Thursday, April 22, 2010

Slave Girls of Alpha Beta Delta, Chapter 89

Miss White always enjoyed watching someone else administer a punishment, studying how their technique differed from her own and looking for tips. Monika’s style was slow and deliberate; she took long pauses between blows, but when she landed one, it was forceful and precise. Even so, the loud moans that Annie emitted after each whack of the paddle against her skin seemed out of proportion; Miss White suspected she was putting on a show for them.

And it worked. By the time Monika sat down the paddle, Annie’s butt cheeks and thighs were glowing a rosy red, and Miss White and Jodie’s pussies were burning hot and sopping wet. Gesturing toward the rug where Annie had been laying, Monika said, “Well, you’ve paid the toll, you might as well enjoy yourself.”

Annie slid down onto her knees and crawled back to the rug, where she somewhat gingerly resumed her former position. The fire was starting to die down, so Monika added a few more logs. Then she turned and crossed the room; as she did her eyes met Miss White’s, which were full of inquiring expectation. Monika tossed her head and though she said nothing the implication was clear: She’s all yours.

Miss White stood up and quickly shucked off her blouse, bra, skirt, and panties, leaving her only in socks. She took a few steps forward and for a long moment just stood over Annie, feeling the heat from the fire soak into her naked skin. The she moved so that she was standing with one foot on either side of Annie’s head, so that the younger woman was looking straight up into her pink, glistening slit.

But when Miss White dropped to her knees, she let her butt fall back onto her heels and looked down into Annie’s big blue eyes. She leaned down for a kiss and Annie responded enthusiastically, arching her back, nipples visibly stiffening. Soon Miss White moved down to lick those nipples, leaving her own breasts dangling over Annie’s head. Annie craned her head upward to suck on one, then the other.

Next Miss White braced her palms against the floor and drew herself upward until her crotch covered Annie’s mouth. Annie didn’t need any further encouragement; wrapping her arms around Miss White’s thighs, she parted the older woman’s pussy lips with her tongue and slid it inside. Miss White held on to Annie’s tits with both hands as she ground down onto Annie’s face.

Jodie had been looking over with an eager — almost desperate — expression on her face. When Miss White finally caught her eye and nodded, Jodie quickly rolled over onto the floor, crawled over to where they were, pulled Annie’s legs open, and wriggled between them. After happily nuzzling her nose into Annie’s blond fur, Jodie spent a minute licking juice off her thighs, then dived in in earnest.

Miss White didn’t know which she enjoyed more, the good work that Annie’s tongue was doing between her legs, or watching Jodie hungrily devour the maid’s gooey cunt. And since she didn’t have to decide, she didn’t. 

When Jodie looked up from Annie’s crotch and her eyes met Miss White’s, an electrical spark seemed to pass between them. Miss White leaned down to kiss Jodie on the mouth. When she got a taste of the sweet nectar coating Jodie’s lips, she greedily licked the rest of it off, then bent down to drink straight from the source.

Monika had quietly left the room and when she reappeared, she was wearing nothing but a Santa hat and a strap-on. Miss White, catching something moving from out of the corner of her eye, looked up from between Annie’s legs; Jodie quickly replaced her, happy for another go at Annie’s delicious pussy.

In the dim light it was hard to make out, but clearly there was something different about Monika’s strap-on; it had an unusual shape and curve, and its surface texture looked weathered and grainy. Miss White looked up at Monika’s face; it was lit up with devilish delight, and she gave Miss White a wink as she sank to one knee behind Jodie. 

Moving decisively but not hastily Monika pulled Jodie up onto her knees, lifted her skirt, pulled the crotch of her panties aside, and plunged into her. Jodie let out a guttural “Uuumph” and let her head rest on Annie’s pelvis as the phallus filled her.

This blocked Miss White’s access to Annie’s pussy so she sat up again, riding Annie’s face as she watched Monika fuck Jodie. She still couldn’t get a good look at the strap-on, but it appeared to be covered in leather; Miss White had never seen that before. Certainly it was doing the job on Jodie, who was now whimpering helplessly as she angled her hips for more friction on her clit.

* * *

Sated for the moment, Miss White climbed off Annie and sat down to sip her brandy and watch. Monika had pulled Jodie’s hands behind her back and was riding her hard, brow furrowed as she attempted to give Jodie one last, massive orgasm. Which she finally did — Jodie let out a roaring, high-pitched yowl and collapsed down onto Annie with all her weight.

Monika looked over as Miss White, who lifted her glass in salute before taking a drink. It occurred to Miss White that Monika must be thirsty, so she located Monika’s snifter and delivered it to her. Monika accepted it gratefully, took a quick sip, then kissed Miss White on the mound. She might well have continued from there, but Miss White was hypersensitized from her earlier orgasms and not ready for more; so she pulled away and returned to her seat.

Meanwhile Jodie had rolled off Annie and Annie lay looking up at Monika, legs spread wide, pleading in her eyes. It was clear what she wanted and Monika saw no reason not to give it to her. After taking two good draughts from her brandy, she sat it down and took up a position between Annie’s legs.

Jodie crawled over to where Miss White sat and then hopped up onto the couch, resting her head on the older woman’s lap. Miss White stroked Jodie’s hair as they watched Monika take aim and drive the strap-on into Annie, who wrapped her arms and legs around her mistress as she squealed in pleasure.

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