Friday, May 13, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 135

Claire had arranged to meet Olivia and Tara for coffee that afternoon during her break from the store. As she approached the coffee shop she saw the two of them talking and laughing and had a strange flash of jealousy. She knew she had no claim on either of these women, but somehow she felt excluded.

By the time she’d gotten her chai and sat down, Claire felt better. Tara was looking spectacularly beautiful, and Olivia was not too hard on the eyes either. This reminded her of why she was there.

“So what did Mimi say?” asked Claire.

“She said she didn’t know what I was talking about,” said Tara, shaking her head. “She’s not a very good liar. I tried to show her the website but she said she had a meeting to get to.”

“So what can we do?” inquired Olivia.

Tara sipped her coffee. “I have an idea. Mimi’s having a New Year’s Eve Eve party tonight. You guys should come.”

“Why on Earth would we want to do that?” said Claire.

“Well, everyone will be distracted. I could get us into the computer room.”

Claire immediately knew what Tara was thinking. Tara wasn’t very good with computers, but she was. She even knew most of Mimi’s passwords. “And I could delete the files.”

Tara nodded. They spent the next half-hour planning; Olivia insisted that she was coming along, though the others tried to talk her out of it. “No way I’m letting you guys take all the risk,” said Olivia. “I’m in.”

* * *

Kat and Samantha returned home late that afternoon, having left the men in their family to a weekend of football-watching. The minute they hit the outskirts of town, Kat was texting Kelly; she was eager to see her friend, and she had an itch that needed scratching.

Stopping at home only long enough to drop off her suitcase and kiss her mother goodbye, Kat made her way on foot to Kelly’s house, pussy tingling as she thought of how she was going to tear Kelly’s clothes off. About halfway there she looked up and saw a familiar face behind the wheel of a car going by: Betty Ann Collins, on her way to see Samantha.

Kat smiled. Apparently both the mothers and the daughters would be enjoying some intimate moments that afternoon.

* * *

Lexi, in a restless mood, decided to go down to the yoga studio for the 5 PM class. Serena was teaching, and Annalise was there too. In fact the studio was full of beautiful women and Lexi, who’d been feeling horny already, found herself very distracted. She kept forgetting what pose she was doing as she looked at the gorgeous bodies all around her, always returning to the lithe, statuesque form of Serena — who she at least had an excuse to be staring at.

Annalise, too, looked fantastic; all the yoga she’d been doing lately had tightened and toned her. After class, Lexi went to talk to Serena and Annalise, practically begging them to come over for dinner that night. After consulting, they agreed, and Lexi walked away happy, her mind a whirl of plans and plots.

* * *

At Jessica’s house, things were happening. She’d woken up that day feeling inspired, energized, and full of ideas.

Over breakfast she announced that the next day they would be throwing a massive, blowout New Year’s Eve party. Afterward she sent Marie and Jane to the grocery store for supplies and started texting and emailing invitations. In the afternoon she herself made a trip to the liquor store, stocking up on everything that people could possibly want to drink, from champagne, beer, and wine to whiskey, vodka, and tequila. She also splurged on a significant amount of caviar.

That evening, Jessica decided, they would make a little home movie.


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  1. i hope you write chapters or at least scenes for each of these delicious scenarios you have cooked up