Friday, September 10, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 22

Tuesday after practice Kat and Lexi got together to work on some cheerleading routines. This might not have been strictly necessary; they probably could have just thrown Lexi into practice and she would have done fine. But Jackie London knew what she was doing by giving Kat a chance to spend time alone with the new girl, and Kat was grateful for the opportunity.

There was sexual tension between them from the very beginning. Kat found Lexi’s beauty and unassuming demeanor highly alluring, and Lexi was smitten with Kat’s self-possession and confidence; she carried herself like someone much older. And of course Lexi was fired with curiosity about girl-on-girl activity and eager for some experience to add to her enthusiasm. 

But nothing happened that first day; Lexi was waiting for Kat to make the first move, and Kat was hesitant to be too aggressive for fear of scaring Lexi off. There was no shortage of meaningful looks between them as they talked and danced, with Kat taking every opportunity to put her hands on Lexi to demonstrate a particular position. At one point she cupped Lexi’s ass to pull her forward, but that was as far as things went.

Both girls went home and immediately masturbated, Lexi while watching a video of two blondes that she imagined were Kat and herself, and Kat in the shower while thinking of Lexi. Lexi enjoyed her orgasm, but still felt a little frustrated; she was pretty sure that Kat wanted her, but how could she make her availability more clear? She didn’t want to be too much a slut, especially on the off chance that she was wrong. Imagine it getting around that she’d made a pass at a fellow cheerleader in her first week in school; she’d never live that down. The best she could think of was to not wear a bra under her uniform the next day.

Kat noticed that Lexi’s tits were bouncing around more then they had before, and this certainly got her attention. She managed to get her hands on them while moving Lexi around, but for whatever reason she just couldn’t take things any further. Both girls were disappointed when the session was over.

They said goodbye and went their separate ways, but a couple minutes later Kat remembered that she’d left her phone in her locker and went back to retrieve it. Walking back through the locker room she saw Lexi sitting in front of her locker, naked except for a pair of sheer pink panties. Their eyes met, and the look in Lexi’s at that moment told Kat all she needed to know. She walked right up to Lexi and leaned down to kiss her.

She tasted so, so delicious: sweet, salty, a hint of fruit. Kat kissed her way down Lexi’s neck and eagerly tasted her new friend’s ripe young breasts. Her nipples were small but growing by the second. Kat took a moment to thank God, or whoever was running things, for giving her so many opportunities for exquisite pleasure. Then she hooked her fingers into either side of the waistband of Lexi’s panties and slowly pulled them off, staring fixedly into Lexi’s big brown eyes the whole time. Then she looked down at Lexi’s pussy: luscious, pink, damp, and slightly open. Kat penetrated her, gently, with one finger. Lexi exhaled and let out the softest of moans.

Inching Lexi slightly forward on the bench, Kat leaned down and took her first taste of the new cheerleader. Lexi sighed gratefully and opened her legs wider. She could hardly believe it; a week ago she could never have imagined herself in this position, but now it was like the fulfillment of a long-held dream. Kat took her time exploring the new territory, leaving Lexi’s pussy a few times to kiss, lick, and nibble her inner thighs. By the time Kat touched Lexi’s clit for the first time a few minutes later, she had progressed from quiet moans to full-on screams that echoed through the empty locker room. Soon Kat felt Lexi’s legs tremble and her nails dug into Kat’s shoulder as she came. Then they kissed again and Lexi tasted herself on another girl’s lips for the first time.

Kat told Lexi to get dressed and went to grab her phone. She had a few more things she wanted to teach the new girl, but not here. This was not the right setting, and anyway the custodians might come through at any moment. They walked together to Kat’s house, where no one was home. Her dad was still out of town and her mom was at a spinning class. Kat brought Lexi to her bedroom and closed the door behind them, and in a matter of seconds they had ripped each other’s clothes off. 

Lexi was eager for her first taste of pussy but also anxious about her inexperience, so Kat coached her and complimented her at every step along the way. She told Lexi not to worry about making her come, but just to take it slow and enjoy the process. Soon Lexi, intoxicated by Kat’s taste and scent and the lovely little sounds she made, forgot to be nervous and let instinct take over. Kat rolled over into 69 position and things started to get loud; Lexi, it turned out, was a screamer. They took turns coming three, four, five times, then Kat took Lexi in her arms and whispered in her ear: Welcome to the team.

Afterwards Lexi got dressed and Kat walked her to the door wrapped in a towel. As they passed the living room, Lexi was stunned to see Kat’s mother sitting there watching TV. She must have heard everything; Lexi turned bright red and almost walked into a lamp.

Hi, mom, said Kat nonchalantly.

Hello, dear, answered Samantha. Who’s this?

Oh, this is Lexi. She just joined the squad.

Well, that’s wonderful! Nice to meet you, Lexi.

Lexi struggled to form words. She finally mumbled Nice to meet you, ma’am, and trying to be polite, managed to meet Samantha’s eyes. They were dancing, sparkling, full of meaning; Lexi’s heart hammered in her chest. She shyly wished Kat goodnight and started walking home, wondering what new surprises might be in store for her.



  1. i love this story, more soon please.

  2. agree, great story theme. love how it progresses