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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 142

After breakfast Jessica, Jane, Marie and Celeste headed over to the yoga studio for the 11:00 class. This was the first time Jessica had ever seen Celeste in yoga clothes — possibly the first time she’d ever worn yoga clothes in her life, other than trying them on in the store. She looked absolutely scrumptious, and Jessica was tempted to skip class and do a few poses at home, then strip those yoga clothes right off again. But she had been feeling tight lately and knew that the class would be good for her.

This being New Year’s Eve day, the class was very crowded and Jessica saw a lot of familiar faces. Serena was teaching and Annalise was in the front row. Kat and Kelly were there with their mothers, and over in one corner were Jackie London and Sara Valentine. Just as the class started, Tanya, Rebecca, and Rose arrived together; all three of them were positively glowing, Jessica noticed.

After class everyone mingled and chatted. Jessica had always liked the fact that this studio catered exclusively to women; it made for a very warm and nurturing environment, and obviously it suited her personal predilections.

While Tanya was occupied talking to Serena, Rebecca came over to Jessica and whispered in her ear, giving her a quick summary of what had happened the night before. Jessica smiled — the door was open, who knew where this might lead? She looked over at Tanya’s magnificent body, which the yoga clothes showed off to stunning effect, and imagined the fun she might have with it.

Before leaving, Jessica talked to Tanya and made her promise to come to the party that night, and to bring Rebecca and Rose. Back at home, she immediately set Jane and Marie to work in the kitchen, giving them a long list of things she wanted them to make. At first they had Celeste helping them, but after about an hour Jessica pulled her away and took her to the bedroom for a “nap.”

Between yoga class that morning and thinking about what was going to happen that night, Jessica had worked herself into quite a state. But after a nice long siesta with Celeste, she felt thoroughly refreshed. When she put on a bathrobe and went to the kitchen for a cold drink, she found Marie leaning back against the stove with her eyes closed. Jane was on her knees licking Marie’s pussy. Around them the kitchen was in complete disarray, with half-finished dishes everywhere.

Jessica watched for just a minute before barking, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Marie’s eyes flew open, and the look in Jessica’s eyes told her they were in serious trouble. In her heart she felt completely justified — it was hardly fair for Jessica and Celeste to have an afternoon delight while she and Jane did all the work. But she knew that Jessica wouldn’t see it that way, and it was Jessica’s viewpoint that mattered.

“There will be a price to be paid for this,” said Jessica, waving a finger. “But there’s no time for that right now. Get back to work this second.” Jane stood up, face wet with pussy juice, and they got back to cooking.

* * *

Something about that morning’s yoga class had made everyone who attended it horny. Annalise was constantly fondling Serena as they drove home, and at one point Serena almost drove off the road when Annalise touched her clit through her yoga pants. In front of Annalise’s house they ran into Lexi, who was just coming home from a walk. Annalise invited Lexi inside for a cup of tea, and within 15 minutes the three of them were fucking in the living room.

Kat and Kelly made a beeline for Kelly’s house, where they locked themselves in Kelly’s bedroom and tore each other’s clothes off. Betty and Samantha, likewise, headed to the Bowman house, where they smoked a roach that Samantha had been saving for a special occasion. It felt like a special occasion — and after all, it was New Year’s Eve. Afterward they had a long, leisurely 69.

Jackie and Sara had been planning to go out to brunch, but after yoga Sara insisted on going straight home. The moment they got in the door she said, “God, I was so bad in yoga class. The whole time all I could think of was fucking that yoga teacher. She’s so hot.”

Jackie honestly didn’t mind if Sara fantasized about Serena; she was hot, and Jackie wasn’t jealous that way. But Sara liked her to act jealous, and she could tell that Sara was itching for a spanking. So Jackie indulged her, tying Sara’s hands behind her back, bending her over, and pulling her yoga pants down to her knees. Smacking Sara’s rump, Jackie got into character, spitting out one word with each blow: “You’re — such — a — fucking — slut — I — can’t — believe — it.” Sara moaned helplessly, begging her to stop, then begging for more.

After being spanked Sara usually like to be strap-on fucked, and again Jackie indulged her. Afterwards Sara got on on her knees and licked Jackie’s pussy as a reward for a job well done.

Meanwhile, Tanya was still having mixed emotions about what had happened the previous night. On the one hand, she know that it was deeply sinful and wrong on many levels. Not only had she committed adultery, she had done it with not one but two young women who had been entrusted to her care. This was so unlike her that she didn’t quite know how to process it. What if her husband found out? He would probably divorce her, and he’d be right to do it.

On the other hand, there was no way for her to deny that it had been probably the most pleasurable night of her life. She felt a throbbing between her legs just thinking about it. She’d had orgasm after orgasm, experiencing a kind of ecstasy that she hadn’t known existed. She’d always thought of sex as a wifely duty — she didn’t mind it, but she did more for her husband than for herself. What she’d experienced with the two girls was something else altogether.

She’d slept like a baby and woken up still vibrating with pleasure. At breakfast she’d had a hard time meeting Rose and Rebecca’s eyes, ashamed that she’d violated their trust and shown herself to be so wicked and depraved. But when she looked at them, they seemed livelier and bubblier than she’d ever seen them. They clearly felt that there was nothing for any of them to be ashamed of. Tanya had been trying to talk herself into taking the same attitude, but it didn’t come naturally to her.

Tanya always went to yoga on Sunday mornings, and when the two girls asked to come along, Tanya could hardly refuse. It felt strange to be in public knowing that she and the girls — who set up on either side of her — had been sexually intimate. But it was also thrilling to have such a naughty secret.

When Jessica invited her to the New Year’s party, Tanya hesitated. Jessica had a mysterious and somewhat intimidating aura about her, and Tanya intuited that a party hosted by Jessica might be quite different from the kind of party she was used to. But Rose, who was standing next to her, was immediately and wildly enthusiastic about the idea, and after the previous night Tanya was feeling inclined to try new things. So she told Jessica they’d be there.

When they got back from yoga class, Tanya found herself incredibly aroused. She felt so wet between the legs that she was worried it must be showing, but a quick visual check of her crotch reassured her.

Rebecca and Rose were in a similar state. Both were sporting clearly erect nipples, and Tanya could just sense their excitement; the sexual tension among the three of them was palpable. But though Tanya’s heart and pussy were ready to go, her conscience wouldn’t let her relax into the moment. Instead, she picked up the movie they’d watched the night before and announced that she was headed to the video store. Before Rebecca and Rose could object or make a move to follow her, she was out the door and on her way.

The clerk at the video store was the same as the one the previous night, with the nametag reading “Ana,” and she smiled when Tanya handed over the DVD of Blue Is the Warmest Color. “How was it?” she asked.

“Um....” Tanya felt herself flushing bright crimson. “Interesting. Very interesting.”

When she got back home, Tanya could hear soft, feminine moans coming from the back of the house. For a minute she stood frozen in place; her inner prude was screaming “Get out of here, get away from this,” but she couldn’t move. And then slowly, inexorably, she found herself moving toward the source of the sounds as if pulled by a magnetic field.

She gradually inched her way down the hall, and then she turned the corner and was looking in the open door of Rose and Rebecca’s room. Rebecca was laying back on the bed with her legs spread and Rose’s head between her legs. Rose’s butt was in the air and from this angle her gaping pink pussy was clearly visible.

Rebecca and Tanya’s eyes met, and Rebecca jerked her head to indicate “Come join us.” Tanya tried to hold back, but her resistance crumbled almost instantly. Within seconds she was jabbing her tongue between Rose’s labia from behind.

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