Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 97

Everyone filled their plates buffet-style and they all went to the dining room, where they set about stuffing their faces with Carla’s delicious food. Everyone ended up going back for seconds, and some for thirds; the conversation got louder and louder as the wine flowed and the THC-infused pasta sauce began to take effect, and so no one heard the doorbell when it rang. Fortunately Annabel was on her way back from the bathroom at the time.

When she opened the door the faces she saw were familiar, but it took her a few seconds to place them — they were the two women Carla had talked to at the restaurant. The older one, who introduced herself as Constance, was fitted out like a dominatrix: black leather bustier and skirt, black gloves, and thigh-high spiked boots. In her hand she held one end of a chain, the other end of which was attached to the younger woman’s collar. “And this is Caprice,” she said.

Annabel looked Caprice up and down appreciatively; she’d looked beautiful in the restaurant, but today she was absolutely radiant. She was dressed all in white, with a midriff-bearing white fur crop top, an extremely short white leather skirt, and knee-length matching socks. All the white combined with her angelic face lent her a certain innocence, but hers was a body clearly made for sin.

In the dining room the meal was wrapping up, and Constance and Caprice had already eaten anyway; but Katya offered them cookies and Caprice, after looking to Constance for approval, happily gobbled one down. After that everyone adjourned to the deck to get ready for fireworks.

Unfortunately the fog had started to roll in while they ate, and by the time the sun was down the house was completely socked in. It became quite chilly and several people went inside to layer up; Carla allowed Annabel to put on an overcoat over her bikini. 

Arming herself with a snifter of brandy against the cold, Carla settled back in a deck chair, and Annabel snuggled in between her legs. In this weather the fireworks were more like patches of colored fog, but Carla enjoyed them anyway; it helped that she was as stoned as she’d ever been in her life.

As soon as the fireworks were over the group headed back inside for dessert. The mood of the party had shifted; as if by mutual agreement, all inhibitions were now shed. Carla, thinking it looked unlikely that Asha was going to show up, decided to go ahead and indulge herself. As soon as she finished her dessert, she made a beeline for Jude, who was sitting on the living room couch finishing her chocolate mousse.

Before she knew what hit her Jude was stretched out across the couch with Carla atop her in 69 position. Not that she minded; she was pretty high herself, and the Mighty Aphrodite was having its usual effect, making her horny beyond belief.

Kim, meanwhile, had explained her mission to Constance and Caprice, who were quite happy to help out. Constance let Caprice have the first turn, and sat with her legs crossed watching as Kim knelt and began to service her young lover.

Annabel found herself sandwiched between Katya and Dylan, her pussy burning with need as their hands explored her body. It took them a few minutes to figure out how to get the bikini off, but they eventually managed it. Kneeling to show her gratitude, Annabel lifted Dylan’s skirt only to find a big black strap-on staring her in the face. Shrugging, she started sucking it. A few seconds later Annabel gasped as Katya, who had now harnessed up as well, plunged into her from behind.

In the kitchen Monica had hoisted Courtney up onto the table and was licking mousse off her. Courtney writhed and moaned as Monica’s tongue roamed around licking up every last droplet of the sweet goo she’d put there.

When she finally looked up from between Jude’s legs, her face coated with juice and a stray brown pubic hair stuck to her chin, Carla saw Kim moving on from Caprice to Constance, who opened her legs and lifted her skirt. Kim took hold of her panties on either side and she lifted herself to wriggle out of them; she had the grace of a dancer. As Kim’s head moved down into her crotch, Constance tugged Caprice’s leash and gestured; Caprice obediently dropped to the floor and slid underneath Kim, and her face quickly disappeared into Kim’s wet pussy.

Carla climbed off Jude, who lay there panting with a crooked smile and a faraway look in her eyes, and went to the kitchen for a drink. Courtney and Monica were now 69ing on the table, and feeling mischievous, Carla found a wooden spatula and gave each girl a few swats on the rump. They giggled but not for a second did they stop feasting on each other; they were both close to coming and each was determined to make the other orgasm first.

For a few minutes Jude just lay sprawled across the couch, not feeling particularly inclined to move or do anything else. Carla had made maximum use of her talented tongue, and Jude’s whole body was still tingling with a delicious afterglow. But her eyes came to rest on the spectacle of Annabel getting pounded at both ends by Katya and Dylan and before long she started to feel a deep-seated itch that there was only one way to scratch. So she pulled herself up from the couch, walked over, and laid herself down on top of Annabel facing the opposite direction.

Dylan could see from the look in Jude’s eyes what she needed, so she obligingly pulled out of Annabel’s pussy and pushed the dildo into Jude’s mouth. It was thoroughly coated with Annabel’s juices, the taste and texture of which gave Jude a wonderfully depraved feeling. Katya followed suit, flexing her hips to withdraw her phallus from Annabel’s mouth, then driving it home into Jude’s cunt with resounding force.

Annabel felt momentarily empty and frustrated, but she’d had her fun — and with Jude’s whole weight on her, she couldn’t go anywhere, so she decided to make the best of it and be helpful. She extended her tongue and touched it to Jude’s clit, and immediately felt the vibration of an orgasm above her — the first of many that Jude would have in the next few minutes.

By the time Carla came back into the room, Jude had climbed off and staggered back to the couch, where she collapsed in a sodden, spent heap. Katya had resumed fucking Annabel, while Dylan had taken off her strap-on and was now sitting on Annabel’s face. The sight of Dylan’s gorgeous red bush stirred something in Carla, as it always did, so she took a couple steps forward and stood over Annabel with her crotch directly as Dylan’s eye level. Dylan took the hint and nuzzled her nose into Carla’s pubic hair before beginning to lick, first Carla’s inner thighs and then her pussy.

Across the room, Kim and Caprice were now 69ing on the floor as Constance looked on, cradling a drink in one hand and fingering herself with the other. Carla grinned at the sight; apparently Caprice’s pussy had been so delicious that Kim just had to go back for seconds. She hoped to sample it herself before the night was through.


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