Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 54

While Kat was having her adventure with Mistress Mimi, Jessica was having quite an interesting day of her own. As the sun was setting she found herself, quite unusually, alone in the house. Ella had asked to borrow Marie and Jane to serve drinks at a party she was having, and Jessica had agreed while declining to attend herself. Jessica knew this particular crowd of Ellas friends, and while they would no doubt think themselves wild and daring to be served by slave girls in lingerie, they were at heart uptight and boring and nothing really interesting would happen at the party.

Instead, Jessica had opted for a quiet Sunday at home. She was planning to sit down and watch the new movie by her favorite director, which had just arrived in the mail the day before. Jessica had a very high opinion of this womans work: It was high-quality lesbian erotica, or porn if you preferred – which Jessica actually did, thinking the word erotica pretentious. Her movies had actual plots and plenty of buildup that inevitably led to hot, hot sex. Sometimes it was just couples, sometimes threesomes or more, but Jessica always had complete confidence that she would get off several times before it was over.

She had just poured herself a drink, sat down, and pressed Play when the doorbell rang. Jessica sighed. What might it be now? Pausing the movie, she walked to the front door and peered through the peephole. There were two young women on the other side, one with dark hair and glasses, one with light brown hair tied back in a ponytail. Suddenly Jessica was interested.

Swinging open the door, Jessica took in both girls with a glance. The dark-haired one was maybe 20, with an exquisitely beautiful face and a thin but very attractive body. The other one was 18 or 19, slightly plainer of face with an almost chubby but decidedly curvy figure.

Hi, said the dark-haired girl. My name is Rose, and this is Rebecca. Rebecca nodded. Glancing down, Jessica saw that Rose was carrying a stack of Watchtowers, and suddenly it all made sense: they were Jehovahs Witnesses.

Rose launched into some canned speech about natural disasters and how they were Gods judgment on humanity, but Jessica paid no attention. Instead she looked back and forth from one girl to the other, sizing them up, her mind racing. Would it possible to seduce them? How might such a thing be accomplished?

What Jessica couldn’t have known — but may somehow have sensed — was that Rose and Rebecca were ripe for the taking. They were normal young women with healthy sexual appetites that they had no way to express, and long-suppressed curiosity about sex in all its forms. There was a natural attraction between them that, with all the time they’d spent together, had grown into a powerful yearning. But neither of them could do anything about it; each was afraid that the other would see her as sinful. So it was going to take a third party to bring it out of them. 

At the first opportunity Jessica interrupted Roses spiel. Its getting awfully cold out here, said Jessica. Why dont you come on inside.

The girls readily agreed; Jessica imagined that they had been getting frosty receptions at every door they had gone to, and were glad to find someone who would listen. And it really was getting cold now that the sun was going down; Rose, in particular, was underdressed for the weather, and it occurred to Jessica that not even Jehovahs Witnesses were above using sex appeal as a sales technique.

Sitting Rebecca and Rose down in the couch facing the TV, Jessica took a seat herself in the recliner to the right. She thought for a moment; she needed to get these girls off the subject of religion, get them talking about themselves. It must be difficult going door to door like this.

Rose exhaled audibly. You can say that again. Most people arent as nice as you.”

And some people are downright mean, added Rebecca.

As they were talking, Jessica had surreptitiously started the movie playing again while muting the sound. It had been paused on the opening credits, and now was showing a perfectly innocent-looking scene of two women having dinner in a restaurant; Jessica guessed it would be 20 minutes or so before anything sexual happened.

In the meantime, Jessica tried to keep Rebecca and Rose talking, asking them about whether they were in school, what they were studying, what they did for fun... anything except damnation and salvation. She figured that girls this young and pretty must have appetites. They must live in an incredibly repressed environment, and who knows what they might have burning inside them. Jessica found herself almost drooling at the idea of getting to break in these two innocents... it was entirely possible that they were virgins, she realized. And they were so cute. Rebecca was very charming, especially when she smiled, but Rose was a real beauty, with her straight black hair and pale brown eyes. Her features had a trace of an Asian quality to them – Jessica guessed that she might be part Filipina.

As they talked, Jessica watched the girls eyes carefully; though they were trying to converse politely, they couldnt help but glance occasionally at the screen, just because it was moving. When, finally, there was a scene of two women kissing, Jessica focused intently on the girls’ reaction. Clearly they noticed, because they both got a little fidgety and some red crept into Rebeccas cheeks, but if it made them uncomfortable they were too polite to say so.

Jessica chose that moment to excuse herself to go into the kitchen, ostensibly for beverages. Once in the kitchen, she waited a minute, then crept silently back into the living room, watching the girls from behind as they watched the movie. The women who had been kissing were now half-naked, laying entwined on a bed; coincidentally, they were being spied on from the hallway by a third woman, unbeknownst to them.

The women on the bed were a blonde and a redhead, and the blonde now leaned over to suckle on the redheads breast. Jessica inched forward, trying to glimpse the girls faces without letting them know she was there. Their expressions were rapt, and they stared straight ahead as the blondes hand slipped between the redheads legs and pulled her panties aside.

Next there was a shot from the observer in the movies point of view as the two women on the bed kissed passionately once again. Jessica sensed that this was her moment. Taking a quick and quiet step forward, she put one hand on the back of Roses head and one on Rebeccas, and gently but decisively encouraged them to kiss each other. When their lips met, softly and slowly, Jessica immediately felt herself begin to gush between the legs. She helped herself to a kiss from each girl and then brought them together again.

Walking around to the other side of the couch, Jessica took one of Roses hands and placed it on Rebeccas breast. Rose instinctively began to rub her friends nipple, drawing a big smile from Jessica, who leaned forward and drew the girls into a three-way kiss. As she was doing so she reached her own hand out and cupped one of Roses breasts, prompting a quiet but very sexy moan.

When the kiss was over, Jessica looked over at the movie, where the blonde and redhead were now 69ing on the bed. Following Jessicas eyes, Rose and Rebecca saw this as well, and for a minute all three just stared at the screen. The movie cut from a long shot of the 69, to a close-up of the blonde parting the redheads pussy lips with her fingers, to a shot of the third woman – the voyeur – who now had one hand down the front of her unbuttoned jeans.

As the girls continued to watch the movie, Jessica moved around behind Rose and pulled her shirt up and off. She was wearing a very big and conservative bra, which followed the shirt onto the floor. Jessica reached both hands around to cup Roses tits, using her thumbs and index fingers to encourage the already hardening nipples, then reached one arm out to bring Rebeccas head to Rose’s chest. Swallowing nervously, Rebecca softly kissed Roses left nipple, then tentatively stuck out her tongue to touch it. Jessica felt Roses body stiffen and pulled the girls hair to one side, leaning over to kiss and lick her ear. Rose closed her eyes and leaned back against Jessica, emboldening Rebecca, who now took a big mouthful of one breast, then the other.

Jessica whispered something in Roses ear; following the instructions, Rose reached over and pulled off Rebeccas blouse and bra, revealing a truly stunning set of D-cup breasts. Rose bent down to suckle on one as Jessica leaned over her to taste the other, at the same time sliding one hand under Roses skirt and between her thighs. They were exquisitely soft and smooth, and Jessica was pleased to find that the side of her hand that was against Roses panties felt wet.

Onscreen, the third woman had come out of her hiding place and was standing by the bed talking to the blonde and the redhead. Jessica watched them for a few seconds, wondering what might be transpiring between them, before returning her attention to the girls. Rebecca was leaning back with her eyes closed, nipples jutting straight out, clearly enjoying the attention she had been receiving. Rose was looking back over her shoulder at Jessica, as if wondering what to do next.

Sensing that Rose was ready for the next step, Jessica rolled the dark-haired girl over onto her back. Her mouth watering, Jessica slid onto her knees in front of Rose. Those who knew her would have been surprised to see her acting this way; but this was a special case. Jessica pulled off Roses shoes and skirt, leaving only her socks and panties, which were old-fashioned and unattractive. Still, she left them on for a minute, kissing and licking all around them, feeling Rose slowly open up for her. Jessica spread Roses legs and planted a big kiss on the moist crotch of her panties, taking a deep breath of her intoxicating scent, then glanced over at Rebecca, who was staring wide-eyed and unblinking.

Reaching up, Jessica pulled off Roses glasses, carefully folding them and putting them aside. She kissed Rose gently on the lips, then on each eyelid, before taking hold of the waistband of Roses panties and beginning to work them downward. Rose exhaled softly and lifted her hips to help with the process. When the panties were off, Jessica opened Roses legs again, and at the sight of the girls naked pussy, she felt a mixture of triumph, lust, and a kind of reverence. This kind of beauty almost made her want to believe in God.



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