Thursday, May 29, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 87

Ana had accepted the offer of a ride home from Ella and Janice, but once they were on the road Ella had said that her family was out of town visiting relatives and wouldn’t be back till late. This meant that she had the house all to herself, a rare opportunity, so would Janice and Ana like to come over? They readily accepted; neither had ever seen Ella’s house before.

It was a huge, beautiful home on more than an acre not far from the town’s golf course. In the early part of the afternoon the three of them gave each other facials and manicures, then spent some time in the hot tub. Later in the day they retired to the bedroom — a huge, immaculately furnished boudoir with a king-sized bed — and the two older woman spent a long time feasting on Ana’s succulent young body.

Ana liked being the center of attention and was in no hurry to get home, so she was still at Ella’s when a message came through from Lexi with the offer of a bit of fun at Annalise’s. Ana asked if she could bring a couple of guests along, and Lexi said sure, the more the merrier.

Ella, Janice, and Ana dressed and piled into the car, and Ana directed them to Annalise’s house. Inside they found Lexi next to what appeared to be a mummy wrapped in black duct tape. “Hmmm, interesting,” said Ana. “What have you been up to here?”

“Just trying something out,” answered Lexi. “I think it will be fun to unwrap her.”

She had wrapped Annalise in strips of tape several feet long, and they took turns peeling them off one at a time. After 10 minutes or so they were finally down to bare skin; Ana pulled off a strip that went across her belly and Annalise moaned through the tape covering her mouth. Janice, up next, exposed one breast, which she leaned down and took into her mouth. Ella then reached over and ripped off the tape covering the other breast, giving Annalise an interesting experience in simultaneous pleasure and pain.

As Ella bent over to suckle also, Lexi and Ana worked on Annalise’s lower body. After a few minutes they had managed to get her crotch unwrapped while her legs were still taped together; Lexi jammed one hand between her soft thighs, feeling the wetness there, and managed to get two fingers inside despite the fact that Annalise’s legs wouldn’t open.

Ana now went to work on getting access to Annalise’s mouth, unwrapping the lower part of her face to reveal the single piece of tape covering her mouth. Gripping one end, Ana counted to three and decisively ripped off the tape, drawing from Annalise a helpless scream that was quickly smothered by one of Ana’s boobs.

At this point Janice, who was not the world’s most patient woman, took charge. At her behest they lifted Annalise and carried her to the bedroom, where they laid her down on the bed. At this point the lower part of her face, as well as her shoulders and chest, were exposed, as was her crotch. But lengths of tape still encircled her stomach, binding her arms to her sides, and her legs were still taped from the knees down. And of course her eyes were still covered; she had no way of knowing who was now molesting her. All she knew was that she felt hands and mouths on her, and that she heard several different voices, some of which were unfamiliar. One of them, she was sure, belonged to Ana, and she guessed that the breast that had just been in her mouth did as well.

Standing around the bed, Lexi, Janice, Ella, and Ana undressed, ready now to get down to serious business. “Stick out your tongue,” ordered Janice, and Annalise obeyed. Janice encouraged Ella to sit on Annalise’s face and she did so, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers as she sank down onto the waiting mouth. For a minute they all just watched Ella ride Annalise’s face, her tits swaying gently, soft moans falling from her mouth. Ella was an exquisitely beautiful woman, and to watch her receive pleasure was a joy in itself.

Janice had brought some scissors from the kitchen and, starting from the knees, she cut the tape between Annalise’s legs until she was able to open them, though the tape still stuck around the outsides. Annalise’s crotch and thighs glistened with sweat and pussy juice; licking her lips, Janice dove in and began to lap up the delicious liquid. Again Annalise moaned, again her moans were muffled, this time by Ella’s pussy.

Lexi and Ana looked at each other. This scene was hot to watch, but they wanted to get involved, too. Ana chose to join Janice between Annalise’s legs, penetrating the older woman with her thick, meaty tongue. Janice moved to one side and watched Ana tongue-fuck Annalise, stroking her own clit with one hand and Annalise’s with the other.

For her part, Lexi walked around to the other side of the bed and pulled off the tape covering Annalise’s eyes. Most of her face was covered by Ella’s crotch but as her eyes adjusted Annalise could just barely make out Lexi standing above her, grinning.

Lexi climbed onto the bed and pressed herself chest-to-chest against Ella, and the two blondes shared a long wet kiss. Then they shifted position so Annalise could reach both of their pussies and Annalise divided her attention between them, sticking a tongue in here, sucking a clit there.

It was two hours later when Annalise was finally introduced to the women she’d been fucking. She turned beet red, imagining what a tramp she must look like in their eyes. But Ella and Janice were very friendly and gracious, and Lexi made sure they exchanged phone numbers with Annalise, figuring it would do Annalise good to widen her social circle a little bit.


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  1. Have you ever done a one on one with Lexi and Janice before? If not that would be hot to see.