Friday, May 4, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 56

Just as Jessica had predicted, Ella’s party turned out to be a staid and rather dull event, despite the presence of Marie and Jane serving drinks and hors d’oeuvres in bondage gear. It wasn’t until after the last guest had left that things started to get interesting.

It was Ella’s husband's birthday and she had planned a special treat for him. After saying goodnight to the last couple, Ella locked the door, returned to the living room, and instructed Marie and Jane to clear off the big table that all the food had been sitting on. As they worked Ella settled her husband down on the sofa with a drink in hand and reminded him of the ground rules: He could look but not touch. Ella hadn’t technically cleared this idea with Jessica, but knew that Jessica wouldn’t mind as long as her property wasn’t damaged.

When the table was clear Ella paused for a moment, considering how to proceed. She sipped from her glass of wine, looking back and forth at the two women at her disposal, then over at the expectant face of her husband. Sitting her glass down on the coffee table, she walked over and pulled off Jane’s form-fitting rubber top, then her bottom. When Jane was naked Ella had her climb onto the big table and stretch out on her back. Ella then used some scarves that were hanging nearby to tie Jane’s wrists and ankles to the table legs. Jane’s pubic hair was now short hair rather than stubble, forming a perfect triangle; she was positioned so that her open legs pointed right toward Ella’s husband.

Ella leaned back against the wall and beckoned for Marie to approach, then pushed her down onto her knees. Pulling her dress down to expose her breasts, Ella leaned forward slightly. Marie needed no encouragement – she had been in the mood for hours with no action – and started eagerly suckling Ella’s pert, mouthful-sized tits. Ella too was more than ready, and soon she lifted her skirt and pulled her panties aside so Marie could start licking her cunt. Jane lifted her head and gazed over longingly, powerless to get involved, her pussy gushing moisture.

Ella reached down to pull off her panties and then pinioned herself back against the wall, spreading her legs wide, her recent yoga practice helping her maintain her balance. Marie dove back in, driving her tongue up inside Ella, her nose rubbing against the blonde’s clit. Before long Ella came, shuddering, her long nails digging into Marie’s back.

Marie sat back and gazed up at Ella expectantly, her face smeared with juice, a stray golden pubic hair dangling from her nose. Ella took her by the hand and stood her up, walking her over to the table where Jane was tied.

Ella bent Marie over the table so Jane could lick the nectar off her face; Jane complied eagerly and obediently. Then Ella pushed Marie across Jane and lifted her onto the table – Ella was surprisingly strong for such a thin woman – so the two were in 69 position. Very much enjoying acting as puppet master, Ella pushed Marie’s head down into Jane’s crotch, then opened the zipper between Marie’s legs so her pussy was exposed. Ella fingered Marie as Jane licked her from below, causing Marie to squirm, arch her back, and moan deliciously.

Now Ella removed her finger and slipped it into her mouth, glancing over at her husband, who sat staring wide-eyed, looking stunned. Disappearing into the bedroom for a minute, Ella reappeared wearing a black strap-on and brandishing a riding crop. After watching Marie and Jane 69 for awhile – they were going at it in a frenzy now, completely oblivious to the world around them – Ella brought the crop down firmly on Marie’s ass. Marie yelped and paused just a moment to look back at Ella, then went back to eating Jane’s cunt, only to go rigid as Ella penetrated her.

This arrangement continued until Marie came violently, her whole body shaking, then went limp. Ella withdrew from her and slipped the strap-on into Jane’s mouth. After giving Marie a minute to recover, Ella sat her up so that she was smothering Jane’s face. Untying Jane’s legs, Ella bent them back so that her ass was sticking out, and proceeded to give her several good solid whacks with the riding crop.

Positioning the tip of the strap-on between Jane’s pussy lips, Ella teased her with a few short strokes, then plunged in forcefully, drawing a helpless groan from Jane that was muffled by Marie’s crotch. Holding Jane’s legs together to narrow her canal, Ella fucked her mercilessly, reaching over with the crop to stroke Marie’s clit. In a few minutes Jane and Marie climaxed simultaneously, prompting a satisfied smile from Ella, who waved her riding crop in the air miming a conductor.

Untying Jane’s hands, Ella helped her down off the table, then hopped up to take her place. At Ella’s behest Marie and Jane knelt beside the table and took turns sucking the strap-on and Ella’s tits. Conscious of trying to put on a show, Ella stretched out her long legs and teased the wet pussies beneath her with her feet; but soon the itch between her legs grew too strong, and she tore off the strap-on and spread her legs wide.

Putting one hand on Marie’s lovely dark locks and one on Jane’s peach-fuzzy dome, Ella guided both heads down to her crotch and stretched out across the table to receive the pleasure she had coming to her. The spectator in the room was forgotten for the moment, but you weren’t going to hear him complain.



  1. excellent. real joy to read this

  2. oh god ! that was the best story i ever read , it got me very wet and i ended having an orgasle ,god i want badly mary and jane right now ..