Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Reader Contest Winner

The following was written by reader Steve Wilson, who I think did a fantastic job. I really enjoyed it and I hope you will too. Part 2 will follow soon.

Jessica, Marie, and Jane at Home (Part 1)

by Steve Wilson

After being royally fucked by the girls and women in Serena’s hot yoga class, Jessica just wanted to go home, shower, relax, and recover. She stretched out in the back seat of her car as Marie drove them home, while Jane simply sat in silence holding her mistress’s hand.

Jessica drifted off slightly as she stared out the window. She was quite spent. Only when they had pulled into the garage and she felt Jane’s gentle nudging did she realize they were back home.

They all climbed out of the car and entered the house through the kitchen, where Marie dumped the used toys into the kitchen sink for Jane to wash. Jane had already stripped off her winter trench coat in the garage, carrying in her shoes and padding naked behind Jessica.

“Jane, I’m going to take a shower,” said Jessica. “I would like a martini when I’m done.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” answered Jane, as she began to dutifully wash the pussy juice from the strap-ons. She scrubbed and rinsed each one, placing them in the wash rack to dry, then drained the sink, wiped up the area, and proceeded to make her mistress the drink she had asked for.

Jessica moved into the master bedroom, stripping as she went, leaving a trail of clothes. Marie followed along behind, dutifully gathering each item until she got to the panties, which she habitually brought to her face to sniff. She then proceeded to the laundry room, where she threw Jessica’s clothes into the washing machine along with Jane’s. Then she remained standing by the machine as she stripped naked, throwing each item of clothing in as she took it off. She felt glad to have a household duty to work on, as she was feeling guilty about what had happened at the yoga studio. She had in a small way betrayed Jessica, she knew.

The hot water and soap felt refreshing and exhilarating on Jessica’s body after what she had endured. It had a been a long time since she had allowed herself to be used in that way. It was nice to not be in charge for a short while, as it helped her understand the submissive mind, but she enjoyed the “pursuit and capture” aspect of being the dominant woman.

When she finally felt sufficiently refreshed she pulled back the curtain to find Jane kneeling on the bathroom floor, holding a towel in her lap.

“Would you like to dry me off?”

“Oh, yes Ma’am,” said Jane, smiling to her mistress.

Jane stood with the fresh, soft towel and dried off her mistress. She even knelt to wipe off Jessica’s feet and toes while gently helping her out of the tub.

Jessica enjoyed the pampering, letting Jane comb out her hair and lotion her. The stimulation of Jane’s hand applying the lotion on her naked body began to arouse her. “This woman truly is a slave in her heart,” she thought, and felt a wave of affection for the kneeling servant.

“Thank you, sweetheart. Get me my robe and slippers please.”

Jane walked away and came back with a short white terrycloth robe and some white slippers. She helped Jessica with the robe and knelt to hold the slippers as Jessica slid her feet into them.

Jessica kissed Jane affectionately on the top of the head. “Is my drink ready?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good. Here, use my shower and get cleaned up. I’ll be in the living room, and I’ll probably be ready for a refill by the time you finish.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Jane said.

Jessica walked out to the living room, where her martini sat waiting on the coffee table. She sat on the couch and put her feet up on the ottoman to relax. Exhaling deeply, she reflected that her world had grown in the past months and she had been neglecting certain things, especially Marie. Marie had started running a little wild, and Jessica realized that she needed attention. “I need to let her know that she is special to me,” Jessica thought, “but she also needs to be disciplined.”

Just then Jane walked into the room with the cocktail shaker, having quickly rinsed off and dried herself. Her boobs jiggled delightfully as she shook the second martini, which she then poured into Jessica’s almost-empty glass. Jessica took a big sip and let out a contented “Mmmmm” as she savored the taste.

Jane knelt in front of her mistress, who leaned back and closed her eyes, absent-mindedly stroking Jane’s head with her fingertips. Jane’s hair had grown out of her shaved head and now stood out a half-inch from her scalp.

After resting for a few minutes, Jessica decided that it was time to deal with Marie. “Marie!” she called out. “Come here.”

“Be right there,” she heard Marie answer in her French accent.

Jessica almost barked out “Now!” But she thought better of it; let things take their course. Marie would be corrected soon enough.

Marie appeared shortly in all her naked glory. Jessica enjoyed watching her come down the hallway, her breasts swaying and bouncing as she walked.

“What were you doing?”

“Just cleaning up.”

“Come here. Stand before me.” Marie obeyed and Jessica sat for a few moments just drinking in the beauty of her young body, the supple curves, the way the V disappeared between her legs. Then, in her most sympathetic tone, she asked Marie, “Are you mad at me?”

Marie looked away sheepishly, as if she had been caught doing something. Jane just looked down at the floor as Jessica caressed her head like a pet’s.

Marie felt a pang of jealousy at the affection Jane was receiving, began to tear, took a deep breath, and vented. “Not mad, just frustrated. It was nice at the beginning to have fresh girls to fuck and play with and (glancing down at Jane) having her here is nice sometimes but….”

“Yes?” prompted Jessica, taking another sip of her drink.

“I want some alone time with you. You seem to have forgotten about us.”

Sipping, Jessica pondered what Marie had said. She thought how all this could work to appease Marie but yet show her who was truly dominant in the relationship.

She placed the glass on the end table, bent down, whispered to Jane, and kissed her on the cheek. Jane quietly got up with a quick glance at Marie, who gave her a puzzled look, and headed down the hall. Jessica didn’t say anything while Jane was gone, leaving Marie twisting in the wind, glancing occasionally down the hallway.

At last Jane came back with wrist and ankle restraints, some short pieces of rope, a leather strap, a butt plug, a ball gag, a strap-on, and some lube. Marie looked on wide-eyed, gulping nervously as she realized what was in store.

“Jane, would you put those on Marie please?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Jane buckled the restraints onto Marie as Jessica picked up the leather strap and ran her hands along it while watching. When Jane was done Jessica spoke up. “Marie, bend over that ottoman.”

Marie swallowed nervously as she knelt and lowered her chest onto the ottoman.

“Secure her down, Jane.”

Jane tied the restraints on Marie’s hands to the legs on one side of the ottoman and tied her knees to the legs on the other side. Then she clipped Marie’s ankles together. Jessica looked on, dangling the leather strap from one hand. Marie looked up with concern as she knew she was about to get spanked. There was no question about that.

“Marie my love. You will always be my first one but you have to understand that regardless what happens, you must always be obedient and submissive to me. You chose to live with me, you understand our arrangement, and now I need to remind you of your place.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Marie. “I understand, ma’am.”

Jessica took the ball gag and secured it around Marie’s face, then took the lube and butt plug. Glancing at Marie’s delicious ass Jessica knelt, caressed it, spread her cheeks, and inserted the lubricated butt plug in her ass. Marie winced slightly as she felt the intrusion but accepted it nonetheless. Jane simply knelt by the couch watching the entire scene. The sight of the naked and bound Marie was quite arousing, but she sort of wished that it was her instead.

Jessica stood slightly to the side and proceeded to spank Marie with the strap. Marie had been spanked plenty of times by Jessica but this time was different. As a series of smacks burned against her ass she began to cry in sorrow and guilt. She tugged against her restraints, but she wasn’t going anywhere.

Marie began to feel embarrassed with the older Jane watching as she was punished. Jane and Jessica were the adults and she felt like a teenager getting spanked by two mothers.

Jane looked on with delighted lust as the spanking continued, noticing that Jessica’s short robe had fallen open to reveal her naked body. She was beginning to get wet and wanted to play with herself, but she knew better.

When Jessica sensed that Marie had had enough she stopped. She felt confident that Marie’s attitude would be much improved. Jessica bent down to survey her work; Marie’s cute ass now had red stripes across both cheeks and some wetness was noticeable on her labia. Jessica felt satisfied that balance had been restored, and allowed herself to start getting turned on by what was here before her.

Marie simply rested her head on the ottoman and cried. She had deserved this and she knew it, but it still hurt. Even so she still felt Jessica’s love in the punishment that had been administered, and there was no denying the way her pussy had responded to the spanking.

Jennifer knelt and caressed Marie’s tender ass, back, and legs with soothing, loving strokes. She also fingered Marie a little to tease her. Marie squirmed and tightened her pussy when she felt Jessica’s finger near it. She so wanted to be fucked right now.

Kneeling in front of Marie, Jessica lifted the younger girl’s chin up with one hand. Marie could smell her own scent on Jessica’s finger.

“Marie, look at me.” Marie sniffed and looked up with teary eyes. “We may get busy in our lives but if you want to be with me you need to always know your place and accept that what I say goes. As long as I say Jane is going to be with is, she’s going to be with us. Do you understand?”

Marie glanced over at Jane who looked down, embarrassed at having suddenly become a focus of attention. Then she looked back at Jessica and nodded.

“Good girl.” Jessica kissed Marie on the cheek and stood. She walked back over to the couch, Marie’s eyes following her all the way, and sat down. Then she let her robe fall all the way open and spread her legs wide. She patted the couch in front of her and Jane obediently scooted between her mistress’s legs. “You know what to do, Jane.”

With submissive delight Jane smiled and tended to Jessica’s body as Marie watched helplessly. She began by kissing Jessica’s feet and legs, caressing them as she trailed upwards. Then she moved to up to kiss the inside of Jessica’s thighs, moving closer to her pussy while caressing the outsides of her legs. Jessica stroked Jane’s head with one hand as she closed her eyes and rested her head against the back of the couch, enjoying every delightful second of Jane’s mouth on her body.

Jane ran her tongue all around the area near Jessica’s pussy but did not kiss or lick it directly. Then she trailed up Jessica’s stomach and chest, where she kissed and sucked one nipple while gently squeezing the other. Jessica continued to stroke Jane’s head while moaning softly.

Now Jane then traveled up to Jessica’s neck, kissing it and pressing her body against Jessica’s. She tugged Jessica’s robe down off her shoulders to expose more of her flesh to kiss and tend to. Jessica responded by wrapping her legs around Jane’s butt and pulling her in closer. She then cupped Jane’s face and kissed her hard and long. Their tongues intertwined hotly as they ate each other’s mouths, moaning with lust.

All the while Marie had been watching in helpless silence, though several times she whined through her gag. She looked at Jessica’s face, imagining the pleasure that her mistress was feeling. She also looked at Jane’s body, taking in all the little details: The soles of her feet, her spine along her back, her ass in the air as she bent forward to kiss Jessica’s belly button. The pink pucker of her asshole and her wet pussy glistening. She wanted desperately to be able to scoot forward and bury her face in Jane’s crotch, but all she could do was rub herself against the ottoman to get a little pressure on her nipples and pubis.

Jane lifted Jessica slightly to get her robe off. It pooled up behind her as she rested fully naked back against the couch. Jane quickly got back to work, kissing down Jessica’s neck, shoulders, breasts, and stomach, and then back to her inner thighs.

Jessica slid down slightly, spreading her legs further apart, and gently guided Jane to her pussy, using her thighs to keep Jane’s head in place where she now wanted it. Jane parted Jessica’s lips and latched onto her clit, giving it gentle sucks while pushing her tongue inside, tasting the creamy nectar that was flowing out of her mistress.

Jessica brought her legs up further and wider, resting her feet on Jane’s back. This opened her up more as Jane sucked on her clit while driving her tongue in and out. The frustrated Marie watched as Jessica fondled her own breasts while moaning, her closed eyes pointed up toward the ceiling. She could see that Jessica was getting close to coming. She pictured herself fucking Jane with a strap-on as Jane ate Jessica, and let out a plaintive whimper through her gag.

Jessica began to breathe heavily as her body tightened in orgasmic intensity. Jane kept up a steady sucking pressure on Jessica’s clit to keep her mistress on the verge of climax as long as possible, then increased the intensity slightly, sending Jessica over the edge. Jessica shook and bucked her hips as she moaned loudly, the orgasm pulsing through her body in waves.

Jane carefully brought Jessica down and gently pulled away, looking down at the wetness and pink lips squirming in the aftermath. She could think of no other place in the world where she would rather be right now.

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