Saturday, April 27, 2019

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 94

Annabel disappeared briefly and returned carrying a couple glasses of water, one of which she handed to Lissa, who was leaning back against the headboard looking dazed. She had never in her life experienced anything like what she’d just been through — it had been wonderful and amazing, but her mind was kind of blown.

Looking over at Carla, who was reclining in her chair looking gorgeous and imperious, Lissa knew that she owed a debt that she badly wanted to repay in some way. Like Annabel, she had been raised with a very Midwestern sense of fairness. So after taking a couple minutes to rehydrate and pull herself together, she walked over to where Carla was and dropped to her knees.

Carla opened her legs, releasing a waft of female arousal that made Lissa’s nostrils flare. Lissa licked her lips and leaned forward, inhaling a deep lungful of that heady smell. Truth be told, though Lissa had known she was a lesbian since she was very young, she’d only had a few lovers in her life. Every new pussy was very special to her, almost holy. She planted a kiss on Carla’s bush, then gently licked each soft inner thigh before extending her tongue for a first tentative taste.

It went straight to her head. She began to lick Carla eagerly, almost ferociously, taking Carla by surprise. She stuck her tongue deep inside, drinking deep of Carla’s delicious nectar. Carla adjusted her position, bracing one hand against Lissa’s shoulder as she fucked the other girl’s face.

Annabel sat on the edge of the bed and began to touch herself as she looked on. Lissa was not, she thought, the most skilled pussy-licker she’d ever seen; she felt her own technique was superior. But Lissa had a passion and a sincerity that seemed to make Carla happy, and Annabel derived a lot of pleasure from seeing it.

Although she was somewhat clumsy in her approach, Lissa managed to make Carla come a couple of times. It was enjoyable and appreciated, but Carla still felt she wanted more; she needed something inside her. So she stretched herself out on the bed and had Annabel fuck her with a face dildo while Lissa sat on her face; that did the trick. When she’d climaxed a few times this way, she felt pleasantly drowsy, and at her urging the three of them called it a night soon after.

* * *

In the morning Carla and Annabel drove Lissa to the bus station. The goodbye was surprisingly sentimental, given that they had known each other less than 48 hours. Lissa gave serious thought to not leaving, and Carla thought about asking her to stay; but both of them had a sense that their incredible day together had been one of a kind, and that it would be better to leave it that way, and have something special to remember.

As for Annabel, she of course would have gone along with whatever Carla decided. But though she liked Lissa and had enjoyed the time they’d spent together, she didn’t care for the idea of having to share Carla full-time. Sexual adventures were one thing, but having a third person live with them would have been another.

From the bus station they headed straight for the grocery store. It was now the 3rd of July, and there was a lot of preparation to be done for the party the next day. Carla intended to make a real feast, including home-baked bread.

All the rest of that day and the much of the next was devoted to cooking, with Carla running the show and Annabel serving as sous chef. By 4 P.M. on the 4th everything was set and they were in costume waiting for guests to arrive.

Carla was both excited and nervous. There was always a moment right at the start of a party where she felt certain it was going to be a disaster — no one was going to show up, or the food would be bad, or the guests wouldn’t get along. But it was almost part of the ritual now to have this moment of panic.

She sipped a glass of wine to calm herself as she checked the two pots of pasta sauce she had simmering on the stove. One was just regular sauce, but the olive oil in the other one had been infused with a generous amount of the Mighty Aphrodite she’d gotten from Katya. You couldn’t taste anything different in the sauce, though, so Carla decided it would be a good idea to give people some way to tell them apart.

After thinking about it for a minute, she went to the computer and printed out two copies of a marijuana-leaf symbol. She drew a circle through one and put a line through it, then taped the two pages near the appropriate pots.

Bread was baking in the oven, and that combined with the sauce filled the kitchen with an absolutely delicious aroma. Several bottles of good wine were aerating on the kitchen table, hors d’oeuvres were waiting in the dining room, and on the whole everything was as ready as it could be.

Annabel was arranging chairs on the back deck, and for a minute Carla stood watching her, enjoying the way she moved in the metallic bikini. Carla had been so focused on party prep that she’d engaged in no sexual activity of any kind for almost two whole days — a rarity for her. Her pussy was all atingle, and she gave serious thought to going out there and having her way with Annabel right at that moment — but then the doorbell was ringing.

She went to answer it but stopped on the way to check herself in a mirror. She made a good Wonder Woman, she thought. The headdress looked a little silly, but the costume hugged her curves beautifully and the thigh-high boots were sexy as hell. The wrist cuffs made for a nice BDSM-ish accessory.

Carla adjusted her boobs and turned toward the door just as the doorbell sounded again. At that moment Annabel appeared, heading toward the door, so Carla decided to let her answer it. As she passed their eyes met and Carla smiled. “Showtime.”


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