Monday, May 10, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 4

The next day was Friday, game day. Halfway through the first quarter Kelly Ann looked up and was surprised to see Jessica sitting in the stands, staring right at her, looking very elegant in a black dress and big sunglasses.

A wave of conflicting emotions washed over Kelly. One was excitement, at having this fascinating, powerful, and sexy woman watching her do her thing on the football field. Another was anxiety, because her parents were somewhere in that same audience, and those were two worlds that she did not want to come in contact with each other. And of course there was arousal, knowing that at that moment Jessica was most likely undressing her with her eyes, that indeed she was intimately familiar with all of Kelly Ann’s most private places. She felt that familiar trickle between her legs as she began a cheer, and wondered if Olivia had noticed Jessica as well.

For her part, Jessica was deriving no end of delight from watching the cheerleaders go through their routine, knowing that she had already had two of them, and that if she played her cards right she could have many more. Her satisfaction was more than sexual; she had grown up poor and worked hard for everything she had. A part of her harbored a strong resentment toward these daughters of privilege, and took great pleasure in making them do her bidding. It wasn’t that she hated the girls, in fact she thought they were beautiful and delightful; but dominating them, manipulating them, debasing them, thrilled her in a very special way. She intended to see just how far she could take this.

Kelly Ann was talking to her parents after the game when Jessica came walking up, and Kelly’s heart stopped cold. What was she supposed to do? Stammering, she introduced Jessica to her folks. “Mom, Dad, this is Jessica Braden. She made a really nice donation to the squad.”

Jessica dazzled them with a gleaming white smile and shook their hands. “Mr. and Mrs. Collins, it’s a great pleasure to meet you.” Kelly Ann could tell that her parents were immediately charmed by Jessica, as who wouldn’t be, and relaxed a little. Nothing inappropriate or suspicious came up in the conversation, which was brief anyway, because Kelly’s parents had a dinner party to get to.

“You want us to drop you at home?” asked Kelly’s dad.

“I’ll give her a ride,” Jessica volunteered.

“That’s very kind of you,” said Kelly’s mom. “It was so nice to meet you.”

“Likewise,” said Jessica. A minute later, Kelly’s parents had left and they were walking toward Jessica’s car, which was a black, sleek Lexus sedan.

They both sat down but Jessica made no move to start the car. “Show me your pussy,” she ordered.

Kelly Ann swallowed hard. There was no one around, but they were still very close to the school. “Umm….”

“Come on, the windows are tinted. No one will see you.”

Kelly still hesitated; tinted windows or no, she felt very exposed here. This frustrated Jessica. “Do it or you can walk home.”

At that, Jessica scrambled to comply. It wasn’t so much having to walk — it wasn’t very far anyway — but the threat of being banished from Jessica’s presence. She pulled her panties off and spread her legs so Jessica could see her.

Jessica licked her lips lasciviously. “Mmm, lovely.” At last she started the car and pulled onto the street. “Remind me to punish you later for disobeying me. Now put your panties in the glove compartment,” she told Kelly Ann. Kelly obeyed, thankful that there was no identifying mark on them.

“Who was that blonde next to you during the game?” Jessica asked.

“Oh, that’s Katrina. Turn right here.”

“She’s gorgeous.”

“Yeah,” Kelly answered without much enthusiasm. To be honest, she had always been a little jealous of the attention Katrina got from boys.

“Bring her to my house on Sunday,” said Jessica.

This took Kelly Ann by surprise. “What? How?”

“It doesn’t matter. Tell her there’s a party. I’ll take care of the rest.”

“I don’t know….”

“I already owe you one punishment,” said Jessica sternly. “Do you want another?”

“No,” Kelly answered petulantly, surprised at how the threat of punishment was making her wet between the legs. “Left here.”

“Good. 4:00, don’t be late.”

“I’ll do my best,” said Kelly.

“See that you do.” Just then they pulled up in front of Kelly Ann’s house, and she felt suddenly bereft at the idea of walking into an empty house. “You want to come in?” she asked Jessica.

“No, I also have a party to get to.” She also knew better than to arouse suspicion from nosy suburban neighbors. “But you play with yourself tonight while thinking of me.” She slid a hand between Kelly’s legs to feel her bare, sticky thighs. “I see you’re about ready. Now get out of here, you’re going to make me late.”

* * *

Once inside Kelly Ann went up to her room, lay down on the bed with her legs wide apart, and fingered herself to a powerful orgasm. But afterward she was unsatisfied; she wanted something, anything, inside her. She went down to the kitchen and found a banana, a cucumber, and a carrot.

Kelly spent the next two hours masturbating and penetrating herself with fruits and vegetables. Every orgasm, far from satisfying her passion, seemed to jump it up to another level. Anytime it started to flag, she pictured Jessica watching her, and the heat in her loins flared up all over again. Finally she just lay there in a sweaty, exhausted heap. She almost fell fast asleep, but suddenly thought of her mother walking in and finding her on the bed next to a pussy-soaked cucumber, banana, and carrot. She carefully disposed of the soiled food items in the outside trash can and took a long shower, then ate leftover Chinese food while watching a movie on TV. She fell asleep for real on the living room sofa, worn out from one of the most eventful weeks of her young life.

* * *

Saturday Kelly Ann went shopping with her mother as she had promised. Walking through the food court, she did a double-take as she saw a familiar figure: Janice, walking with another woman that Kelly didn’t recognize. Kelly’s palms started to sweat, and she had an impulse to grab her mom and move quickly in the opposite direction. But that would be suspicious, and anyway, what did she think was going to happen? Was Janice going to walk up to them and congratulate Kelly’s mom on her daughter being such a good pussy-licker? Things like that just didn’t happen in the mall.

Kelly kept her cool, and as they passed Janice gave her a knowing look that penetrated to her very soul, and kept right on walking.

When they got home Kelly Ann remembered that she had to call Katrina, and spent a few minutes screwing up her courage before finally dialing the phone. As suggested, she told Katrina that a benefactor of the cheerleading squad was throwing a party. Katrina, a fun-loving and trusting girl, readily agreed to attend and volunteered to drive since she, unlike Kelly Ann, had her own car.

“The party’s at 4, and, please, don’t be late,” said Kelly. She knew that Katrina, though basically a sweet girl, could be self-centered and a little flaky.

“Why would I be late?”

“No reason. Please, just be on time, OK?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll be there. Geez.”

“Sorry. Thanks. See you then.”

That night Kelly was supposed to be going to the movies with her boyfriend Jeff, though she wasn’t really in the mood. Several times she almost called him and cancelled, but she couldn’t think of a good reason to do so. At 7:30 he picked her up and they drove to the multiplex, where Kelly Ann sat restlessly through what seemed like the most boring movie ever. Jeff kept trying to feel her up with his clumsy teenage hands, but she was not very cooperative.

Afterward in the car, Jeff complained. “Well you’re not very fun tonight.”

“I’m not in the mood. Sorry.”

“Well can you at least do something for me?” He pointed to his crotch, where a less-than-impressive erection was tenting his jeans and a small spot of wetness showed through.

“Not tonight, Jeff. I’m really just tired. Can you take me home, please?”

“Fine,” he answered testily. Gunning the engine, he drove to Kelly’s house in irritable silence, slamming on the brakes at every red light, then stomping on the gas when it turned green again. About two blocks from Kelly’s house, he pulled into the darkened parking lot of a church and turned the car off. When Kelly turned to him, he had his cock out. “Come on, babe,” he pleaded. “Help me out here.”

For a moment she felt sympathy for him. His small penis was as hard as she’d ever seen it, and if it weren’t for the pledge, she might have gone ahead and let him fuck her, even though he was acting like a jerk. Instead she reached down with her hand and gave it a few short strokes; that was all it took, and he shot his load all over her hand, then slumped back in his seat with his eyes closed.

At that, all Kelly’s annoyance returned, and she wiped her hand as best she could on the seat before opening the door and stepping out. “I’ll walk home,” she said curtly.

“Come, on babe, don’t be like that,” Jeff said weakly, but it was too late. After a few seconds, he shrugged his shoulders and drove away.

* * *

Back at home Kelly washed her hands, twice. She felt restless; the night was still young, but what to do? Her parents were at another party and wouldn’t be home until late. She thought of walking to Jessica’s, but was hesitant to show up uninvited, and a little scared of what she might find happening there on a wild Saturday night. Then she thought of Olivia and decided to call her.

“Hey, what are you up to?” Kelly asked.

“Nothing, actually,” answered Olivia peevishly. “I was supposed to go to a party at Amber’s, but her parents found out about it and it got cancelled.”

“Want to come over and watch a movie? My folks are out.”

Olivia thought for a second. “Sure, sounds like fun.”

In about 20 minutes Olivia was there, and she was scarcely in the door before she had produced a joint from her purse. “I was saving this for the party.”

“Gee, I don’t know…” said Kelly. Her parents were cool in most respects, but pretty strict about drugs.

“Oh, come on, don’t be uptight.” Olivia thought, but didn’t say: Come on, we were in a five-girl orgy yesterday. What’s a little joint?

“Well, OK. We’d better go in the back yard.”

After a few hits the girls were feeling loose and silly. Olivia clowned around in the kitchen imitating one of their teachers while Kelly Ann made popcorn, then they sat down in the living room to watch Knocked Up. About 15 minutes into it Kelly Ann felt Olivia’s hand unbuttoning the top button of her jeans. It felt good, and she sat up a little to give Olivia a better angle. Olivia undid the other buttons and slid her hand down into Kelly Ann’s panties; Kelly bit her lip and let out a soft moan. By the time Olivia’s hand had crawled through Kelly’s pubic hair and between her legs, she was quite moist down there.

They continued watching the movie as Olivia played with Kelly Ann’s pussy, fingering her gently and teasing her clit. Kelly was a little nervous; though she was sure her parents wouldn’t be home for awhile, still this seemed like a very risky thing to be doing in her own house. It felt so great, though, that after a minute she stopped worrying and let the feeling grow within her. Finally Kelly shuddered and came on Olivia’s hand, then leaned over and planted a big, grateful kiss on her classmate’s mouth. They lingered on the kiss for awhile, their tongues probing and intertwining, then Kelly reached up under Olivia’s T-shirt to feel her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and Kelly found her nipples stiff and needy.

Kelly Ann leaned down to suck Olivia’s tits, and she could smell the sharp scent of arousal coming from below. Switching sides so she could use her dominant right hand, she undid Olivia’s pants and fingered her in return; access was easy, because she wasn’t wearing any underwear, either. Olivia ate a big handful of popcorn, savoring the combined flavors of butter and pussy on her fingers. Dirty as this was, it felt innocent and playful somehow, and Olivia was laughing as she came. Afterward they fixed up their clothes and watched the rest of the movie, chatting and giggling like any two girlfriends.

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