Friday, June 15, 2018

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 80

As the door swung open, Loren was leaning back in her chair with her eyes closed; Annabel was on her knees between Loren’s legs, lapping away happily; and Carla was watching intently, dangling a snifter in one hand. So none of them noticed when two people entered and came toward them.

It was Carla who first became aware of a figure looming over them — that of the statuesque black woman Kim had left with earlier. Later, Carla would learn that her name was Amira and that she was Loren’s lover, as well as a part-owner of the nightclub they were in. But at this moment no introductions were made. Indeed, no words were exchanged. Amira simply unzipped her pants, pulled out a girthy strap-on the same color as her skin, and pushed the tip into Loren’s open mouth.

Loren’s eyes flew open and she looked panicked for a moment, then relaxed and smiled as she saw the familiar face above her. Kim, meanwhile, walked around and sat down next to Carla; she had the blissful glow of a well-satisfied woman. She took the snifter from Carla’s hand and helped herself to a deep draught.

Annabel had looked up from between Loren’s legs, but Amira now stretched out one long arm and pushed her back down. Amira’s other hand gripped the top of Loren’s head as she pushed the dildo further in. Loren gagged briefly but then was able to relax her throat and take most of the shaft into her mouth; she’d had a lot of practice doing this very thing.

Carla decided that she’d had enough of being a spectator. She stood and stripped off her clothes, piling them neatly on a nearby table. When she was naked she walked over and climbed onto Loren’s lap. Loren was small but looked sturdy; Carla was confident she could handle the weight.

In this position, with Carla’s crotch directly above Loren’s, it was easy for Annabel to move back and forth between one pussy and the other, using her fingers on whoever she wasn’t licking at the moment. Meanwhile Loren and Carla took turns sucking the strap-on as Amira gazed down approvingly, feeling properly honored by their attentions.

But suddenly Carla felt herself being lifted into the air and carried toward the stage. She was not accustomed to being manhandled — or womanhandled — this way, but at the moment she was happy to go with the flow, feeling her pussy throb as Amira’s powerful arms held her.

Amira deposited Carla face-down on the lip of the stage, pulled her legs apart, and penetrated her without hesitation or mercy. The yelp that Carla let out was incoherent and undignified, but she didn’t care; all that mattered was that, full as she was, she wanted more. She braced herself against the floor of the stage with both hands and pushed her ass back and up, impaling herself even further on the formidable cock.

Now Amira smacked Carla’s rump with an open hand once, twice, three times; then took hold of Carla’s hips and began to fuck her with a muscular, relentless rhythm. Annabel, Kim, and Loren all watched with fascination. It was quite an athletic display, fully the equal of anything they’d seen on that stage previously.

Carla cut loose with a primal wail when she came, arms giving way beneath her as her torso fell heavily onto the stage floor. But Amira did not let up, simply flipping Carla over onto her back, splaying her legs wide open, and continuing to pound into her. Only after Carla climaxed again, this time with a helpless, gurgling whine, did she relent.

When Amira pulled out and stepped away, her thick black shaft jutting proudly into the air, Carla remained prone on the stage, curled up into the fetal position with a dreamy, heavy-lidded expression on her face. Her protective instincts aroused, Annabel got up and started to go over there, but found Amira standing in her path.

Amira’s arms wrapped around Annabel and the black woman leaned down for a kiss, her tongue probing forcefully into Annabel’s mouth. The tip of the strap-on pressed against Annabel’s pubis, she realized that she wasn’t going anywhere.

Pushing Annabel back against the table behind her, Amira gripped her ass with both hands and lifted her up onto the table. Annabel spread her legs, ready to be fucked, but instead Amira stepped away and began to undress. She pulled off her jeans, unharnessed the strap-on, and shucked off her T-shirt and bra.

When Amira was naked she sat down on a chair next to the table Annabel was on. She pointed one long index finger at Loren, then crooked it back toward herself. Loren did not hesitate to obey; she crawled over and bent down between Amira’s spread legs.

Amira now took hold of Annabel’s thighs, opened her as wide as she would go, and pulled her a little closer. Annabel gasped when Amira’s tongue snaked into her; it was every bit as big as any cock she’d ever had in her, and much more agile. She began to writhe as Amira probed around inside her, but Amira was holding her so tightly that she couldn’t really move, which just increased the pleasure that much more.

The sensation of Amira’s bald head between her legs was a novel one. Annabel cupped the smooth dome with one hand as Amira penetrated her deeply, then traced along her inner thighs, then licked and sucked her clit. Meanwhile, down below, Loren’s head was trapped between Amira’s strong legs, completely enveloped in her musky perfume.

When Amira pressed a thumb into Annabel’s pussy she orgasmed so hard she didn’t know if she was laughing or crying. The spasms wracked her body until she felt lightheaded, but Amira wasn’t finished with her. By the time she came twice more she was completely spent; she lay there on the table staring up at the ceiling, trying to remember where and who she was.

Suddenly Carla’s face appeared above her, upside-down but still unmistakable. Annabel grinned at her and sighed, “Goddamn.”

Carla nodded. “I know.”

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