Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 85

On the way home from the yoga studio, Betty Ann was driving, Samantha was in the passenger seat, and Kelly and Kat were sitting in back. It seemed like a perfectly normal family scene, one that the four of them had enacted a hundred times; the only thing different this time was that they were basking in the afterglow of an intense, kinky lesbian yoga orgy.

At first it was totally quiet in the car, all four of them feeling contented and a little drowsy. But then a few minutes into the drive, Samantha turned around to face the two girls.

“This is kind of a funny time to bring this up, but Betty and I had something we wanted to talk to you two about.” Betty nodded supportively, keeping her eyes on the road. “Your latest progress reports just came in the mail, and we were not too happy. Your grades have gone way down in everything except English.”

Samantha waited to see if the girls would offer some sort of excuse, but neither of them spoke up. In their hearts they knew that they had been neglecting their studies.

“Listen, we certainly want for you to have a fun time in your senior year. But it’s also important that you keep your grades up. Agreed?” Kelly and Kat both nodded their assent. “So maybe you should just spend a little more time at home and focus a little more on school, OK?”

“Sure, Mom,” said Kat.

“No problem,” said Kelly.

“Good,” answered Samantha, and turned back to face the front, sliding a Prince CD into the stereo.

* * *

Olivia slept late and put in some quality time at home before heading over to Gina’s early that evening. Gina’s son and daughter had gone back to their father’s that afternoon, and had had spent several hours preparing for Olivia’s arrival — showering, shaving, and waxing, cleaning house, and preparing a sumptuous meal for two. She could hardly believe that she was behaving this way, not for a man, but for an 18-year-old girl; but she was excited, almost giddy, at the prospect of an evening alone with her young lover.

Olivia, for her part, was eager but also nervous. She had indulged herself quite a bit in her time away from Gina, and felt a little dirty, despite having taken a long hot bath and scrubbed herself from head to toe.

Gina greeted her at the door, looking gorgeous in a red cocktail dress. They hugged and kissed tenderly. Feeling the older woman’s heat pressing against her, Olivia sensed that Gina had been well-behaved and chaste during their time apart — unlike herself.

They sat down for dinner, a delicious pasta dish, and began to catch up on what had happened in the last week. Gina did most of the talking; Olivia threw in a few polite generalities about school and the cheerleading squad, struggling all the time with whether to come clean about what she had really been doing that weekend.

After dinner they retired to the living room with a glass of wine and a fire crackling in the fireplace. Gina put on some quiet jazz and snuggled up next to Olivia on the couch. Soon they were kissing, then Gina’s hand found its way into Olivia’s blouse and began to tug at her right nipple. The blouse was open and Gina was leaning down for a mouthful when Olivia pulled away.

“I’m sorry,” said Olivia, her heart aching at the look of surprise and alarm on Gina’s face. “I… I need to tell you something.” Sipping her wine and pacing the room, Olivia proceeded to tell Gina everything that had transpired since they’d been together last — meeting up with Claire, the modeling session, the party, the wrestling, and everything that had happened after — and lowered her blouse to reveal Mimi’s fingernail marks on her shoulder. When she was finished she looked over at Gina, whose expression was sympathetic but wide-eyed. “Wow,” muttered Gina.

“I know, I know,” said Olivia. “I’ve been bad. Really bad.”

“It’s OK,” said Gina.

“No, it’s not OK,” insisted Olivia. “I’ve been a terrible slut and I need to be punished.” Sitting her wine glass down, Olivia dropped to her knees and bent forward over the big chair opposite the couch. She was wearing a cute little plaid skirt, which she now lifted to reveal her ass, only a small part of which was covered by her black thong. “Spank me,” she said.

“It’s OK, really,” answered Gina. “I—”

Olivia cut her off. “I need you to spank me,” she said, looking pleadingly into Gina’s eyes. “Do you understand?”

Gina nodded. She had never spanked anyone in her life, not even her kids. She didn’t believe in spanking as a form of discipline, though this view had not been shared by her husband — one of many things they’d disagreed on. But looking down at Olivia, skirt lifted to reveal smooth, round, soft butt cheeks, Gina felt her heart begin to beat a little faster.

Gina stood and walked over to where Olivia was. Going down on one knee, she reached out with her right hand and gently caressed Olivia’s left buttock. Then she lifted her hand about six inches and brought it down tentatively, making a barely audible slapping sound.

Olivia looked back over her shoulder, smiling but with a fierce look in her eyes. “Come on,” she said. “You can do better than that.”

In response Gina raised her hand and brought it down again on the same spot, much harder this time. There was a distinct sound of flesh on flesh and a little moan from Olivia.

“Good,” said Olivia. “Give me everything you’ve got. I deserve it.”

Warming to the task, Gina smacked Olivia’s other butt cheek with even more force, drawing an involuntary yelp from the younger girl. Gina began to alternate, going back and forth from cheek to cheek as Olivia lowered her head and began to pant audibly. Both women were sweating now, and Gina paused momentarily to pull her dress off over her head, leaving her in bra and panties.

Looking down, Gina had to admit that she quite enjoyed the sight of Olivia’s red rear end, covered with a fine film of sweat and swaying slowly back and forth as if awaiting the next blow. Gina again reached down to fondle Olivia’s butt, and this time she also slid her hand down between Olivia’s legs, where it was quite warm and extremely wet. Gripping the fabric of Olivia’s thong, Gina worked the thin strip of fabric up into the younger girl’s slit; Olivia squirmed and let out a different kind of moan, this one low and throaty.

Gina became aware that she, too, was getting quite moist in the nether regions. She was surprised to find just how much she was enjoying this feeling of power. Sliding a hand down into her panties, Gina wet one finger with her own juices and then pushed it into Olivia’s mouth. Olivia sucked it gratefully, finally beginning to feel like she’d suffered enough to deserve a little pleasure.

But Gina wasn’t finished. Reaching behind her, she pulled off her own bra and used it to tie Olivia’s hands behind her back. Then she pulled Olivia’s thong down and off and spread Olivia’s legs, enjoying the color combination of the red ass and pink, glistening pussy lips.

The next smack was the hardest yet, taking Olivia a little by surprise and causing her to yell “Fuck!” with a combination of excitement and discomfort. Next thing she knew she was being gagged with her own panties. Hmm, she thought to herself, Gina sure is taking to this in a hurry….

Having opened the gate, Gina found all of her aggressions just pouring out; not just against Olivia — who was, just as she had said, a terrible slut — but also against her ex-husband, her family (some of whom had been judgmental about her divorce), and life in general. By the time she was finished, a dozen good smacks later, Olivia’s rump was warm and glowing.

Gina exhaled deeply. She felt better, much better, and so did Olivia, who was looking at her lover now in a new way. Gina stood and pulled her panties off, then lifted Olivia’s head off the chair and sat down. Opening her legs, Gina pulled the thong out of Olivia’s mouth and tossed it aside. Hungrily, Olivia leaned forward and stuck her tongue into Gina’s well-lubricated cunt.


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  1. it looks like Olivia wants to be Gina's girl more so that can be the monogamous relationship couple. Kat and Kelly might become bad girls to have them run off with Mistress Mimi as Mimi's bitches along with Lexi, but don't make the turn I don't want the girls to be bitches to their moms same with the moms.