Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 27

Kat thought about joining in; she even pictured herself climbing up onto the counter and covering Lexi’s sweet face with her crotch. But for some reason she decided not to. Partly it just seemed too physically taxing for this hour of the morning, but mostly her mind was just elsewhere. After watching Lexi and her mother go at it for a minute, Kat poured herself half a cup of coffee and went back up to her room.

Upstairs she powered up her computer and started looking for an article she needed for a paper she was supposed to write. About a half-hour later Lexi walked in naked, T-shirt and panties in hand, and sat at Kat’s feet.

“Are you mad at me?

Kat shook her head. “Why would I be mad at you? You’re just doing what comes naturally.

“You should be mad at me,” said Lexi. “I’m a terrible, terrible slut. I deserve to be punished.

This got Kat’s attention. Soon Lexi found herself stretched out across Kat’s bed with her hands cuffed to the posts at one end and her ankles tied at the other with a scarf and the belt from a robe. Kat gagged Lexi with a pair of big, old-fashioned panties that she never wore and sat down to unpack the rest of her purchase from the sex shop. At the bottom she was surprised to find a pair of nipple clamps she hadn’t paid for and a handwritten note from the clerk: “You rock.

The note went on Kat’s desk and the clamps went on Lexi’s nipples. Kat pulled on the chain connecting them until Lexi moaned through her gag. Just then the doorbell rang and Samantha yelled up from the kitchen: “Honey, can you get that? I’m right in the middle of something.

It was Betty Ann Collins at the door, a big bowl of cookies in hand. Samantha had invited all the women from the neighborhood over, since the men were all gathering at the Collins house to watch football. Betty offered Kat a still-warm chocolate chip cookie, which she gratefully accepted. Then Kat had a mischievous idea.

“Hey, let me show you something, Kat said to Betty Ann. Betty said OK and sat the bowl down, then followed Kat up the stairs. Kat led Betty to her room, where a naked and bound Lexi looked up at them anxiously.

“Interesting, said Betty Ann. In fact she’d woken up that morning feeling extremely horny, and she didn’t need much prompting to take action. Off came Betty’s jeans and Lexi’s gag, and the older woman climbed atop the teenager and lowered her red-fringed pussy onto Lexi’s waiting mouth. Kat didn’t hesitate to join in this time, pulling off Betty Ann’s blouse and licking and sucking her big, beautiful breasts.

After getting her fill of Betty’s wonderful boobs, Kat climbed off the bed and encouraged the redhead to bend down into 69 position. The purple strap-on was sitting on the desk, and Kat put it on by feel without taking her eyes off the lovely sight in front of her. There was just enough space between the bed and the wall for Kat to slide in behind Betty Ann and ease the plastic shaft into her pussy. This brought a most satisfying series of moans from the older woman, which continued to build as Kat fucked her and Lexi lapped at her clit. Betty climaxed with a loud, resonating howl just as her daughter was being ushered in by Samantha downstairs.



  1. I'm enjoying this story. I always look forward to each chapter.

  2. omg, i came two times reading this story , my mind was unbeleivably stimiluated and got me all wet *_*