Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 80

There was a brief lull in the action as everyone adjourned to the bedroom, and Miss White took a few minutes to get things set up the way she wanted them. When she was done, Charlotte was leaning back against the headboard with her wrists lashed to the bedposts and her ankles tied to her wrists, leaving her spread-eagled and immobile. Cat was on her back facing the foot of the bed, wrists also secured at her sides.

Jodie was left on the sidelines, merely observing, as Miss White climbed up onto the bed and straddled Cat’s head. Reaching behind her to grasp a handful of bristly scalp, Miss White slowly lowered herself onto Cat’s waiting mouth. As she felt a wiggling tongue push up inside her, Miss White let out a happy little growl and slowly bent forward until she could get the taste of Charlotte’s pussy that she’d been craving for what seemed like hours now.

Under different circumstances Jodie might have felt upset at being left out, but her pussy was still purring happily from the evening’s activities, and she occupied herself by imagining that she had her camera and visualizing what pictures she would take.

This led her to think back to when she’d first started spying on Alpha Beta Delta, sneaking around the garden with camera in hand. In retrospect it had been the thrill of her young life to discover what went on there. She’d had no idea such decadence existed. At first she’d thought it must be evil — she had been brought up to think that any sexual activity other than heterosexual penetration for the purposes of procreation was a sin.

Even masturbation was supposed to send you to hell, which presented a problem for Jodie when images of the things she’d seen at ABD ran through her head at night. She resisted and resisted, but sooner or later she always ended up touching herself. Under the covers in the dark, it didn’t feel like God could see her.

That was a long time ago now... not so much by the calendar, maybe, but an eon experience-wise. She no longer felt even a twinge of guilt about the hedonistic lesbian lifestyle she was now leading. She put her complete trust in Miss White, who in her eyes could do no wrong. In faithful service to the older woman Jodie found a wonderful sense of freedom, and a kind of peace that she’d never known before.

It suddenly occurred to Jodie that she hadn’t been specifically told that she couldn’t join in, and that Cat’s delicious pussy was just sitting there, sadly neglected. She had to wriggle underneath Miss White to get to it, but she was young and agile and soon she was lapping away contentedly.

* * *

When Cat and Charlotte finally dressed and left, many orgasms later, Miss White and Jodie fell immediately into a deep and contented sleep. They slept well into the morning, oblivious to the bright sun streaming into the room.

Miss White woke up first, and for awhile she just lay there in bed, happily remembering the previous night’s exploits. It had been amazing, but at the moment, far from feeling satisfied, she was horny as hell. And the more she thought about it, the hornier she got.

Pulling the sheet down off Jodie’s body, Miss White began to kiss and lick around the younger woman’s pubis. Jodie slowly began to stir, stretching and yawning, and reflexively opening her legs so Miss White could get between them. Soon Jodie was moaning as Miss White licked her pussy; not long after Miss White climbed on top of her for a 69.

Afterward they showered and got ready for the brunch they had been invited to. They both dressed as conservatively as their wardrobes allowed — Miss White in a dark blue suit, Jodie in a long black skirt and high-necked blouse. For the first time since they’d bought it, Miss White allowed Jodie to go out without her collar.

It was about a 15-minute walk to the hotel where the brunch was being held, but they were ahead of schedule and took their time. The air was crisp and the sun was shining, and both of them were in an ebullient mood. The world was their oyster, every possibility was open, and new vistas seemed to be constantly appearing before them.

Though they hardly knew anyone there, Miss White and Jodie were welcomed to the brunch like family. It was a large and diverse crowd, with seemingly every ethnic group on Earth represented. For a while they just mingled, drinking mimosas and Bloody Marys. When it came time to sit down, Miss White and Jodie snagged seats next to Cat and Charlotte, the four of them smiling warmly and somewhat shyly at each other as they flashed back to the previous night’s tete-a-tete.

Afterward, when the party was breaking up, Cat came around and sat down next to Miss White. (They had been on opposite sides of the group, with Jodie and Charlotte in the middle.) “Hey,” she said, and she and Miss White nodded at each other. They seemed to instinctively understand each other; they were of a similar type, though Cat deferred to Miss White’s age, experience, and overall aura of mastery.

“We’re headed up to Lena and Astrid’s room for a smoke. Care to join us?”

Miss White accepted, and she and Jodie accompanied Cat and Charlotte to the top floor of the hotel. After walking through a series of rooms they emerged onto a spacious deck facing away from the city, out toward the desert. There the two brides were laying back on lounge chairs, a large glass pipe on the ground between them.

Lena greeted the newcomers and sat up to hand the pipe to Miss White, who wasn’t generally much of a smoker — she liked to be in control of her faculties — but took a small hit just to be sociable. Even so, she felt her whole body begin to vibrate as she handed the pipe to Jodie, who was much less cautious. After taking an enormous puff and exhaling a billowing cloud of smoke, Jodie began to cough uncontrollably as she passed the pipe on to Charlotte.

For awhile they all just sat around talking, basking in the desert sun that kept them comfortable despite the cool temperature. Miss White enjoyed getting to know Lena and Astrid, who had a similar age difference to herself and Jodie, except that they were a decade older. This meant that Astrid was in her early thirties and Lena in her mid-forties, though Lena’s face and body were those of a much younger woman. She had shoulder-length, slightly curly black hair, dark olive skin, and a generously proportioned hourglass figure. Astrid, in contrast, was lean and willowy, with long, straight blond hair and a pale complexion; after soaking up the rays for a few minutes, she prudently disappeared under the shadow of an enormous round hat.

Meanwhile, both Jodie and Charlotte had taken several large hits, making them extremely high and extremely horny. They lay together on one chair, giggling and whispering to each other, until Miss White addressed them mock-admonishingly. “Girls,” she scolded, “the grown-ups are trying to talk here. Why don’t you run off and play?”

Jodie looked over at Miss White to see if she meant what she way saying, and it was clear that she did. Charlotte looked over at Cat, who silently nodded her approval. Jodie and Charlotte joined hands and headed inside, still giggling. Miss White knew that within a minute they would both be naked, burrowing their faces into each other’s cunts. And while she was happy to know it, she didn’t really need to get involved; she was feeling as relaxed as she had in a long time. A minute later Cat, grinning sheepishly, disappeared in pursuit of the two younger women, leaving Miss White alone with the happy couple.

Almost as if this had been planned, Lena immediately began to address Miss White in a serious tone. “Listen, Alexis, we were wondering....” And there she trailed off, still not quite sure how to phrase what she was about to ask.

Intrigued, Miss White prompted her, “Hmmm?”

Regrouping, Lena started again. “Well, as you know, we’re getting married tomorrow. And after the wedding, we’ve promised to be, uh, faithful to each other. Isn’t that right, honey?”

“Right,” piped up Astrid. “We’re going to be as monogamous as hell.”

Miss White nodded her understanding, though she didn’t really see why that was necessary; the very idea seemed foreign to her, almost appalling. But to each her own.

“And so tonight,” continued Lena, “we’ve been planning a little... fling.”

“A fantasy,” added Astrid.

“And Cat and Charlotte were going to, em, help us out. But actually, you two seem to fit the roles better.”

Miss White was even more intrigued, but still hesitant. “Won’t Cat and Charlotte be mad?”

Lena shook her head. “As a matter of fact it was their idea.”

Miss White nodded thoughtfully. “OK, fill me in.”


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