Sunday, September 19, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 24

Saturday was a beautiful day – sunny and warm with a cool breeze. The kind of day when you get everything you want.

Kat woke up early, having suddenly decided she didn’t want to be a blonde anymore – at least for a while. She talked it over with her mom, who was open-minded and supportive, and together they drove to the drug store and bought some purple dye. By 11:00 Kat looked like a whole different person.

It also occurred to her that she wanted her own strap-on. She knew where there was a sex shop in the city – it was just a block from her uncle’s house, and her family had driven by it many times – so she took some birthday money she had stashed away and went shopping. This was her first time in a place like this, and she felt like a kid in a candy store. She bought a big purple strap-on to match her hair, a black face dildo, a leather collar, and a couple pairs of fur-lined handcuffs; and she would have bought a lot more if she’d had enough money. Kat happily chatted up the clerk, a cute dark-haired girl with lots of piercings and tattoos, who looked Kat up and down appraisingly and took her sweet time ringing up the purchase.

For a moment Kat pictured herself trying out her new toys on this girl, but then another customer came up behind her and the moment was over. Kat needed to get going anyway; the senior cheerleaders had planned a get-together at Jackie London’s house to welcome Lexi to the squad, and Kat wanted to get there early. She had a few ideas.

On her way to Jackie’s Kat stopped in a deserted, shady spot – it was a corner of the church parking lot, actually – and slipped on the strap-on underneath her skirt. Letting herself in through the unlocked front door, Kat found Jackie in the kitchen chopping vegetables for a salad. She wrapped her arms around the coach, who couldn’t help but notice the strap-on poking into her butt. Kat knew what she wanted and was not to be denied; a minute later Jackie was naked from the waist down and bent over the kitchen table being righteously fucked. The salad did get made, but not for awhile.

Lexi was the next to arrive, and Kat had a few things in mind for her, too. When Kelly and and Olivia walked in together 10 minutes later they saw Lexi on her hands and knees in the corner of the living room, naked, with her hands cuffed behind her back. She had a collar around her neck and the face dildo harnessed to her head. Adriana, typically, was the last to arrive, and for a while the cheerleaders just sat around talking, seemingly oblivious to the naked girl in the corner outfitted for depravity.

For her part, Lexi was nervous and excited, her heart going a mile a minute. She’d been mentally ready to submit and fell right into the role. Her pussy was nice and wet and she was ready to be used; she hoped maybe there would be a good spanking in it for her.

The girls decided to play spin the bottle with Lexi as the prize. First up was Kelly Ann, who was horny as hell and ready to go. She stripped off her jeans and panties as Lexi obediently crawled over to where she was sitting. Kelly grasped the face dildo with one hand and guided it into her pussy until her lips were pressed against Lexi’s face. The girls enjoyed watching Lexi’s sweet little ass wiggle in the air as she moved the dildo in and out, in and out.

It was a revelation for Lexi to be in this position, forced to give pleasure while unable to receive any. She was more aroused than she’d ever been in her life and, while she was vaguely aware that there would be a reward somewhere in her future, it this moment it was enough to feel Kelly quiver and hear her moan. When she came several little rivulets of girl juice dripped onto Lexi’s face.

Next up was Adriana, who situated herself on her hands and knees on the carpet and lifted her skirt to display her magnificent rear end. She wasn’t wearing panties and Lexi wasted no time beginning to face-fuck her shaved pussy. Several of the spectators had started to masturbate, including Jackie, who had just walked in.

Adriana made Lexi work hard, reaching back periodically to hold Lexi’s head as she ground her hips to increase the friction. As she got close to the brink she started to rhythmically chant “Fuck. Me. Bitch.” and when she came, she sprawled forward onto the floor and lay there like she was dead.

Kat took charge now, looping a finger into the ring of Lexi’s collar and leading her over to where Olivia sat. Olivia looked supremely cute today, wearing tight shorts and a white blouse sheer enough for you to see the red lace teddy she had on underneath. Kat helped her wriggle out of the blouse and shorts, then pulled aside the crotch of the teddy and guided the face dildo into Olivia’s waiting cunt.

Kat stood back and watched this very sexy sight for a while, but she had more in mind. Lexi hadn’t been strap-on fucked yet and she wanted to be the one to do it. Kat waited until Lexi’s blonde head was gripped tight between the Asian cheerleader’s thighs; then Lexi felt fingers prying her open and the tip of the brand-new dildo sliding into her. It felt incredible and Lexi let out an uninhibited scream that was only slightly muffled by the apparatus covering her face.

Jackie was rubbing her clit furiously as she watched Lexi being sandwiched between Kat and Olivia, receiving at one end while giving on the other. So long she had carefully avoided crossing the line with these girls, and now she found herself crossing it regularly and egregiously. But God, it was good.

Kelly Ann continued to be amazed and excited by the change in her friend. A month ago could she have imagined Katrina with purple hair, happily fucking a girl from behind with a matching strap-on? There was no way.

Ana, meanwhile, was laying on her side watching, propped up on one hand while lazily stroking herself with the other. Lexi’s cries were building toward a crescendo as she continued to impale Olivia on the face dildo. Kat reached around and brushed Lexi’s clit, triggering a mighty climax that made Lexi thrust her head forward hard, bringing Olivia over the edge as well. Jackie came immediately after, then Kelly, then Ana... everyone except Kat. But she wasn’t finished yet.


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  1. This story just keeps getting better end better. Please keep up the good work and don't keep us waiting too long for the next episodes.