Friday, July 29, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 140

Rose shivered visibly when Tanya’s tongue touched her, and Rebecca felt a sympathetic vibration between her own legs. She reached down to touch herself as Tanya began, somewhat awkwardly, to lick Rose’s pussy. There was a look of intense concentration on Tanya’s face; she wanted very sincerely to make Rose happy. Rebecca saw Rose’s petals part as Tanya’s tongue slid between them, saw a look of dreamy distraction come over Rose’s face.

For awhile time seemed to stop; it was quiet in the room with Tanya’s head bobbing up and down, back and forth as Rebecca watched with bated breath, fingering herself with one hand. The spell was broken when Tanya found Rose’s clit and she came explosively, body contorting as she gripped Tanya’s head between her thighs.

When Rose released her Tanya sat up and looked over at Rebecca as if seeking the younger woman’s approval. Stepping forward, Rebecca took Tanya’s chin in her hands and leaned down to kiss her, relishing the familiar taste of Rose’s pussy on her lips.

They changed positions as if choreographed, Rose standing up from the bed and Rebecca taking her place. Rebecca leaned back, letting her legs fall open, ready to receive the reward that she had earned.

* * *

Meanwhile, over at Mimi’s, Claire, Tara, and Olivia were getting ready to go on stage. There was a loud clamor coming from the waiting crowd, and Olivia found herself wondering what she’d gotten herself into. Her plan for the night had involved a little burglary, sure, and some sabotage — but not participating in a live sex show. Here she was, though, pussy throbbing as she anticipated what was about to happen.

They’d spent most of the last hour hashing out what they were going to do, then raiding Mimi’s extensive storeroom for an appropriate wardrobe. Mimi had wanted them to re-enact the photo shoot that had been the cause of this whole dustup — something that many of the women in the audience were already familiar with — but they rejected that idea out of hand. They discussed several different concepts but in the end decided on a scenario that Claire devised based on a dream she’d once had.

Olivia was dressed in a white blouse, white skirt, and white knee socks. Her hair was done up in pigtails, making her look even younger than she actually was. Claire and Tara were both wearing frilly, old-fashioned gowns that were tight around the waist and showed off their cleavage to nice effect. They had even enlisted Donna in the effort; she stood next to Olivia in her uniform, idly twirling a pair of handcuffs.

Mimi appeared and told Claire and Tara to take their places. They were sitting on matching plush chairs at stage right, fanning themselves, when the curtain went up. Donna, meanwhile, cuffed Olivia’s hands behind her back and picked up a handful of flowers that Mimi had sat down next to her.

From the audience’s perspective Donna and Olivia entered from the right, Donna leading the handcuffed girl with one hand, holding the flowers in the other. She steered Olivia across the stage and they stood in front of Tara and Claire.

“I found this one picking flowers out by the creek,” she said. “Again.”

Claire shook her head. “You just don’t learn, do you?” she said. Olivia looked down at the floor, refusing to meet Claire’s eyes or respond. “Leave her to us,” she said to Donna, who nodded and exited after sitting the flowers down on a table.

Standing, Claire walked over to Olivia, opened her blouse, and pinched each of her nipples. After slapping each breast and watching it jiggle, Claire spun Olivia around and bent her over the table. In this position her head was just inches away from the pile of flowers, which were a random assortment of different colors and varieties. “Whose flowers are these?” barked Claire.

“Yours, ma’am,” answered Olivia meekly.

“Goddamn right,” said Claire. “And what are you going to give me in return?”

“” stuttered Olivia. “Any...anything you want, ma’am.”

“You better believe it,” said Claire. She picked up a pink carnation and pushed the stem into Olivia’s mouth; Olivia obediently bit down on it, looking up meekly.

Tara, meanwhile, had picked up two riding crops that were leaning against the wall. She handed one to Claire, who reached down to lift Olivia’s skirt. She was wearing white cotton panties, which Claire now pulled down around her knees. “After you,” she said to Tara.

“No, after you,” insisted Tara.

“On three, then.” They positioned themselves on either side of Olivia, and when Claire counted three, they each brought their crop down on the nearest butt cheek. Olivia yelped and trembled. After that they began alternating blows, first Claire, than Tara, then Claire. The audience cheered and clapped every time one of the crops landed on Olivia’s rump; this egged them on, making them hit a little harder than they would have otherwise.

When Olivia’s ass was glowing a nice, warm red Claire and Tara dropped their crops. Tara pulled Olivia’s panties all the way down and off and kicked her feet apart so her legs were spread wide and her weight rested entirely on the table.

It was quiet in the room suddenly, as if everyone was holding their breath, waiting to see what would happen next. As a result, when Claire and Tara started to finger Olivia the squishing sounds that her pussy made were clearly audible, as were her soft, whimpering moans.

Tara fed Olivia fingers covered in her own juice as Claire dropped to her knees and penetrated the Asian girl with her tongue. Olivia’s moans grew deeper and louder and the crowd seemingly exhaled as one, murmurs of excitement rippling through the room. Playing to the crowd, Tara did a striptease, first revealing her breasts and pushing each one into Olivia’s mouth. Then she wriggled out of her dress and teasingly pulled off her panties.

Sitting down in one of the chairs at stage right, Tara spread her legs and began to touch herself as she watched Claire tongue-fuck Olivia. Soon Olivia had a massive, quivering orgasm, drawing a round of applause from the audience — surprising Olivia, who had closed her eyes and forgotten where she was and what she was doing, lost completely in a world of pleasure.

Claire stood Olivia up and led her over to where Tara sat. Putting her hands on Olivia’s shoulders, Claire pushed the younger girl down onto her knees. Olivia hesitated, suddenly aware of all the people looking at her. How had she come to be in this position — bound, exposed, performing depraved sexual acts for an audience of strangers?

Growing impatient, Tara took hold of Olivia’s pigtails and used them to pull Olivia’s head down into her crotch. Olivia had no choice but to stick her tongue out and get to work, and once she did, she discovered that Tara’s cunt was incredibly creamy and delicious. She began to lick it enthusiastically, again forgetting that anyone was watching.



  1. Well, DGH, SSG, here again... or am I? Those are my initials, and my abbreviation. I'll be using them in future.
    I Have been here off and on over these last few years, and am now All caught up!! GOOD GODS, what you get all these females up to!!! Way back when, we could see that you maybe make Adriana and Lexi a couple, certainly Kelly and Kat, and such an expanding roster of amazing women. 140 Chps!!! Heres to Many more!!!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, next chapter will be up soon.