Friday, April 19, 2019

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 93

Lissa lifted her head from between Annabel’s legs and Carla kissed her, relishing the strong taste of Annabel on her mouth. Carla pushed her tongue into Lissa’s mouth and Lissa accepted it gratefully; Carla then sucked on her lips until she had cleaned every last trace of Annabel’s juices off of them.

Carla stood Lissa up and her dress, which had been gathered around her waist, fell to the floor. Lissa stood there now in just white cotton panties, trembling a little. She looked so young and vulnerable that Carla felt a surge of warm sympathy. In truth, Lissa was only a little younger than Carla. But Carla was so much more self-assured and mature that she felt decades older.

Taking Lissa by the hand, Carla led her out the kitchen, motioning for Annabel to follow them. Before heading upstairs, Carla paused long enough to drop a few ice cubes into a glass and fill it with whiskey. Then the three of them made their way to Carla’s bedroom, a hush of anticipation suffusing the air around them. Lissa’s big, innocent eyes were wide and her heart was beating fast. This whole situation was so exotic to her, she could still scarcely believe it was happening. She’d known she was a lesbian since she was very young, but had had only a few lovers, and never a threesome.

Laying Lissa down on the bed, without a word Carla blindfolded her, then lifted her hands over her head and tied them to the headboard. Lissa yielded without hesitation, showing a touching trust in this person who, after all, she barely knew.

Carla took a sip of her drink and sat it back down on the bedside table, then nodded to Annabel and they both took up positions at the foot of the bed. Each of them took hold of one foot and they gently spread Lissa’s legs wide open; Lissa moaned softly in expectation of what was to come.

Annabel now stretched forward and began to lavish attention on Lissa’s breasts while Carla kissed her calves, her knees, her thighs. Together they teased Lissa slowly into a state of almost unbearable arousal. Finally Carla kissed her through the crotch of her panties and then pulled it aside, revealing a sopping wet pink pussy framed by ample, dark brown pubic hair.

Meanwhile Annabel had worked her way down Lissa’s belly and she and Carla took their first tastes of Lissa simultaneously. Lissa groaned helplessly and almost immediately began to shiver through a climax; she was so sensitized that the barest touch was enough to send her over the edge.

Leaving Annabel to her ministrations, Carla took another sip of whiskey, then fished an ice cube out of the glass. When Carla touched the ice to Lissa’s neck she yelped, twitching reflexively and pulling fruitlessly at the bonds that held her hands. Carla smiled and traced the cube down Lissa’s chest, across her swollen nipples, and then down her side to her navel, where it was left to melt.

Carla grabbed another cube and ran it up and down Lissa’s inner thighs, leaving a thin film of liquid which she then began to lick off. Working in tandem she and Annabel gave Lissa a long series of orgasms, each one more powerful than the last. Lissa cries grew louder and more animated, then began to taper off; apparently the poor dear just couldn’t handle any more pleasure just then. Carla kissed Annabel hard on the mouth, deeply satisfied with what they had accomplished so far, and ready for the next phase.

* * *

Standing and stretching, working out the slight kink that she’d gotten in her neck, Carla sipped her whiskey and looked down at the bound, blindfolded form on her bed. Lissa’s panties were completely soaked and badly rumpled; it was time for them to go, so Carla pulled them off and impulsively stuffed them into Lissa’s mouth. That mouth would have work to do later, but she didn’t need it just then.

After stripping off her clothes, Carla found her current favorite strap-on and harnessed up. Pulling off Lissa’s blindfold, Carla stood over her, letting her get a good look at the prodigious phallus. Carla nodded to Annabel, who knew what her duty was in this moment; she scooted over and ran her tongue up the length of the shaft, then took the head into her mouth. Carla took hold of Annabel”s head and pushed the mighty girth deep into her mouth, noting that Annabel’s deep-throating skills had improved tremendously in the time that they’d been together.

When Carla pulled out of Annabel’s mouth with an audible pop, a few drops of saliva fell onto Lissa’s face. Lissa gazed up at Carla with a look of sweet, unquestioning submission; Carla thought it was just about the sexiest thing she’d ever seen.

Carla moved back to the foot of the bed, again pulling Lissa’s legs apart. Her labia were gaping open, just begging to be penetrated. Carla slid a finger inside, enjoying the way Lissa squirmed in response, then shuffled forward until the tip of the strap-on was pressed against her vulva.

Lissa bit her lip and sighed as the head pushed into her. Looking down into Lissa’s eyes, Carla gave it to her slowly and gently, thoroughly enjoying every bit of the pleasure she was giving. If that isn’t altruism, she asked herself, what is?

Annabel busied herself kissing Lissa’s lips, licking her ears, sucking her tits. When finally she leaned down and lapped at Lissa’s clit, Lissa came harder than ever, spasming violently and calling out for God.

Carla withdrew the strap-on from Lissa’s slit and plunged it into Annabel’s mouth, giving her a nice mouthful of nectar. In her brief time with Carla Annabel had become quite a connoisseur of pussy juice, and she found Lissa’s especially sweet and tasty. Carla then resumed fucking Lissa, harder than before, driving up deeper into her with every stroke. When she finally relented Lissa lay there limp and spent and covered with sweat.

Stepping back from the bed, Carla wiped her brow and took a deep breath. That was enough altruism. She removed the strap-on and picked up her glass, then sat down heavily in the chair by the window. She told Annabel to go ahead and untie Lissa, and sat for a few minutes sipping whiskey and gazing out the window. There was no need to be in a hurry; she was going to get what was coming to her.


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