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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 86

Lexi had slept until almost two in the afternoon and not long after she finally woke up, her father returned home from his latest business trip. He looked tired but fairly cheerful; the trip had gone relatively well and they would have a little more money rolling in soon. Lexi brought him a beer and they sat in the living room catching up, then watched some TV.

About 5 o’clock the doorbell rang and Lexi went to answer it. It was Annalise — of course — once again bearing a tray of food, this time prime rib and potatoes. From the doorway Annalise could see Lexi’s dad and she immediately turned bright red; she hadn’t expected him to be home, Lexi knew, and was surprised by his presence. At one time Lexi had thought Annalise had designs on him — and maybe she had — but now what she had in mind did not involve him.

Nonetheless, Lexi invited Annalise in. Her dad was exhausted and may not have been in the mood for guests, but he loved a good meal and sight of the food seemed to perk him up a little bit. The three of them sat down to eat and had a pleasant enough time together, but Annalise excused herself as soon as it seemed polite to do so. Lexi smirked inwardly. What would her father think if he knew what Annalise had really had in mind by coming here? He would probably be turned on at some level — he was a man, after all — but he would be shocked, that’s for sure.

Wiped out from his trip and full of food and beer, Lexi’s dad went off to bed soon after 7:00. Lexi waited long enough to be sure he was asleep and snoring, then snuck out the back door and walked over to Annalise’s. She found the older woman in the kitchen, working slowly and steadily on a pint of chocolate ice cream. Without saying a word, Lexi got herself a spoon from the drawer and joined in.

Annalise’s body language was tense, and Lexi could tell that she was horny, and nervous, and probably a little embarrassed about what had transpired earlier. For her part, Lexi felt completely calm and at peace with the world. As much for her own amusement as anything, she began to tell Annalise everything that had happened the night before. In the telling it all seemed kind of preposterous, and just for a moment Lexi wondered if it might have been just a dream she had; but her muscles were sore from the wrestling, and her pussy had a sense memory all its own that was not to be doubted.

Lexi could tell that Annalise was getting more and more excited as she told the tale, and it was hot in the kitchen as well. By the time Lexi got to the part where Mimi tied her up, a film of sweat had formed on Annalise’s forehead. Lexi walked over to the freezer and took out an ice cube, then went to stand behind Annalise. When Lexi touched the ice cube against the back of Annalise’s neck, the older woman jumped a little, then exhaled deeply. As she continued to talk Lexi ran the ice around to the front of Annalise’s neck and then down between her breasts.

Working with one hand, Lexi unbuttoned Annalise’s shirt and let it fall open. Then she let the ice cube rest in Annalise’s cleavage as she used both hands to unclasp the older woman’s bra. Holding the ice cube again, Lexi let the bra fall and Annalise’s breasts sprang out, her nipples stiff and pointy as two knitting needles. Lexi ran the ice all around Annalise’s tits and across her buds, which were so hard now they must have been painful, Lexi thought.

Annalise sighed and then moaned. She was putty in Lexi’s hands, as always. Reaching down, Lexi unbuttoned the top of Annalise’s jeans and pushed the ice cube down into her panties. By now Lexi had gotten to the end of her story and was looking around thinking, well, how can I amuse myself?

By chance her eyes fell on a roll of duct tape that was sitting on a shelf, and a light bulb went off in her head. She stood Annalise up and embraced her from behind, sliding one hand into Annalise’s panties and moving the ice cube down into her crotch. Then she reached for the roll of tape and ripped off two short strips which she slapped onto Annalise’s nipples. A slightly longer one went over Annalise’s mouth, and a still longer one across her eyes. Lexi grinned to herself. There were possibilities here.

* * *

Gina let Olivia make her come twice, then pushed the younger girl away and sat back in the chair, breathing heavily. The orgasms had been potent. It had been almost a week since Gina had come — she’d only masturbated twice since she’d been with Olivia last, both in one night — and the spanking had really gotten her motor revving. Olivia smiled up at her, knowing that she’d done well. She now had a new set of fingernail marks to add to the ones Mimi had given her.

Grasping Olivia’s arm, Gina stood her up and led her to the bedroom. There Gina lit a candle and began to rummage around in her bedside table, emerging with the strap-on in one hand. She had never worn one before, and it took her a little while to get it situated; Olivia thought about offering advice, but decided that in this situation it was better to let Gina handle her own business.

Once she had the phallus swinging between her legs, Gina felt powerful and confident. Spinning Olivia around, Gina untied her hands and stripped off her rumpled blouse and skirt. She was braless underneath, so her beautiful young body was now revealed in all its glorious nakedness. Turning around to face the older women, Olivia dropped to her knees and began to worship Gina’s cock. She took it in both hands, gazing up into Gina’s eyes as she licked and sucked the tip.

Gina looked down, enjoying the way Olivia’s head bobbed around as she took the shaft of the dildo into her mouth while reaching around to grasp Gina’s ass with both hands. So this is what it’s like from the other side, Gina reflected, thinking of all the times she’d knelt to suck her husband’s cock. She held Olivia’s head in her hands and pushed her hips forward, filling Olivia’s mouth all the way. For a moment Gina wished that she had a real cock, that she could spurt cum all over Olivia’s tits, or make her swallow it.

Pulling out of Olivia’s mouth with a pop, Gina took her by the hand and helped her onto the bed. Once she was there Gina tied her arms and legs to the bedposts, exactly reversing the positions they had been in a week ago. Gina took a moment to drink in the sight of her there, naked, bound, and waiting. Mine, Gina thought. For tonight anyway. All mine.

Gina leaned down to kiss Olivia’s mound and got a deep, heady noseful of female arousal. She kissed and licked Olivia’s inner thighs and gently flicked her tongue across Olivia’s vulva. The younger girl reacted violently, her body spasming and straining against her bonds. Olivia tasted delicious and Gina could easily have spent all day down there, but that wasn’t what she wanted to do right now; so after a few more soft licks she began moving up, lingering at Olivia’s hipbones and navel, and spending several minutes licking, sucking, and biting her nipples.

Olivia was beside herself, half-crazy with need, by the time she felt the tip of the strap-on poking against her pussy lips. “Oh, God, please,” Olivia moaned, so sweetly and sincerely that Gina couldn’t help taking pity on her. Pushing her way inside, Gina imagined that she could feel Olivia’s muscles clenched around her shaft, loving the way the younger girl’s eyes glazed over and her mouth fell open.

Gina gave Olivia a long, slow, deep fucking filled with passion and affection. When Olivia came the first time, rattling the headboard with her spasms, Gina slowed up and stroked very gently in and out. Gradually she sped up again until she was driving the dildo home savagely, harder than before, and Olivia’s second orgasm felt terminal; she stiffened, screamed, shook, and then went limp.

Afterward Gina untied Olivia and they just lay in bed together for a while, kissing and cuddling. After some conversation they came to an agreement: When they were apart, Olivia would be free to indulge in whatever adventures came her way, just so long as she told Gina everything. Gina would then mete out whatever punishment seemed appropriate to her.

By this time it was getting late and Olivia needed to get home. She dressed and Gina walked her to the door in a bathrobe. They kissed, embraced, and said good night. When Olivia had left Gina returned to the bedroom, took off her robe, slid beneath the covers, and penetrated herself with the strap-on. She had one last good climax and fell asleep.


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