Monday, April 15, 2019

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 92

As they drove home from the yoga studio, Lissa told Carla and Annabel that she’d had a “moment of clarity” during the class and made a big decision: She was heading home to Wisconsin, moving back in with her parents, maybe going back to school. Looking out the window as the landscape of Los Angeles rolled by she said, “I don’t belong here.”

Carla wasn’t sure how to respond to this. On the one hand, she hated to see anyone give up on their dream. On the other hand, she got the sense that Lissa was probably right; this was not the place for her. After thinking about it for a few minutes, Carla offered to buy Lissa a plane ticket home; she demurred, saying that she’d prefer to take the bus. It would give her some time to think about what she was going to do with her life.

As soon as they got home, Carla got online and bought Lissa a ticket on a bus that left the next morning. She wasn’t sure why she felt such a sense of urgency about it, but somehow it seemed like the right thing to do.

Afterward Carla opened a bottle of wine and she and Lissa sat at the kitchen table as Annabel started making dinner. Annabel was still wearing her yoga clothes but had dutifully put on her collar; it made for an incongruous but very sexy combination.

As they talked, Carla noticed that Lissa’s gaze kept drifting back to Annabel — and why not, she looked absolutely stunning in her form-fitting outfit, especially when she bent over, which happened several times as she worked. Watching Lissa watch Annabel, Carla began to get ideas; the hankering that she’d felt during yoga class, which had abated somewhat in the meantime, now came surging back.

But she hesitated to do anything about it. Up to now her generosity toward Lissa had been entirely altruistic, and she felt good about that. If she took advantage of the situation now, it would feel like she was buying something. So she restrained herself all through dinner, but by the time she was having dessert — dark chocolate and her third glass of wine — she felt her resolve weakening.

When Annabel stood up to start clearing the table, Lissa moved to help, but Carla held her arm and insisted that she stay seated. “You’re our guest,” she said. “And Annabel lives to serve. Isn’t that right, honey?”

Annabel smiled and nodded, alert to the fact that the atmosphere in the room had suddenly become charged. The look in Carla’s eyes said she was up to something.

As Annabel cleaned up Carla sipped her wine and had a little conversation with herself. She was being stupid, she told herself; why deny Lissa, as well as Annabel and herself, what could be a truly beautiful experience? Who really gained from her pretending to be so selfless and righteous?

Carla glanced back over at Lissa, who was now blatantly staring at Annabel’s ass as she bent over the dishwasher. That made up Carla’s mind for sure.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” said Carla.

Knowing she’d been caught ogling the older woman, Lissa reddened a little as she nodded. In truth, she was very attracted to both Carla and Annabel, but Annabel was more her type; the only serious girlfriend she’d ever had had also been a blue-eyed blonde.

“She’s also very obedient,” continued Carla. “Annabel, come over here and give Lissa a kiss.”

Lissa’s eyes went wide and her heart was pounding in her chest as Annabel docilely crossed the room, bent over, and pressed her lips softly against the younger girl’s. They shared a long, lingering kiss that got both of their juices flowing; Carla was already copiously wet between the legs.

When Annabel straightened up again, Carla said, “Now show her your tits.” Annabel did as she was told, pulling off her top and letting it drop onto the table. Her rose-pink nipples were standing up tall and proud, just inches from Lissa’s face.

Lissa looked over at Carla, surprised and excited, hardly believing what was happening. She seemed to be asking permission, so Carla nodded her head almost imperceptibly. Lissa extended her tongue and licked one nipple, then the other; then parted her lips and took one into her mouth. Annabel moaned softly, and that seemed to snap something within Lissa. She moved to the other breast, stretching her mouth wide to take in as much of it as she could, while gripping Annabel tightly around the waist with both hands.

Carla grinned and quickly gulped the last bit of wine in her glass. Then she stood up, walked over behind Annabel, and hooked her fingers into the waistband of her stepmother’s yoga pants on either side. She slowly pulled the pants down until they were on the floor at Annabel’s feet, then pressed herself against Annabel from behind.

Lisa watched with her mouth hanging open as Carla’s right hand slid across Annabel’s belly, down through her thatch of blond hair, and between her legs. Annabel parted her thighs slightly and Carla slid a finger inside her, giving Lissa’s eager eyes a glimpse of the bright pink inside. Lissa licked her lips and her nostrils flared as she got a strong whiff of Annabel’s arousal.

“Would you like a taste?” asked Carla. Lisa just gaped at her, unable to speak. She didn’t really need to anyway; the answer to the question was obvious. Carla patted the surface of the table with one hand and Annabel obediently hopped up onto it. Carla pushed Annabel back onto the table and spread her legs so her lusciously wet pussy was staring Lissa right in the face.

Lissa scooted forward in her chair, panting like a dog, and again looked over at Carla. There was joy in her eyes, and desire, and gratitude. Carla found herself wondering what she’d been so worried about earlier — wasn’t this a good thing for all of them?

After placing a kiss on Annabel’s mound, Lissa lapped gently at her inner thighs. Annabel sighed and let her legs fall farther open. Carla now moved over behind Lissa and bent forward, giving her a perfect view as Lissa’s tongue traced across Annabel’s pussy lips and then pushed between them.

Lissa had changed back into her new dress before dinner, going braless for comfort. Carla now slid the straps down off her shoulders and pulled the front of the dress down, reaching both hands down to cup Lissa’s breasts and stroke her nipples. They were already rock-hard but grew harder still as Carla stimulated them.

Leaning down, Carla began to lick and nibble on Lissa’s neck as she continued to explore Annabel’s pussy with her tongue.  Annabel had braced her feet against the back of the chair Lissa was sitting on, arching her back to push her crotch into the younger woman’s face.

Soon Annabel was coming, letting out a loud, uninhibited howl that made Carla’s whole body vibrate sympathetically. Carla’s heart was beating fast and her nether regions were throbbing, but she took a deep breath and told herself to relax. There was so much that she wanted to do, and they had the whole night to do it in.


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