’t thought about her for awhile, but seeing her here, was struck again by how gorgeous she was – perfect face, long brown hair, big blue eyes. Her superb body was currently hidden under unflattering sweats, but Jessica remembered its contours quite vividly from studying it at length in the yoga studio.

“Hi, I know you from yoga,” she said. “Jessica,” she added, and extended her hand.

“Yeah, I recognize you,” said Tanya, smiling sweetly. “Tanya.”

The line was long, so they had some time to talk. Jessica laid on the charm as thick as she could, telling funny stories, throwing in subtle flattery here and there. She wasn’t sure exactly what she had in mind for Tanya, but was curious what might be possible.

As they walked away from the coffee stand with their steaming cups in hand, Tanya said, “Listen, we’re having a cocktail party at my house tonight. A fundraiser for the homeless shelter. Why don’t you drop by?”

Jessica smiled. The door was open just a crack. “I’d love to.”

Saying goodbye to Tanya, Jessica found Marie, Jane, and Celeste waiting for her with a huge pile of clothes. They headed for the checkout counter, where the total was high enough to make Jessica blink a couple times; they could afford it, but it was more than most people would spend on clothes in five years. She shrugged and handed her credit card to the clerk.

Next they headed for the lingerie shop, where they spent a delightful hour with a beautiful redhead whose nametag said “Claire.” They bought a bunch of things for Celeste, and Jessica let Marie and Jane pick out a few treats for themselves as well.

Back at the house Jessica started thinking ahead to the cocktail party. Should she go alone or take someone with her? After awhile she decided to bring Celeste; they had bought her a black cocktail dress that would be perfect for the occasion. Yes, she wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone, but maybe that would be an advantage; she could stand there with a glass of champagne in hand, looking alluring and mysterious.

Jessica informed Marie and Jane of her decision, instructing them to help Celeste get ready for the party. She could see in their eyes that they were not pleased, but they both nodded obediently, if a bit sullenly.

They had a couple of hours in the meantime, so Jessica sat down at the dining room table to start catching up on the mail. She had been at it about half an hour when Marie sat down across from her.

“Celeste has been talking about her family in Haiti,” said Marie. “She hasn’t been able to send them any money like she intended to. I was wondering...maybe we can do something to help them?”

Jessica nodded. “Yeah, of course.” She was a little annoyed at herself for not having thought of it earlier. Within half an hour she was able to get online and wire a substantial sum to Celeste’s mother.

When she was informed of what had happened Celeste came to Jessica, knelt in front of her, and tenderly kissed her hand. Jessica reacted by lifting Celeste to her feet and giving her a long, hard hug.

* * *

The cocktail party turned out to be less boring than Jessica might have expected. The vibe she got was of generally well-behaved people letting their hair down. The booze flowed freely, the music was good, and there were plenty of people dancing. It was a great house, spacious and well-decorated.

At one point Tanya came up to say hi. “And who is this?” she asked, glancing over at Celeste – who looked simply smashing in her tight black dress. Marie had done a nice job on her makeup, including tasteful use of blue eyeshadow, and touched up her hair.

“This is Celeste,” answered Jessica. “She’s...staying with me for awhile.” Jessica volunteered no more information that that, and nothing more was asked.

Later in the night Tanya’s husband, a tall, athletic, Nordic-looking type, came up and started flirting with them. He was nice enough about it, though – sly and not too aggressive – so Jessica humored him. He tried to chat up Celeste, who smiled and nodded as if she understood what he was saying. Eventually Tanya appeared and gently but firmly steered him away, shrugging apologetically.

Soon after that the party started to break up and Jessica sensed that it was time to go. Tanya thanked her effusively for coming and gave her a big hug; Jessica milked it for all it was worth.

Back home the house was dark except for a single light in the living room. A strange feeling came over Jessica; something was up here, her intuition told her. So instead of pulling into the garage as she usually would have, she parked at the curb and let herself in through the front door.

Sure enough – she found Jane bent over the ottoman in the living room, panting and moaning as Marie strap-on fucked her from behind. Jane’s eyes were closed and Marie was too focused on her task to see Jessica come in. But when Jessica cleared her throat, they both saw her and the look in their eyes said it all: Busted.


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