Friday, March 23, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 55

Riding back to town in the limousine, Kat again drifted in and out of consciousness. The sun was going down outside, but she couldn’t see it, even though she had been allowed to ride in the back of the limo this time instead of the trunk. She was blindfolded and handcuffed to Lucy on one side and Casey on the other side; every so often one of them reached over with a free hand to fondle Kat’s breasts or play with her pussy. As a result she was in a constant state of low-level arousal and the dress she was wearing – a red-wine-colored dress cut low on top and short at the bottom – was out of place and disheveled.

Kat thought back to when the already surreal day had started to turn really strange. Mimi had beckoned her over and invited her to take a draw from the hookah. Kat had hesitated for a moment, unsure what she might be getting into, but the situation had seemed to encourage decadence. The smoke was sticky, sweet, and a little musty; Kat took too much and coughed for a minute, but immediately the lights in the room looked brighter and the music that was playing seemed to slow down, acquire new beats in between the beats she had heard previously. Mimi smiled at her, and the smile was the smile of a big cat about to pounce; Kat knew that she was about to be taken, and felt her knees weaken.

Mimi nodded to Lucy and Mia, and each took one of Kat’s hands. They led her over to a large circular table and laid her on top of it, fastening her wrists and ankles into restraints built into the tabletop. Lucy flipped a lever and with practiced efficiency she and Mia flipped the table so that its surface was vertical rather than horizontal, then spun it so that Kat was upside-down. Mimi liked having a new conquest in this position, where she could taste them without in any way compromising her dominance.

Cupping Kat’s dangling breasts in both hands, Lucy massaged the nipples with her thumbs, then tweaked them with her fingers until they were at maximum hardness. Kat let out a small sigh that turned abruptly to a gasp as Mia snapped on a nipple clamp. When both sides were clamped, Mia looped the chain between them back behind Kat’s head, bringing them to a tension point that pulled Kat’s nipples down and out. Then Lucy and Mia stepped away.

Licking her lips, Mimi approached the bound cheerleader. Kat could hardly have been called an innocent at this point, with all that she had experienced in the last few months, but in this position she radiated an innocent vulnerability that Mimi found utterly delicious. Mimi ran her hands up and down Kat’s body, savoring her youthful softness. Kat’s pussy, just inches below Mimi’s face, was glistening with liquid, her lips puffy and slightly parted, with just a hint of the inner pink exposed. Mimi was torn; she wanted to devour it, but at the same time she wanted to prolong the anticipation endlessly, make Kat whimper and beg.

Mimi traced a finger experimentally down the length of Kat’s crevice; it made a soft squishing sound and opened slightly more. This had the effect of arousing Mimi tremendously while also strengthening her resolve. She spent the next 15 minutes teasing Kat mercilessly, touching every part of her body, returning to the sensitive areas just often enough to keep the girl in a state of fevered expectancy.

Finally Kat let out a long, loud exhale and groaned “Please, please, please....”

“You said the magic word,” purred Mimi, pushing one finger all the way inside Kat and pulling it out coated with juice. She took a taste from her fingertip and fed the rest to Kat, pushing her moist digit into the younger girl’s submissive mouth. When it was nice and clean Mimi finally felt ready to indulge. Bending her knees slightly and craning her neck forward, she penetrated Kat forcefully with her tongue, gulping in a big mouthful of nectar.

Now Mimi seemed to go into a frenzy, burying her face in Kat’s crotch and staying down there for several minutes. When she finally came up for air, she had a faraway look in her eyes. She beckoned to Mia and Lucy, who scurried obediently to their mistress’s side. Mimi whispered something into Lucy’s ear, whereupon Lucy left the room. Then she turned the other way to whisper to Mia, and Mia started to lick Kat’s juices from Mimi’s face.

When Lucy returned she was wearing a long black face dildo, and Mimi resumed licking Kat as Lucy knelt behind her. Mimi bent over slightly to give Lucy access, and Lucy thrust the dildo up between her mistress’s legs and into her pussy. Mimi tongued Kat more slowly this time, teasing her, occasionally paying attention her clit but not letting her come. Kat, for her part, was desperate to get to Mimi’s pussy, which was now just inches from her face, but bound as she was she just couldn’t quite make it.

Bit by bit, though, the force of Lucy’s pounding from behind pushed Mimi forward until Kat was able to fully extend her tongue and touch it to Mimi’s clit. This seemed to complete a circuit; Mimi immediately began to tremble with a powerful orgasm, and she sucked Kat’s clit into her mouth, prompting her to climax as well.

Mimi took a step sideways, looking a little wobbly on her legs and uncharacteristically uncertain of herself, and sat down. Lucy slid forward on her knees and pushed the face dildo into Kat’s mouth.

Later Kat’s table was turned horizontal again, and everyone in the room gathered around to play a little game. The table was spun around like a lazy susan, and when it stopped, whoever Kat’s head was pointing to climbed up onto the table and sat on her face. Some of them leaned down to 69, and Lucy on her turn fucked Kat’s pussy with the dildo, but everyone got at least one turn. When they were done with her Kat just lay there dazed as everyone left the room.

Finally Emily appeared and unchained Kat from the table, then led her again to the bathroom where they had first cleaned up. Again Emily scrubbed Kat tenderly, then led her to an enormous wardrobe where she was allowed to choose a dress for herself. Once she was dressed Emily led her to the limousine, where she was blindfolded and handcuffed to Lucy and Casey. She rode back to the city between the two of them with Mimi sitting across from them facing backward, enjoying the spectacle of the three girls bound together.

When they returned Kat to her own car, she was uncuffed and the blindfold removed. Everyone said goodbye and Mimi leaned over to kiss Kat on the cheek. “I hope you enjoyed yourself,” said Mimi. “I’m sure we’ll meet again.”



  1. MMM Kat just landed herself a sugar momma Mimi is just so sexy that Kat and her need a one on one. Finally chapter 55 which will make the next one very sexy :)Party

  2. that two month wait was totally worth it. all the waiting we do between updates is always worth it. :)