Saturday, April 10, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 76

From that point on, Karen felt like she was in a dream. When she stood up her eyes briefly met those of the bartender, a middle-aged blonde whose expression was professionally neutral. Then she looked around the bar, momentarily paranoid that one of her co-workers might have seen what just transpired. But the bar was almost empty, and none of the few faces looked familiar.

It was quiet in the lobby, too, as she made her way to the elevator. For a moment she couldn’t remember the room number she’d been given, and felt both disappointment and a touch of relief. But then it popped into her head and she pressed the appropriate button. As she waited for the elevator she took stock of herself. Her heart was racing, but in an excited way, not a panicky one; she felt a peculiar but pleasant tingle between her legs; and a downward glance confirmed that her nipples were clearly visible through her blouse.

Stepping into the elevator, Karen studied herself in the mirror opposite. She looked good, she thought. She had nice hair and a pretty face, and she kept herself in good physical shape. Her outfit — beige blouse and dark blue skirt — showed off her curves without being overly suggestive. And sure, maybe she was just your average Midwestern wife and mother; but her she was on her way to an assignation with two mysterious women. She smiled at herself in the mirror.

At the door of the suite Karen almost lost her nerve. She could turn around now and go back to her room, and her life would carry on just as it was. Once she stepped through that door, things might never be the same. But wasn’t that what she wanted? She took a deep breath and rapped her knuckles on the door.

A few seconds later it swung open and Alexis White appeared. Her hair was down but otherwise she looked just as she had before: stern but serene, formidable but feminine. In that moment Karen’s last iota of resistance crumbled; she was going ahead with this, whatever it turned out to be.

Without a word Miss White took Karen by the hand and together they walked to the living room of the suite, where Jodie was kneeling on the floor, naked except for her collar. Karen took her whole body in at a glance: the firm, rounded breasts; the stiff pink nipples; the triangle of dark brown pubic curls. Suddenly it all seemed real in a way it hadn’t before. Karen’s breath became constricted and uncertain, but at the same time she was turned on in a way that felt entirely new; she felt a powerful surge of raw, animal lust that took her by surprise.

Jodie wasn’t wearing her glasses, so anything more than a few feet away was a blur. But even as Karen came closer, Jodie purposely didn’t look up. She was perfectly content in her submissive pose, happy to be used in whatever way Miss White wanted to use her.

Miss White sat Karen down and pressed a glass into her hand. Karen accepted it gratefully and took a big drink to calm her nerves, feeling suddenly self-conscious in this unfamiliar setting. Miss White sat down a few feet away and there was a long, charged moment where no one said or did anything. Soft music was playing, and in the dimness of the room the lights of the city felt very close. Though she’d been told she wouldn’t have to do anything, Karen wondered if something was expected of her.

But then Miss White nodded to Jodie, who stood and crossed to where Karen was sitting. Next thing she knew Karen had a naked girl sitting in her lap. Jodie wrapped an arm around Karen’s neck and Karen breathed in the younger woman’s sweet, fresh, yet musky odor, along with traces of soap and baby powder and just a hint of what she recognized as the scent of female arousal.

Jodie leaned down and pressed her soft lips against Karen’s. This was a new experience for Karen, a firm but tender kiss with no hint of stubble or roughness. For the first time Karen began to get a sense of the possibilities inherent in this new experience. Without really realizing she was doing it, she reached one hand out to cup Jodie’s breast while the other slid down the younger woman’s flank. Now they were kissing deeply, passionately; one of Karen’s hands squeezed Jodie’s nipple between two fingers as the other squeezed the soft flesh of her rear end.

Miss White looked on happily, sipping her wine and drinking in every little detail. Karen was moaning softly as Jodie kissed her ear, then licked and nibbled down her neck. Jodie’s legs were slightly agape and Miss White could see that her pussy was glistening wet; most likely she was dripping juice on Karen’s skirt. The thought of it brought a depraved smile to Miss White’s face.

Jodie ran her tongue across Karen’s collarbone, kissed down her chest, and nuzzled into her cleavage. Then, adjusting her position in Karen’s lap, Jodie began to slowly and deliberately unbutton the older woman’s blouse. Karen’s wide eyes conveyed a certain desperation and her breath came ragged and heavy; though Jodie was naked and collared, she was clearly the one in control at this moment.

Once the blouse was unbuttoned, off it came; it hit the ground near Miss White’s feet. Now Jodie slid down onto the floor, where she settled onto her knees between Karen’s legs. Looking up lasciviously into the older woman’s eyes, Jodie gently sucked each nipple through the fabric of her black lace bra.

At the same time Jodie was reaching around to unhook the bra, and when it came off, she just sat there slack-jawed for a few seconds. Karen had the taut, buoyant breasts of a woman at least a decade younger. What’s more, she’d gained a cup size when she had her kids, and somehow it had never gone away; as a result her boobs were now out of proportion with the rest of her body. To avoid backaches she always kept them tightly restrained, which was why that had not been so noticeable under the bra.

Jodie looked over at Miss White, who licked her lips appreciatively. Tossing the bra aside, Jodie leaned forward and closed her mouth around one thick nipple, then opened it again to engulf as much of the breast as she could. Karen leaned back in her chair, moaning louder now, feeling the liquid flow between her legs turn from a trickle to a gush.

Both of Karen’s tits were thoroughly covered with Jodie’s saliva by the time she resumed her downward movement, kissing her way across Karen’s soft, quivering belly. After running her tongue teasingly along Karen’s abdomen just above where it met her skirt, Jodie rocked back on her haunches and looked over at Miss White, eager for reassurance that she was pleasing her mistress.

Miss White didn’t say anything or change facial expressions, but just a slight tilt of her head and the look in her eyes told Jodie that she was pleased. A shiver of happiness ran through Jodie; it pleased her no end to do Miss White’s bidding, and do it well.

Turning back to Karen, Jodie reached out her left hand to pull down the zipper of the redhead’s skirt. Karen felt a twinge of self-consciousness — here she was, with a naked girl kneeling at her feet, half-naked herself and growing more so by the minute. And all the while Miss White sat looking on coolly, occasionally sipping from the glass in her hand.

On the other hand, Karen’s pussy was throbbing with need. She’d never felt the kind of insistent, almost frantic desire that gripped her now. And so when Jodie took hold of the wasitband of her skirt, Karen lifted her hips cooperatively.

Jodie helped Karen wriggle out the skirt, leaving her in just black lace panties. There was a moment of quiet anticipation, during which Karen reached for her own glass of wine and took a long, refreshing pull. Her throat was dry with nervous excitement.

Miss White leaned forward in her chair as Jodie hooked her fingers into the waistband of Karen’s panties. As they slid down Miss White looked on curiously, then nodded her head approvingly. In this case the answer to the eternal question — “Does the carpet match the drapes?” — was an emphatic yes; Karen’s pubic curls were the exact same shade of orange as the hair on her head.

Once they were all the way off Jodie dangled the slip of fabric from one finger for a second — it was heavier than you might think, soaked as it was in Karen’s juices — and then flung it behind her, where it landed on top of the blouse at Miss White’s feet. Miss White snatched up the soiled panties and, without hesitation or embarrassment, brought them to her nose for a sniff; ah, she thought, the sweet, heady smell of new pussy. Every one was the same, and every one was a little bit different. She breathed deeply of Karen’s juices, confident that soon, she’d be tasting them from the source.

But first things first. Promises had been made.


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