Friday, August 12, 2016

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 141

Tara leaned back, still holding Olivia’s pigtails, and let her legs splay open. She gasped as Olivia’s tongue entered her, and looked out at the sea of faces below. She could hardly believe she was doing this, but there was no denying that her pussy was as wet as it had ever been.

Claire pulled her dress up over her head and off. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath except an enormous black strap-on, which she took in one hand and pointed toward the crowd. Grinning devilishly, she put a finger to her mouth to indicate silence, and moved over behind Olivia.

Olivia, her head buried in Tara’s crotch, was genuinely surprised when she felt the dildo push into her; they hadn’t worked out all the details ahead of time. She looked back over her shoulder at Claire, wide-eyed, her mouth formed into a perfect “O.” But then Tara tugged again on the pigtails, guiding Olivia’s head back between her legs.

Tara now gripped Olivia’s shoulders, grinding her pussy into Olivia’s face as Claire repeatedly slammed the strap-on home. This went on until Tara finally climaxed, whereupon she again took hold of Olivia’s pigtails, this time to pull her away.

Claire pulled out and Olivia — whose hands were still cuffed behind her back — had to sit back on her haunches to avoid losing her balance. From this position she really looked out at the audience for the first time. A sea of female faces were watching them raptly, every eye riveted on the stage. Clearly, their little show was having an effect. She saw one woman cupping another’s breasts from behind. Others were openly touching themselves; one had lifted her skirt, another had unbuttoned her jeans.

Claire and Tara, meanwhile, had switched places, Claire handing Tara the strap-on and sitting down in the chair when Tara vacated it. When Olivia turned back around, she was staring right into Claire’s glistening-wet, red-hair-fringed pussy. She licked her lips; it looked absolutely delicious, and Olivia knew that every woman watching wished they were in her place.

Olivia leaned forward and ran her tongue up the length of Claire’s slit, then kissed Claire’s clit and nuzzled her nose into the soft nest of pubic curls. She felt Tara’s hands on her hips, then bit her lip as the head of the dildo penetrated her. Soon she was lapping away eagerly at Claire’s cunt as Tara pounded into her from behind.

One of Tara’s hands slid down underneath Olivia, squeezed her breasts and nipples, traced down her belly, and crept between her legs. When Tara began to stroke her clit, Olivia could feel her orgasm approaching, but she tried to hold it off until she could finish with Claire. She focused on the unsexiest things she could think of while keeping her tongue moving.

When Claire began to spasm, clamping Olivia’s head between her thighs, Olivia let herself go. A wave of the purest ecstasy washed over her, permeating her from head to toe; she went completely limp. When Claire released her grip, Tara took hold of the chain connecting Olivia’s handcuffs to keep her from toppling over. As a loud round of applause sounded, Olivia blinked her eyes as if just waking up.

Standing, Claire helped Olivia to her feet, then eased her down into the chair. Claire and Tara had just knelt down between her spread legs when the curtain went down.

The ovation was thunderous. The three performers grinned at each other, glowing with post-orgasmic bliss and the excitement of what they’d just done. They were bonded together now in a new and different way.

Donna appeared from the wings, key in hand, and uncuffed Olivia. A minute later the curtain went up again and the three naked girls stood hand-in-hand with Olivia in the middle. They took a big bow to a chorus of cheers, whistles, and whoops. Then the curtain descended once more and they made their way down the hallway, still nude, to locate their street clothes.

After dressing they headed for the front door, in the process once again passing through the ballroom. The music had started again, and the party had started to transform into a general orgy; there was naked dancing, and clusters of bodies writhing left and right. But Claire, Tara, and Olivia agreed that they were done here; they weaved a serpentine path through the crowd toward the exit.

At a table that had been set up in the corner they saw Mimi, sitting smoking a small cigar, leaning back against the wall. Under the table a blond head bobbed between her legs. She locked eyes with Claire, then with Tara, then with Olivia. She inclined her head slightly toward each one, but no one attempted to speak over the loud background music. There was nothing to be said anyway; their business was concluded, at least for now.

Outside, they all piled into Claire’s car. It was freezing in there and they sat rubbing their hands together, teeth chattering, until the car finally warmed up. Then they made their way to Claire’s apartment, where they talked, laughed, drank, and fucked until dawn.


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  1. a wonderful chapter of a perfect evening