Friday, April 15, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 133

After dinner, Jessica retired to the living room with Janice and Celeste, leaving Jane and Marie to clean up. Jessica poured the three of them cognacs, and Janice reached into her purse and produced a treat of her own: a joint the size of her ring finger.

“My sister-in-law gave it to me,” explained Janice. “She grows it. Says it’s really phenomenal. You got a lighter?”

Jessica found a lighter and Janice lit up. She took a big puff and handed the joint to Jessica, who in turn passed it to Celeste.

By the time Jane and Marie joined them, the air was cloudy with smoke and all three women were sporting Cheshire-cat grins. Celeste said something in French and Jessica looked to Marie for a translation.

“She says she feels like a balloon,” Marie said. “Like she’s going to float away.”

Jessica laughed. “Tell her not to worry. Tell her she’s a human being on the surface of planet Earth and she’s very safe.” Marie cocked an eyebrow but dutifully translated. “I tell you what,” added Jessica, “this stuff is making me horny as fuck.”

“Yeah, she said it might do that,” explained Janice. “She said it could be a little dangerous that way.”

“Marie, come here,” ordered Jessica, and Marie obediently dropped to her knees in front of her mistress. She helped Jessica take off her pants and panties and went to work. Janice, meanwhile, gestured to Jane and lifted her skirt; she was naked underneath. Kneeling, Jane leaned in and began by kissing and licking Janice’s inner thighs, working her way gradually toward the middle.

Celeste sat and watched, sipping her cognac. Jessica looked over at her, wondering what she might be thinking. Celeste absolutely fascinated her; there was something about her that was so familiar and yet at the same time so alien. Jessica found herself thinking, if I’d grown up where she grew up, experienced what she’d experienced, would we be the same, or would we still be different?

After coming a couple times Jessica told Marie that she could go sit down. She still felt pretty horny, but also very relaxed and creative; she had a vision of what she wanted to do next, and set about making it happen. Once Janice was done with Jane, Jessica told Jane and Marie to take their clothes off. Then she told Marie to get some rope and bind Jane according to her specifications: on her hands and knees with her hands tied behind her back.

Jessica had Marie attach another rope that pulled Jane’s hands upward, forcing her into a not-quite-comfortable position that pushed her breasts forward. Then Jessica herself tied Marie in a similar position as best she could; her ropework was not as skilled as Marie’s, but she got the job done. Finally, Jessica ball-gagged both girls and stood back to survey her handiwork. She was pleased.

Taking Celeste by the hand, Jessica led her toward the hallway. “We’ll be right back,” she said to Janice. “Make yourself at home.” While they were gone, Janice amused herself by alternately spanking and fingering the two bound women.

A few minutes later, Janice looked up and beheld a beautiful sight: Jessica and Celeste striding into the room like two goddesses, a thick strap-on dangling from each of their pelvises. Janice instantly dropped to her knees and took a shaft in each hand; she was surprised and delighted to feel the vibration emanating from them, and the soft texture of their surfaces. She licked the head and the shaft of each dildo, then took each one in turn into her mouth.

Janice gave her all to sucking the two fake cocks, imagining herself a slave girl submitting to two queens. When she had a mouthful of Celeste’s strap-on Jessica moved around behind her, yanked her hips back, and penetrated her forcefully. Janice gasped as the strap-on stretched her, then moaned as she felt it vibrating inside her.

Briefly removing the cock from her mouth, Janice cried out “Fuck. Yes!” before deep-throating the whole length, loving the feeling of being completely filled from both ends. From across the room Jane and Marie looked on raptly, desperately wishing that they could get involved somehow.

Rolling Janice onto her back, Jessica spun her around and mouth-fucked her while Celeste stuffed her cunt. By the time they were done with her, Janice was a sweat-soaked, quivering mass. It was all she could do to crawl over to the couch, heave herself onto it, and lay there twitching with a big, dumb smile on her face.

After taking a minute to sip some cognac, Jessica walked over behind Jane. She nodded to Celeste, who took up a similar position behind Marie. In the minutes that followed they gave the two bound girls everything they wanted, and then some.

Jessica and Celeste returned to the couch and sat down on either side of Janice, who was sitting up now, looking much recovered. She had relit the joint and now gave it to Celeste, who took a drag and passed it on to Jessica.

Janice wanted only one thing to make her night complete. She wanted to see if the taste of Celeste’s pussy was as exotic as everything else about the new girl in town. Unfastening Celeste’s harness, Janice got rid of the strap-on and leaned down between Celeste’s legs. She was not disappointed with what she found there. Celeste was utterly delicious, and Janice gobbled her pussy with complete abandon.

Jessica had an itch that needed scratching, so she untied the rope holding Marie in place, leaving her hands bound behind her back. After removing Marie’s gag Jessica fitted her with a face dildo and made her crawl over to the recliner, where Jessica sat with her legs splayed wide. Marie had the privilege of penetrating her mistress with the black plastic cock sticking out from her face.

When she finally dressed and took her leave, about an hour later, Janice thanked her hostess profusely and hugged and kissed Jane, Marie, and especially Celeste. Janice shook her head. “Truly, Jess, you are the hostess with the mostest.”

Jessica grinned. “I’m so glad you could make it,. We’ll have to do it again sometime.”


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