Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 137

An inspiration suddenly struck Jessica. “Nobody move,” she called out to her “actors,” and nobody did.

Picking up the nun’s habit from where it lay on the floor, Jessica whispered a few words into Jane’s ear and strode out of the room. For a minute it was like the set of a real porn movie — three naked girls waiting around between takes, unsure of what to do with themselves.

Then Jessica appeared wearing the habit, and just like that, they were all back in character. The camera remained off, sitting on the coffee table; this scene was just for fun.

Looking at Jane, Jessica said sternly “Sister, what’s going on here?” Jane, looking sheepish, stuttered out a few syllables before Jessica cut her off. “Never mind, I can see perfectly well what you’ve been doing. You know the consequences.” To Marie and Celeste she said, “You two — up!”

The two girls scrambled to obey, and once the desk was clear Jessica said to Jane, “Hands on the desk, Sister.” Jane complied and Jessica, gripping her by the hips, pulled her back so that her ass was sticking out more. Then Jessica picked up the ruler and whacked it a couple times on her palm.

Jane glanced back over her shoulder, trying her best to look scared. The truth was that she was ready for a good spanking. Nevertheless she gritted her teeth and gasped when the first blow landed.

Jessica did not hold back, and soon both of Jane’s cheeks were glowing bright red. Marie and Celeste sat together watching, whispering, still pretending they were two schoolgirls watching their teacher be punished. They both responded viscerally to what they were seeing, nipples stiffening, pussies lubricating.

Jessica sat the ruler down and penetrated Jane with one finger, then two. Jane grunted and moved her hands to grip the side of the desk as Jessica finger-fucked her hard and fast. Then, in one swift motion, Jessica lifted Jane and flipped her so she was on her back on the desk, her head hanging off one edge. Lifting her habit, Jessica took a step forward and gripped Jane’s head between her thighs.

A muffled “Mmmph” escaped Jane’s mouth as she began to hungrily slurp her mistress’s pussy. Jessica pointed to Marie and indicated that she was to move around and go down on Jane, which she promptly did. Celeste, acting on her own initiative, came up behind Jessica and pulled the habit up and off. She embraced Jessica from behind, her boobs pressing into Jessica’s back, cupping Jessica’s breasts with both hands.

There was no more play-acting at this point – it was real passion, real lust. Jessica felt Celeste nuzzling into her neck as Jane’s tongue pushed up inside her. Then Celeste’s finger was touching her clit and she was coming, explosively, leaning back into Celeste for support. She relaxed and went limp, content for once to be vulnerable, letting her weight fall back against Celeste’s strength.

* * *

Having enjoyed their movie night so much, Rebecca asked Tanya if they could do it again Friday night. Tanya agreed, though not without some hesitation; she’d had some uncomfortable moments the previous night. Rebecca went on to ask if they could get something from the video store, just for a change in pace. In fact, Rebecca had a plan; she’d looked up lesbian-oriented movies on the internet, and she knew exactly what she wanted to get.

At the video store, Rebecca handed the DVD of Blue Is the Warmest Color to Tanya, saying “I read that this one is really good.” When Tanya went to check out, the cashier — a tall and striking black girl whose nametag read “Ana” — gave her a funny look. She assumed that the girls with Tanya were her daughters, and wondered what they would think of the explicit lesbian sex scenes in the movie they were getting.

“I hope you enjoy it,” said Ana.

“Thanks,” replied Tanya. “Have a good night.”

Back at home Tanya made popcorn and, feeling festive, opened a bottle of white wine. She poured herself a big glass and, after a moment’s hesitation, asked Rebecca and Rose if they wanted some. She knew that technically she was not supposed to do that, as neither girl was yet 21; but she hated drinking alone and she felt like this was a safe environment for them to experiment with alcohol. After all, most girls their age had been drinking for years already, whatever the law said.

After talking it over for a minute Rebecca and Rose said sure, they’d love to have some wine. Tanya poured them each a small glass and they adjourned to the living room, turning down the lights and starting the movie.

* * *

Olivia, Claire, and Tara, meanwhile, had met up in front of Mimi’s. Without consciously coordinating it, they had all dressed entirely in black, like the burglars they sort of were. There were dozens of cars parked all around, loud music was booming from an upstairs window, and there was a festive feeling in the air. They felt confident that no one was paying any attention to them.

With Tara leading the way, they slipped in through the back door and made their way down a darkened hallway to the computer room. Tara unlocked the door and they went in, Claire going immediately to boot up one of the machines. The startup noise echoed noisily through the quiet room, making them all jump, then gradually subsided.

As Claire worked at the computer with Tara looking over her shoulder, Olivia went to the door, which they had brought to but not closed. Cracking it open, intending to look down the hall, she found herself staring into the barrel of a gun.


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