Friday, May 9, 2014

Jessica, Marie, and Jane at Home (Part 2)

by Steve Wilson

Jessica rested against the back of the couch, catching her breath as she held Jane’s head against her stomach. She had come many times that day, but this one was really something special.

Marie was in a slight state of shock after witnessing this scene. She had heard and seen Jessica come many times, but rarely had she been forced to just watch this way. It was truly an intimate moment to behold.

“Whew,” said Jessica as she raised her head off the back of the couch. She lifted Jane’s head with one hand and smiled. Jane smiled back while licking her lips, savoring her mistress’s salty taste as Jessica stroked her cheek.

When Jessica felt ready for the next step, she said to Jane, “Sweetie, get the strap-on and mount up.” Jane obediently stood up, picked up the strap-on and harness, and began to equip herself as the bound Marie watched helplessly.

“I want you to fuck Marie while I recover,” said Jessica.

“Yes ma’am.”

Jane relished the idea of dominating Marie; this would be a bit of payback for her being such a bitch at times. But Jane also knew she shouldn’t get too carried away — Marie’s opportunity for revenge would surely come.

Jane lubed up her cock and knelt behind Marie, enjoying the sight of the red ass with the butt plug stuck inside. Placing the tip of the dildo between Marie’s pussy lips, Jane put one hand on each of Marie’s hips and began to push into her. Marie moaned as she felt herself be filled; with wide and surprised-looking eyes she looked up at Jessica, whose mouth was curled into a wicked smile.

Jane felt a surge of power run through her as she began to fuck young Marie. Until now she had usually been the one on the receiving end. Jane basically liked Marie but sometimes found her a little bratty, and was glad that Jessica had decided to put her in her place this way.

Suddenly Jane felt the need to spank the younger girl and gave her a swat on her already reddened ass. Marie yelped through her ball gag at the sudden strike and tugged on her restraints, but there was no way of escaping. Jane looked at Jessica to see if she had stepped over the line, but Jessica just grinned.

Jane begin to perspire a bit from grinding her hips against Marie as she pounded in with all her strength, then eased off a bit to spank Marie’s cute little ass. She got very turned on by hearing Marie yelp through her ball gag and repeated this cycle several times, never letting Marie get all the way to orgasm, always looking to Jessica for approval.

After a long period of intense, sweaty fucking Jessica said, “OK, Jane, let her come. I think she’s suffered enough.” Jane leaned over and reached around to finger Marie’s clit as she drove the strap-on home mercilessly. Marie tugged on her restraints as she began to come hard, shaking and screaming through the ball gag. Jane kept her finger pressed against Marie’s clit and continued to grind her hips as the girl’s ass puckered around the butt plug. Marie kept writhing and groaning until one final, intense orgasm wave hit her, leaving her limp and spent.

Snot and slobber ran down her mouth as she moaned into her ball gag, looking up at Jessica through glazed eyes. She even begin to tear up, though it was hard to say whether it was out of shame and humiliation or pleasure and relief. Jane pulled out and softly caressed Marie’s back, ass, and legs. Then she leaned over onto Marie, pressing her breasts into the younger girl’s back. Jane gently pushed aside Marie’s hair and kissed her cheek and face, then her neck and shoulders.

“You can untie her now,” Jessica said.

Marie stretched out across the ottoman as Jane freed her from the restraints and removed the ball gag. Moving her mouth around to loosen it up, Marie sniffled, then wiped off her mouth with the back of her hand. Jane, meanwhile, slipped off the strap-on and crawled over to Jessica, who opened her legs to let Jane rest between them facing out.

“Marie, come over here and lick Jane’s pussy. She’s been a good slave and I want you to give her a nice reward.”

Marie weakly lifted herself off the ottoman and crawled slowly over to Jane, who scooted down a bit to give the girl access to her pussy. Jessica stroked Jane’s face and hair as Marie began to kiss the inside of Jane’s thighs. Jane spread her legs wider and lifted them a bit to give Marie a better angle.

Marie took her time licking up and down Jane’s slit, occasionally looking up at her mistress, eager to be back in Jessica’s good graces. Then Marie moved on to Jane’s clit, licking it while also fingering her. Jane let out a throaty moan and took hold of a big handful of Marie’s hair, pulling her closer.

Jessica reached down to stroke Jane’s nipples, enjoying the sight of Marie’s red, whipped ass as she splayed out on her stomach with her head between Jane’s legs. Simultaneously Marie sucked Jane’s clit into her mouth, and that did the trick; Jane tensed hard and then exploded hard in orgasmic bliss while pulling on Marie’s hair.

Jane’s legs bucked and flopped as the orgasm rippled through her body. Marie let up for only a few seconds, then resumed her assault on Jane’s clit. Before long Jane arched her back, thrusting her breasts out, and came again hard and loud as she held onto Marie’s head.

Marie kept Jane in this state until her orgasm began to subside and then gently let up the pressure on her clit. Slowly she began to kiss Jane’s inner thigh as Jane petted her hair in return. Jessica lovingly stroked Jane’s face, neck, scalp, and shoulders as she came down.

“Very nice, you two,” she said.

They both came back to Earth when they heard Jessica’s voice. Marie rested against Jane’s leg for a bit as Jane continued to run her fingers through the younger girl’s hair.

After some quiet time, Marie sat up and scooted to sit against the couch next to Jane on the floor. Her ass was still sort of tender from the spanking but she adjusted accordingly.

“I’m sorry I was such a bitch,” said Marie. “I guess I got jealous and aggravated that we haven’t gotten to be with each other lately.”

Jessica stroked Marie’s hair affectionately with one hand while caressing Jane’s with the other. “I know we’ve been busy, but look at how our community has grown. Let’s go to the hot tub to soak and enjoy the rest of our evening. Marie, let’s get that plug out of your ass. Jane, if you would please.”

Marie knelt on all fours while Jane pulled out the plug, giving a small grunt as it exited. Marie and Jane promptly picked up the toys, putting away the restraints and placing the strap-on and butt plug in the sink to be washed later.

They all padded naked to the hot tub outside and slid in with relaxing sighs. They talked, kissed, and shared the beauty of the evening together until they were pruned. Then they proceeded to their king-size bed where Marie and Jane fell asleep cuddling against Jessica in blissful happiness.


  1. Where to begin? I first started reading from all this Waaayyy back when it was just Jan. - Jun. 2010, and chps 7 & 8 were up. I had been following "Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta" from elsewhere, while doing a search, found this place. };->
    These last 3 weeks I've been reading, (and backing up to remind me of something), and had to stop a couple days ago... because I broke my willie!!
    And from back then til now, I've been here a couple times, but it just flies by, yes? So now, from the beginning, and racing into the 20's, and Lexi joins in, Serena-the Yoga teacher, 30's gave way to 40's and some cousins learn some new fun, Kat `finds` her way to Mimi... and Sara V. finds herself drawn into Kelly and Kats' enticing pull... and that magical #69.. Sally Ann shows back up.. Olivia's photo shoot,.. and we're caught up to chp 84. Good GODS!!
    You are a Most amazing writer.
    And why do I post all this here???
    Because, you also, author Steve Wilson, have done a Damned fine job of adding to these 3 lovely ladies.
    And I'm very pleased to see it continued into 2016?? Thanks, to you both. D. G. Hirt, SSG, retired.

    1. Glad to hear that you're enjoying it, and I hope that the rest of the chapters are to your liking.