Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 23

Lexi arrived home close to 8:00, suddenly exhausted but still quietly elated. Her father had beat her home for once, and he inquired politely as to where she’d been. Hanging out with this girl from the cheerleading squad, Lexi answered, not untruthfully.

“That’s great! answered her dad. “You’re really making friends fast.” 

You don’t know the half of it, thought Lexi. But aloud, she said, Yeah, everybody’s been really nice.

Lexi made them dinner and they turned in early. But despite feeling tired Lexi couldn’t sleep. After tossing and turning for an hour she got out her computer and started looking for a lesbian video she hadn’t seen already. She didn’t have headphones so she turned the volume all the way down. 

After surfing around for a while she clicked on something that began with a pretty young girl in glasses sitting up in bed, studying. The door opened and in walked an older woman in professional-looking blouse and skirt. She sat down on the side of the bed and started talking to the girl. Without sound, there was no way of telling what their relationship might be... maybe this woman was a neighbor, a family friend, her stepmother, or her aunt?

Lexi thought of Kats mother and felt a surge of warmth between her legs, immediately followed by a dose of shame. I dont even know this womans name, thought Lexi, and here I am fantasizing about her. But then things started to get interesting on the screen, and Lexi forgot about everything else. The woman took the textbook from the girl and leaned in close to her. The girl was shaking her head no but when the woman kissed her, she didnt resist. The woman was very aggressive, pulling off the girls T-shirt and pinching her nipples, whose hardness revealed her true feelings.

Alternately closing and opening her eyes, Lexi saw Kats mom sitting there on the living room couch... the woman in the video going down on the girl, whose head was thrown back in rapture... Kat and her mother each sucking one of Lexis tits... the girl and the woman 69ing, the woman on top, the girl tossing aside her glasses before jabbing her tongue between the womans folds... Kat on the ground as Lexi straddled her head while pulling off Samanthas panties.

Lexi had already come twice by the time the last scene of the video played: The woman strap-on fucking the girl from behind as she pulled the girls head back toward her. They were kissing sloppily and passionately, the girls face contorted in helpless ecstasy. Imagining that it was Kats mom doing it to her, Lexi came explosively one more time, and two minutes later she was asleep.

* * *

Lexi felt weird seeing Kat in school the next day knowing what they had done together. Not to mention that her last thought before sleep had been of Kats mother fucking her with a strap-on. But Kat was her usual friendly self and this put Lexi at ease.

They made only the barest pretense of practicing cheerleading that evening. As soon as she was sure everyone else was gone, Kat locked the gym door behind them and knelt down in front of Lexi, nuzzling up under her skirt and pulling her panties down. Soon their clothes were scattered all around and the sounds of female pleasure filled the air. Kat felt so deliciously naughty fucking Lexi here, in this big open room that she knew so well. They went at it for more than an hour in every part of the gym. If a forensics team had come through after, they would have found pussy juice on the floor, the mats, the bleachers, and the pommel horse, not to mention the handles of their pom-poms....

When they had finally worn themselves out, there was a loud knock at the door – a custodian looking to get in to clean up. Lexi indulged in a momentary flight of fancy where the custodian was a sexy Latina in her late 30s. Knowing what Kat and Lexi had been up to, she would blackmail them into doing things to her... but when the girls had scrambled to get dressed and opened the door, it was just old Mr. Garcia, who barely looked at them as he went by with his cart.

The girls adjourned to the locker room where they shared a quick shower before wishing each other goodnight.

* * *

Friday there was no cheerleading practice; it was game day, and right after school both the football players and the cheerleaders boarded the bus that would take them to a nearby town. The only ones who stayed behind were Jackie London, Lexi, and Kat, who had scheduled a quick final run-through of a couple of routines. Lexi had appeared with the squad for the first time at the lunchtime pep rally that day, and while she did OK, Jackie could tell that that she and Kat hadnt necessarily been spending all their time practicing. 

The three of them met in the deserted gym, which was still a mess from the pep rally. They ran briefly through some of the trouble spots; knowing she needed to focus, Lexi paid close attention and quickly learned what she needed to learn. Satisfied with the effort, Jackie applauded and hugged Lexi warmly. Welcome aboard, she said. Lets go to my office, theres some paperwork I need you to sign.

Lexi and Kat followed Jackie to her office. It was eerily quiet in the empty school. As they walked through the door Lexis heart began to pound. There was more afoot here than paperwork, she was sure of it.

Jackie closed the door behind them. "Have a seat, Lexi, she said. Lexi sat, waiting for Jackie to come around to the other side of the desk, but Jackie remained standing behind her. Actually, Lexi, there is just one more thing before we make it official, said the cheerleading coach. Id like you to show me everything you learned this week.

As if on cue, Kat hopped up onto Jackies desk, pulled her skirt up and her panties off, and spread her legs wide. Shed been looking forward to this moment all day – hell, all week – and her pussy was glistening wet, eager for some attention.

It was the moment of truth for Lexi. What they wanted was clear: Lexi was supposed to drop to her knees and perform oral sex on her fellow cheerleader as the coach watched. Had she come this far? She hesitated for just a second, but she couldnt lie to herself; she was excited by this situation and wanted it just as much as they did. She eased forward into a kneeling position and ran her tongue along Kats inner thigh, then lightly across her vulva. Mmmmm, good girl, purred Kat.

There was no point in being shy now; Lexi used both hands to spread Kats legs further and began to lick away in earnest as Kats juices dripped onto the surface of the desk. A minute later she felt an arm wrap around her from behind; it was Jackie, who stuck her tongue into Lexis ear as one hand made its way up Lexis skirt and into her panties. Lexi moaned into Kats pussy as the coach began to finger her. Then Jackie leaned forward and touched the tip of her tongue to Lexis just as it ran across Kats clit. Kat had been right on the edge and this sent her over, triggering an orgasm that pulsed through every muscle in her body.

She didnt take a long time to savor it; time was of the essence if they were going to make it to the game on time. A minute later Lexi was stretched out naked across the desk, her head between Jackies legs as she tried very hard to concentrate on pleasuring the older woman. The fact that Kat was slurping away hungrily at Lexis cunt made it very difficult. She was still new at this and not the greatest multitasker to begin with. Kat made her come twice before she was able to get Jackie off, but in the end she did manage to do it. She felt very proud of herself as they all quickly dressed, like she had passed an important test.

Afterward the three of them piled into Jackies car and took off at high speed, blasting music and singing along. Lexi had never felt the way she did at that moment, free and uninhibited, in the middle of a secret that made her feel special. She had a feeling that the ride was just beginning.



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