Friday, August 27, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 20

Sunday was a quiet day in the neighborhood. A lot of people seemed to have gone out of town, including Jessica and Marie, who had left for the week on some mysterious errand.

Kat decided to drop by Kellys house, partly to return a math book shed borrowed, and partly just for something to do. She thought of calling ahead to see if Kelly was home, but didnt bother because she felt like a walk anyway. And maybe she had something else in the back of her mind....

The door was answered by Betty Ann, looking ten years younger than her age in cutoff jeans and a tight top with spaghetti straps. She smiled widely at Kat and invited her in. The same thing had happened a thousand times before, but this time it felt different; Betty and Kat knew each other in a way they hadnt until this weekend.

I brought Kellys math book for her, said Kat.

She went out for a run, answered Betty. Put it on the table there. Have a seat. I was just about to make a sandwich, you want one?

Sure, said Kat. Again, this was a scene that had been played out many times in the past, but it felt new and exciting this time. Kat and Betty Ann chatted as Betty stood at the counter making sandwiches, but Kat couldnt take her eyes off the older womans exquisite rump, which was beautifully framed by the cutoffs. She resisted the urges that were tugging at her, but only for a minute; then she was walking up behind Betty and thrusting a hand between the older womans smooth thighs. Betty Ann gasped and leaned back against Kat, who wrapped her other arm around Betty and got a firm grasp on one breast. 

They kissed eagerly as Kat pressed one hand into Bettys crotch and popped her tits out of her top with the other. Her nipples were hard and pink, and Kat squeezed them, then leaned down to suck them. It wasnt long until Betty was splayed out naked on the kitchen table, spreading her legs for Kat, who sat on a chair at the head of the table like a little girl waiting for a treat.

Kelly, meanwhile, was on her way home near the end of her run when she passed Kats house and decided to drop in. No one answered, but just as Kelly was about to give up, Samantha came up behind her. She was returning from her yoga class, looking luscious in tight yoga pants and a midriff-baring top that not many women her age could have gotten away with.

Hi, Mrs. Bowman, said Kelly Ann.

I think you can call me Samantha now, she responded, opening the door and ushering Kelly inside. Samantha just happened to be terribly horny at the moment. Her yoga teacher was a magnificent creature, a 6-foot-tall Amazon who had a fantastic body and loved to show it off. Samantha had wanted her badly for a long time now, but she seemed distant and unattainable. Being around her during class, combined with the exercise endorphins, always worked Sam up into a state.

Kelly was also feeling kind of overheated, from her run and from Samanthas mature sex appeal. From the moment the door closed behind them, they both knew what was going to happen; it was just a question of who would make the first move. It turned out to be Kelly who initiated things, drawn inexorably by Samanthas full, soft lips. They shared a long, lingering kiss with lots of tongue; then Samantha grabbed the ice tray from the freezer, took Kelly by the hand, and led her upstairs to the master bedroom.

Kellys heart was beating fast. Shed seen this room hundreds of times, but never actually been inside it. Samantha stripped Kelly Ann naked and laid her out across the king-sized bed. Taking an ice cube in one hand, Sam started to run it all over Kellys body. This made Kelly’s already taut nipples ever harder, and Samantha leaned down to nibble on the cool pink nubs. She ran the ice cube along Kellys belly, down to her knees, then up her inner thighs, leaning down again to tongue Kellys clit just as the cube slipped between her pussy lips. Kelly yelped, arched her back, and bucked her hips violently, pushing her wet cunt right into Samanthas face. With just a few more licks Samantha had Kelly writhing in a forceful orgasm. She removed the ice cube from Kellys pussy and slipped it into the girls mouth, then slowly fingered her to a second powerful climax.

Once she had had some time to recover, Kelly Ann happily peeled off Samanthas clothes and returned the favor. She took her time icing Samantha down and licking every inch of her, savoring the salty taste of her sweat. As she was eating the older womans pussy, Kelly happened to look up to see a family picture of Samantha with her husband, Kat, and Kats brother who was away at college. This made Kelly feel very weird for a moment, but then she shrugged it off and went back to work.

Around the corner, Kat and Betty Ann had moved to the den, where they were 69ing on a black leather couch. There was a big mirror on one wall, and Kat was able to watch herself licking her friends mothers red-haired pussy. She pictured Kelly Ann on the floor next to her, bent over, being fucked with a strap-on by Samantha; this sent her over the edge into a careening, multi-stage orgasm that left her feeling drained.

A few minutes later, Kat finally had her sandwich. Then she dressed and kissed Betty Ann goodbye, savoring her own taste on the older womans lips, and started walking home. Just as she turned the corner, there was Kelly Ann.

Hey, said Kelly.

Hey, said Kat. I dropped off your math book at your house.



See you later then.

OK, said Kat, and they went their separate ways.


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  1. great story so far. please continue with it. i think you should keep a bit more on the d/s theme. thanks for sharing your story.