Friday, September 4, 2020

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 96

After awhile the party adjourned onto the deck, and not too long after Monica and Courtney realized they had made a mistake. The sun was blazing and it was just too hot for their costumes; they were both pouring sweat under their leather.

Monica explained the situation to Carla and asked if there was anything they could change into. Carla said sure and pointed them inside. As she followed them, enjoying the way they moved in their form-fitting outfits, she realized that this was an opportunity to fulfill a fantasy; some of her favorite videos featured superheroines in bondage. In a split second her mind was off and racing, all other considerations forgotten.

“Wait here,” she said abruptly, and strode quickly back onto the deck. She returned a moment later leading Annabel by the arm, and the two of them swept by and up the stairs.

As they walked Carla explained to Annabel what she had in mind, and after a couple minutes they returned with hands full of equipment. Monica and Courtney were facing away from them, toward the window, and didn’t hear a thing as Carla and Annabel crept up behind them. Suddenly they felt their hands being pulled behind their backs and cuffed.

As they turned around comprehension dawned in their eyes, and since they weren’t necessarily opposed to the idea, neither of them put up much of a struggle. But as Carla fastened a ball gag across Monica’s mouth, Courtney whined, “Why would Wonder Woman be capturing Batgirl? Aren’t they both good guys?”

Carla sighed. “Maybe’s she’s been naughty. Catwoman was always a bad influence on her, you know.” Remembering that she was in charge here, Carla snapped, “You ask too many questions,” and silenced Courtney with a gag of her own.

Annabel and Carla led the two bound girls to the bedroom, where Carla bent them both onto the bed, faces on the comforter and asses in the air. She took a minute to savor the view — leather stretched tight across two shapely rumps — knowing that these two beautiful supergirls were hers for the taking. The feeling never got old.

Carla found her favorite cane and gave each girl a few whacks on the ass. But as great at they looked in their costumes, it was no good, the leather was too thick. She needed to spank their bare bottoms.

Getting them out of the skintight leather took a while, but with Annabel’s help Carla was able to accomplish it. This process required letting them out of the handcuffs, so Carla took this opportunity to bind their wrists in front of them with cord, then tie them to the head of the bed. When she was done two wiggling derrieres, one white and one brown, presented themselves to her.

As Carla resumed punishing the captives Annabel looked on, feeling a little jealous. A good spanking sounded really nice just then.

After warming both asses Carla dropped the cane and slid her hands between the girls’ legs. They were satisfyingly wet and sticky, and she leaned down for a quick taste of each, then stood up licking her lips. Delicious as they were, she decided that this part was going to have to wait; suddenly Carla’s own pussy was on fire.

She wriggled out of her costume as quickly as she could — it seemed worth taking the time at this point. Then she climbed up onto the bed, opened her legs, and presented Courtney with a fait accompli in the form of her glistening snatch.

As soon as Carla whipped off her gag, Courtney did not hesitate to get right to work. Annabel would have hopped up next to her and presented her pussy to Monica, but it there was no way for her to get the bikini bottom off by herself — it was like a chastity belt. It appeared that her own pleasure was not on the immediate agenda, so she contented herself with bending down between Monica’s legs and feasting on the black girl’s wet, hot cunt.

* * *

When Carla and Annabel returned downstairs they found Jude, the waitress, with Kim’s head clamped between her naked thighs. She had come dressed as a slutty schoolgirl, and her white blouse hung open, revealing a pair of smallish but perfectly shaped breasts; her plaid skirt was bunched up around her waist; and her white cotton panties lay on the floor next to Kim.

Jude had arrived about a half-hour previously, fired up and ready to cut loose. She had been working double shifts all week and was in the mood to party. It quickly became clear that she’d come to the right place — she’d barely had time to introduce herself before Katya had smoked her out, Dylan had brought her a shot and a beer, and both of them had told her about Kim’s intent to lick every pussy at the party.

Jude raised an eyebrow at this, surprised but not shocked. She’d had an inkling of what kind of party this might be; she just hadn’t expected it to happen so fast. But she didn’t take long to think about it — Kim was cute and she was ready for fun. Kim, for her part, had pretty much forgotten that pleasuring everyone hadn’t been her idea in the first place; it seemed to her a noble and worthwhile goal.

Carla smiled at the sight and said hi to Jude, who blushed a little but made no move to change her situation. It was just starting to get good, and she sipped her beer as Kim’s tongue wiggled around inside her.

After a few minutes Courtney appeared, now dressed in Annabel’s cheerleader outfit, followed by Monica — who hadn’t been able to find anything to wear, so had put on Carla’s tiniest G-string, a pair of pasties that Carla had bought as a joke a few months before, and a simple mask over her eyes. It wasn’t much of a costume, but it was unlikely anyone would care.

Carla went to the kitchen for a glass of wine and when she returned to the living room Jude, who was now laying back with her eyes closed, was crying out as Kim sucked on her clit. Jude spasmed violently, legs waving in the air, then lay still. Kim lifted her head from Jude’s crotch, revealing a thick, gorgeous brown bush. Carla was tempted to go rub her nose in it; but there would be plenty of time for that. At the moment, other appetites were foremost in her mind.

Breaking the silence, Carla asked rhetorically, “Who’s hungry?”