Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 87

Monika turned up about a half-hour later, accompanied by a brown-skinned, black-haired woman in her late twenties. Greeting Miss White and Jodie with hugs and kisses, Monika said, “So sorry I missed your arrival. Angel here — this is Angel, say hi Angel —” She waved a hand. “Her car broke down and she was stranded downtown, poor thing. God forbid she should ever take public transportation.” The way she said it, it was hard to tell if she was just kidding Angel, or if she was genuinely annoyed.

“I’m gonna go shower and get changed. It was nice meeting you,” said Angel.

Miss White made a quick study of Angel. She had dark, smoldering eyes, pouty lips, and magnificent cheekbones. But when she turned to go Miss White saw what her greatest asset was — she had quite possibly the most spectacular rear end Miss White had ever seen.

Monika saw where Miss White’s eyes were pointed and smiled. Angel’s ass turned heads wherever they went — it had caused more than one man on the street to walk into a telephone pole, and a couple of car accidents too.

“Welcome to the House of Love,” said Monika, gesturing toeard the sign above the fireplace that said that very thing. “Let me give you the grand tour.” Miss White and Jodie stood and followed her out into the foyer, past the Christmas tree to the dining room, which also had a fireplace as well as a spectacular chandelier. From there they proceeded to the kitchen, which managed to combine all the modern conveniences with a rustic, homey feel.

Next they headed upstairs to where the bedrooms were. Monika showed Miss White and Jodie the guest room where they’d be staying, an octagonal space with tons of windows — almost too many windows, thought Miss White, who didn’t like to feel exposed. But they all overlooked the garden and no other house was in sight, so it was private enough, she supposed.

The master bedroom was a cavernous space with wooden floors and minimal furnishings — just a huge four-poster bed and a couple of chairs. But it had a fireplace too, with a big soft rug in front of it.

One door led to Annie’s room, and Monika declined to open it — “Her private space, you know.” A fourth bedroom appeared to be rarely used, cluttered as it was with boxes and stacks of books.

Finally they climbed a winding stairway to the third floor, which was a single large room that Monika used as a studio. It was filled with hundreds of paintings, some of them landscapes and still lifes, but the vast majority were female nudes. Both Angel and Annie were represented among them multiple times, and Miss White quite enjoyed seeing what they looked like without clothes on, hoping she might get a chance to experience the real thing before the trip was over.

“These are wonderful,” said Miss White.

“Thank you,” answered Monika. “My artistic gifts are modest, I’m afraid, but I do what I can.”

Browsing through the collection, Miss White was surprised and pleased to find a nude of Annika. She was every bit as gorgeous in the altogether as Miss White would have expected. Sitting on an easel awaiting finishing touches was a painting of a woman bent over facing away from the viewer. Her hands were tied behind her back and her ass was glowing red, as if from a recent spanking. Her head was not visible but from the coloring and shape, Miss White guessed it was Angel. Miss White found herself coloring a little — there was something very intimate about this.

Jodie, meanwhile, just wandered around in a daze. She could hardly believe what she was seeing. There was a sizzling erotic charge to this art and she felt a bit lightheaded, like all the blood was rushing to her nether regions.

“How long have you been painting?” asked Miss White.

Monika considered. “All my life, just about. At one time I thought I might do it professionally, but art school disabused me of that notion. Still, I enjoy it a great deal.”

As they went back down the stairs Monika stretched and yawned. “Well, I’m going to take a little rest. You might want to do the same. It’s going to be a long night.”

* * *

That afternoon Jenny’s parents went to visit a friend and she had the house to herself for the first time since she’d come home. Feeling naughty and mischievous, she stole three ties from her father’s closet — he had a million of them and would never notice — and after stripping naked, lay down in her bed and tied both her ankles and one of her wrists to the bed.

With her free hand she touched herself, imagining that Kristin was there in the room — slowly peeling off her clothes, then climbing up onto the bed and straddling Jenny’s head, her blond bush tickling Jenny’s nose. In her mind’s eye Jenny began to lick Kristin’s pussy as Kristin leaned down for a 69, sliding her hands underneath to grip Jenny’s butt cheeks. For the last week Jenny had had to be quiet while masturbating, but this time she let her moans echo through the house’s empty hallways.

* * *

Miss White and Jodie took off their clothes and slid between the sheets, which were of course of the luxurious high-thread-count variety. After her nap on the plane Miss White was not especially tired, but the idea of a little lie-down had not sounded bad at all.

It was totally quiet in the house, but then there was a very faint but unmistakable sound of flesh against flesh, followed by a muffled moan. Miss White pictured Angel in that big bed, naked and gagged, head down and ass up as Monika spanked her. This got Miss White’s motor running and Jodie, as if reading her mind, quickly disappeared under the covers and nestled between the older woman’s legs. Miss White did not object. She leaned back and enjoyed, idly fingering Jodie as the rhythmic smacking sounds from down the hall accelerated, them stopped, and the moans of pain — if indeed that was what they were — turned to moans of pleasure.

Eventually it did become truly silent in the house, and Miss White drifted off into a pleasant, post-orgasmic twilight consciousness.



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