Friday, April 24, 2020

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 95

The first arrival was Katya, who was carrying a big tray of cookies and a riding crop. She was dressed as Bettie Page, in a leopard print dress with a short, ragged skirt, and had even dyed her hair black for verisimilitude. She and Carla went into the living room, where Katya sat the cookies down on the coffee table.

“Are those...?” Carla asked.

Katya nodded. “Loaded with Aphrodite. Be careful, though. These are no joke.” Reaching into her purse, she pulled out a ziploc bag stuffed with purplish-green buds. “And I just got this from my guy on the way over. A brand-new strain, doesn’t even have a name yet. He says it’s even better.”

“Well then,” said Carla. She grabbed her bong and they adjourned to the back deck, where she loaded the bowl with the sticky, skunky weed. A minute later they were both pleasantly stoned, gazing out quietly at the serene ocean before them.

Carla found her eyes irresistibly drawn to Katya, who looked exquisite reclining there, like some kind of debauched royalty. Her skirt had ridden up to reveal a hint of her pubes — also dyed black for the occasion, it appeared. Carla smiled to herself; she appreciated that kind of attention to detail. She was sorely tempted to kneel down and rub her face in that lovely bush for a while. But she wanted to pace herself, and anyway she had something bigger in mind.

“Listen,” she said, “I don’t want to be a buzzkill, but could you do me a favor?”

“Shoot,” answered Katya.

“I want this to be a fun party, but I’d like to keep it, um, clean for awhile. That yoga teacher, Asha, is coming, and I don’t know what her deal is yet. I don’t want her to walk in on an orgy and freak out.”

“I’ll do what I can,” said Katya. Carla nodded. That wasn’t a promise, exactly, and Carla knew to take it with a grain of salt; resisting temptation was one thing Katya had never been good at. Carla decided not to worry. It seemed like such a perfect day, she felt confident things would work out as they should.

Returning to the living room they walked past Annabel bent over the stove. Katya patted her on the rump and winked. “Hello, machekha,” she said. “How are you today?”

Blushing slightly, Annabel smiled back at her. “I’m great,” she chirped, surprised at how her nipples and pussy had sprung to life from such a simple touch. She felt momentarily weak in the knees, bracing herself against the stove, wondering what the evening might have in store.

In the living room they found Kim, who had let herself in when no one answered her knock. She was a little drunk, maybe more than a little, and had forgotten there was a doorbell. Walking into the living room she had stood for a minute teetering on her high heels, wondering where everybody was. Then her eyes alighted on the cookies on the table, and suddenly she had remembered that nothing had gone down her throat all day but liquids.

* * *

Carla looked Kim up and down; she looked a little disheveled, but absolutely smoking hot. Her “sexy nurse” outfit was not terribly imaginative, but highly effective. With her plump boobs lavishly displayed and her fuck-me pumps practically forcing her ass up out of her skirt, she looked like an expensive whore who would be worth every penny.

There was something smeared on Kim’s lower lip, and after a second Carla realized it was chocolate. Then she noticed that the plastic wrap covering the cookies had been pulled aside and there were crumbs on the floor.

“Um, how many of those did you eat?” asked Carla

“Three,” answered Kim. “I was hungry. Why?”

Carla and Katya exchanged a look, and Carla shrugged. “No reason. You’ll be fine, I’m sure.” She knew that Kim was a lightweight, but there was no sense making her paranoid. “Maybe don’t eat any more, though.” With that Carla leaned down and kissed her, gently sucking the sweet chocolate off her lip. “Mmmm,” she purred, feeling her self-control weaken by the second.

* * *

Carla went to the kitchen to check on progress, and when she returned a couple minutes later, Kim was on her knees between Katya’s legs. She had been very, very hungry, for more than just food.

Seeing Carla, Katya shrugged as if to say, What could I do? Kim had just dropped to her knees, lifted Katya’s skirt, and helped herself. There had been no time to stop her, and to be honest Katya didn’t really want to.

Carla sighed and fixed herself a drink. Girls will be girls, she told herself. She stood for a minute watching as Kim ran her tongue along Katya’s furrow, then stuck it deep inside. Carla felt a twitch between her legs and decided it might be a good idea to have a quick little cum before anyone else arrived. It would calm her down and put her in more of a patient mood.

Heading to the kitchen, Carla grasped Annabel by the collar and led her over to the table. There Carla sat down and pulled Annabel down onto her knees. The Wonder Woman costume had been a little tricky to get into so Carla decided to keep it on, just pulling aside the crotch so Annabel could service her. Annabel obediently got to work, hooking a finger into Carla’s pussy and licking around it.

After a few minutes Carla had a nice, slow-burning orgasm and sat back in the chair, sipping her drink. Just then the doorbell rang and Carla sent Annabel to answer it. At the door was Dylan in a pirate costume, a ruffled red blouse and short frilly black skirt. With a wide triangular hat and sword in a scabbard, she looked every bit the imperious buccaneer.

Carla appeared and took Dylan to the living room, where Katya was climaxing loudly with Kim’s head clasped between her thighs. After a few seconds Katya opened her legs to release Kim, who sat back gasping for air.

“Well,” said Dylan archly. “So it’s going to be that kind of party, is it?”

Carla smirked and though for a moment. So much for her ideas of decorum. Well, she might as well be an accommodating hostess. That was important, wasn’t it? The look in Dylan’s eyes said she was ready for action; she wasn’t the kind of girl who needed a lot of preliminaries first.

“Dylan, this is Kim.” Kim looked up at Dylan and her juice-coated lips curled into a big smile.“Kim told me she was going to eat out every guest at this party,” Carla improvised. “And you wouldn’t want to make her a liar, would you?”

Dylan grinned wickedly. “No, certainly not. That would be rude, wouldn’t it?”

Without further ado Dylan plopped down on the couch, lifted her skirt, and slid off her panties to reveal her glorious flaming bush. Kim obligingly knee-walked over to Dylan, who lifted her chin and kissed her firmly on the mouth. “Nice to meet you,” said Dylan, and guided Kim’s head down between her legs.

“What can we get you?” asked Carla.

“A beer would be nice,” her last word muffled by an intake of breath as Kim’s tongue traced along her inner thigh.

Carla sent Annabel to the kitchen and she returned with a beer for Dylan and a glass of cold vodka for Katya, who sipped with one hand as she picked up her riding crop with the other. There was a whoosh of air and a loud crack as the crop landed on Kim’s derriere. Kim looked back over her shoulder, with a pout and an inquiring look. “Sluts like you need to be punished, don’t they?” explained Katya. “But don’t stop.”

Kim returned her attention to Dylan’s crotch, and Katya continued to playfully spank her as she pleasured the redhead. Carla and Annabel went back to the kitchen, but not before Carla grabbed a cookie from the tray.

* * *

When Carla returned Kim had finally come up for air and was sitting there with a goofy smile on her face. Carla could tell that she was already quite high, and she was only going to get higher. Hopefully she’d be OK; Carla resolved to keep an eye on her.

A few minutes later Monica and Courtney arrived dressed as Catwoman and Batgirl. And these were not chintzy kids’ costumes, but high-quality, form-fitting leather. Carla whistled at them appreciatively. The sight of them gave her ideas, but there was time, there was plenty of time.


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