Friday, May 14, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 5

When Sunday afternoon rolled around, Kelly Ann was more nervous than she’d ever been in her life. Today she was supposed to deliver Katrina to Jessica, and God only knew what kind of perverted things Jessica would have in mind for them. Kelly’s imagination ran wild, giving her both a tingle between her legs and a knot in her belly.

It had been different with Olivia, because the two of them hadn’t previously been that close. Katrina and Kelly had grown up together, their families knew each other, and Kelly was worried about how Katrina was going to react to all this. What if she was horrified by what Kelly was into now? It could mean the end of a long friendship, and make things awkward for Kelly in the community. She wasn’t ashamed of what she’d been doing, exactly. But she was in no hurry to have it generally known that she had been drawn into a circle of lesbians with loose morals.

Then again, Katrina was a spectacularly sexy girl, and the prospect of getting her involved in this new world that Kelly was exploring was very exciting. And deep inside Kelly Ann knew that, sooner or later, she was going to end up doing what Jessica wanted her to do. She was compelled by a force beyond her comprehension. So she carried on, putting her doubts and fears aside.

She tried not to watch the clock, but found herself checking the time every five minutes. Meanwhile she tried on about 25 different outfits, finally settling on a denim skirt and a tube top that showed off her breasts very nicely. By 3:45 Kelly Ann was downstairs waiting for Katrina, and when 10 long minutes later there was no sign of her, Kelly picked up the phone.

“Where are you?” asked Kelly anxiously, worried that they would be late.

“I’m on my way,” answered Katrina. “Chill out.”

“I asked you not to be late,” Kelly whined.

“I know, I know, it’ll just be a minute.”

Even so, it was ten minutes after four by the time Katrina pulled up in front of Kelly Ann’s house. Kelly was fuming and ready to scream, but once she laid eyes on Katrina, it was hard to stay mad at her. She looked amazing: honey blond hair, pale blue eyes, and a short, tight turquoise dress. “Sorry,” she said. “I had to take my stupid brother into town.”

“It’s OK,” Kelly said, and directed her friend to Jessica’s house. It only took five minutes but it seemed like hours to Kelly Ann, stressed out as she was. They parked in front and Kelly strode briskly to the door, with Katrina trailing languidly behind.

Marie answered the door, looking lovely in a white sundress. Kelly realized that this was the first time she had ever seen Marie with clothes on.

Jessica was sitting under an umbrella by the pool in a sexy red dress with spaghetti straps up top. “You girls are late,” she said.

“Sorry,” said Kelly Ann. “This is Katrina.” The tone of her voice implied, This is why I’m late. ”Katrina, this is Jessica.”

Katrina shook Jessica’s hand, looking around and obviously wondering where the party was, but too polite to say so. Jessica was impressed; she had really hit the jackpot this time. Kelly and Olivia were both very beautiful girls, but Katrina was on another level; she seemed to glow, even in the bright sunlight.

Jessica asked the girls to have a seat and told Marie to bring them something to drink. There were a bunch of snacks on the table to Jessica’s left, so for awhile they all sat around eating, drinking, and talking. Then Marie suggested a swim.

“But we didn’t bring bathing suits,” Katrina said.

“You don’t need a bathing suit,” Marie told her. “After all, we’re all girls, right?”

Before long Marie, Kelly Ann, and Katrina were splashing around nude in the swimming pool. Jessica remained in her seat, looking cool and relaxed behind her sunglasses, sometimes reading the magazine on her lap, sometimes glancing up at the naked girls in front of her.

Kelly Ann had seen Katrina naked in the locker room before, but had never looked at her quite this way. Her breasts were ripe and luscious, and her ass was a work of art. Kelly wanted to fondle her, but kept waiting for Marie or Jessica to make the first move. Instead, Marie just swam around and Jessica didn’t budge from her chair.

After their swim, the three girls wrapped themselves in towels and went into the living room. Jessica followed a minute later, and when she removed her sunglasses, her piercing gray eyes locked right onto Kelly Ann, making the younger girl feel a sudden chill.

“You know, Kelly Ann, I haven’t forgotten that you were late today. I also haven’t forgotten that I promised to punish you the other day.”

Kelly sat in a stunned silence. Things were taking an unexpected turn.

“Katrina, would you like to watch your friend be punished?”

Kelly looked over nervously at her classmate, who said nothing for a few long moments, then smiled mischievously. “Sure,” she said. If anything about this situation struck her as strange, you couldn’t tell from the look on her face.

“Stand up, Kelly,” ordered Jessica, and Kelly as always was powerless to resist her. Jessica pulled off Kelly’s towel and let it drop to the floor, then had Kelly put her hands on the back of the sofa so that she was slightly bent over with her ass facing Katrina and Marie.

Jessica opened the top of the coffee table and pulled out a riding crop, which she swished several times through the air. In the quiet room it made a loud whooshing sound that caused Kelly Ann’s stomach to tighten.

When Jessica brought the crop down on Kelly’s naked ass for the first time, she yelped and instinctively straightened up slightly. Jessica pushed her back into position and hit her again, harder this time. “Stand still,” she said.

Soon Kelly Ann was crying, not so much from the pain — which was not really that bad — but from the humiliation of being whipped naked in front of her friend and classmate. What must Katrina be thinking? What if she told everyone?

Jessica smacked Kelly with the crop about a dozen times, then slid it between her thighs. Kelly’s legs parted slightly, and Marie and Katrina got a clear view of her pussy, which was glistening with moisture. However humiliated she was, she was obviously also turned on.

“Katrina, did you know that our little Kelly Ann is quite a talented pussy-licker?” asked Jessica. A huge blush spread across Kelly’s face at this crude compliment, though in her current position no one could see it.

Katrina wasn’t sure what to say. She felt like she was in a dream that had started off normal enough, and kept on turning weirder and weirder. Part of her wanted to run for the door. But the sight of Kelly Ann’s naked body, and the way she was being treated, were having a powerful effect. Something about it struck a chord within Katrina that was new and intriguing. Finally she answered, “Um, no, I did not know that.”

“Would you like her to show you?”

“Well, uh… wow... um, OK.” That last was meant as a delaying tactic more than an assent, but Jessica took it the way she wanted to take it, and proceeded as planned. She stood Kelly up, then pushed her down so she was on her hands and knees in front of Katrina. Marie, meanwhile, helped Katrina out of her towel and spread her legs apart.

For a long moment no one spoke, and Katrina just stood there, mouth agape and heart pounding. Starting with the the skinny-dipping, she’d come slowly to the realization that something odd was afoot. But now it had all happened so fast. She was trembling a little with nerves, but also had the strange feeling that her whole life had been building up to this moment.

“I’d make her beg for it if I was you,” said Jessica. “She will, she’s a horny little slut.”

Kelly Ann, more humiliated than ever, just stared at the floor, red-faced and wet-eyed. Then she heard the riding crop slicing through the air and felt it smack into her tender ass. She looked up, straight into her friend’s blond pussy, and mumbled something. “Speak up,” barked Jessica, punctuating her sentence with a whack of the crop. “And look her in the eyes.”

Swallowing what little remained of her pride, Kelly Ann looked up into Katrina’s gorgeous blue eyes, and in a firm, clear voice asked, “May I eat your pussy, please?”

Katrina had never been with a girl before, but had always wondered what it would be like. Apparently she was about to find out. “Yes, you may.”

Kelly Ann scooted forward and thrust her tongue between her friend’s pussy lips. Katrina was soft, wet, and delicious. Embarrassed as she had been, Kelly was also thrilled that Jessica had said she was talented, and she worked hard to live up to the compliment. She used her mouth and fingers to bring Katrina as much pleasure as she could, enjoying the way her beautiful girlfriend moaned and squirmed.

Katrina was just about ready to come when she looked up and saw Jessica approaching from behind Kelly with a strap-on pointing right out in front of her. Putting her finger to her mouth in a shushing gesture, Jessica knelt down behind the unsuspecting Kelly and penetrated her without warning. Kelly Ann gasped into Katrina’s crotch; she was sopping wet and easily took the full length of the dildo inside her while continuing to work on Katrina’s clit.

Soon Katrina came like she had never come before. Kelly Ann really was talented. A minute later Kelly came too, her tits bouncing as Jessica thrust relentlessly into her.

Thoroughly worn out, Kelly climbed up onto the couch next to Katrina, who sat back to savor the fantastic orgasm she’d just had. But Jessica was not finished with her. Reaching around from behind, Jessica fastened a leather collar around Katrina’s neck and attached a leash, which she handed to Marie.

“Time for you to do some work now, sweetheart,” Jessica said to Katrina. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

Tugging on Katrina’s leash, Marie led her over to the large recliner in the corner. Tossing her towel aside, Marie climbed onto the recliner and draped her legs over its sides so her legs were spread wide open and her cunt lewdly displayed. Slowly, inch by inch, she shortened the leash until Katrina’s head was in her crotch. Katrina stuck her tongue out and took her first taste of pussy.

She liked it. No, she loved it; she leaned in and went after Marie’s pussy like it was an ice cream cone that was about to melt. Katrina had a powerful sex drive and hadn’t had any for months; this was exactly what she had been needing. Wait, there was one more thing….

Turning her head as best she could, she looked up at Jessica and the strap-on that dangled from her crotch, still slick with Kelly Ann’s juices. “Could you use that thing on me?”

Jessica smiled. This girl was certainly catching on quickly.

Moments later Kelly Ann was watching Katrina’s blond head bob up and down between Marie’s legs as Jessica fucked her from behind. Of course this wonderful sight got her juices flowing again, and she began to finger herself. She came at almost the same time Marie and Katrina did.

After that, finally, it was Jessica’s turn. She wanted Kelly Ann and Katrina to go down on her together, so she could look down and see both cheerleaders’ pretty heads between her legs. And Jessica always got what she wanted.

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