Friday, May 19, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 33

Late that afternoon, Carla announced that they had an errand to run. Annabel started to undo her collar but Carla waved her off. “Leave it on,” she said. “We’re only going one place, and I know everybody there. Nothing to worry about.”

Nonetheless, Annabel was nervous as they headed down Highway 1. What if someone she knew saw her? Fortunately she didn’t know that many people. And anyway, how could anyone know what the collar meant? It could be just a fashion statement. Fortunately Carla hadn’t made her wear some slutty outfit this time; she was still in her regular jeans and T-shirt.

They got onto Santa Monica Boulevard and headed toward Hollywood, finally pulling up behind a cavernous building with a sign that said “Johnson’s House of Costumes.” Inside Carla led Annabel through a sort of labyrinth that threaded its way among racks and mannequins displaying costumes of every kind, from monsters and military uniforms to superheroes, pirates, and aliens.

In a sort of clearing amidst the chaos they found a young woman sitting behind a desk, thoughtfully tapping a pencil on the desktop. She was really quite striking-looking, Annabel thought: smooth, dark-brown skin; high, regal cheekbones; and big, luminous brown eyes. When she stood up to greet them, she was several inches taller than Carla, and towered a full head above Annabel. She was wearing a tight halter top and short skirt that showed off her generous bosom, narrow waist, and ample, rounded butt.

“Hi Monica,” said Carla, and they embraced. Carla and Monica had a history. They’d gone to high school together and, during senior year, had a passionate affair that lasted for several months. Carla still considered Monica the most beautiful girl she’d ever dated. Monica’s father was black and Native American and her mother was from India, and she’d gotten the most fortuitous selection of genes from each side.

But they were both dominant personalities and in the end, they just hadn’t been a good match. They still kept in touch, though, and Carla knew that Monica spent every summer working for the family business, this shop.

“Hi Carla,” responded Monica sweetly. “How are you?”

“I’m good,” answered Carla, and they spent a minute catching up. Finally Monica inquired what brought her in to the shop today, and Carla gestured toward Annabel. “I’m looking for a French maid costume for her. Something sexy.”

Monica nodded, looking Annabel up and down, eyes lingering only briefly on the collar around her neck. “I know just the thing. Back in a flash.” With that, she disappeared into the warehouse, leaving Carla and Annabel alone. Carla pulled Annabel close and kissed her on the lips, long and hard, making Annabel’s nipples start to stiffen and her pussy start to moisten. They separated just as Monica returned carrying a frilly black-and-white lace costume.

Carla helped Annabel off with her T-shirt and jeans, leaving her in just bra and panties. Annabel felt a bit embarrassed being exposed this way in front of a stranger, especially since a customer could walk in on them at any time. (Unbeknownst to her Monica had just locked the front door, as it was closing time anyway, and she felt like some privacy might be good.)

“No need for the bra,” said Monica. “The costume has a framework built in.” Carla unhooked Annabel’s bra and pulled it off, leaving her jutting nipples uncovered. Being exposed this way only made her more excited, making her condition that much worse. There was a definite sexual tension in the air, and Annabel wondered what these two strong, lovely young women might have in mind for her.

Monica and Carla worked together to get Annabel into the costume, which was very tight and constricting, with an extremely short skirt that ended just below her butt. Her breasts were shaped and lifted by the bodice, displaying a substantial amount of cleavage.

Carla emitted a low whistle. “Very nice. You have stockings and a garter to go with it?”

“Naturally,” replied Monica, plunging into the stacks one again. Carla took the opportunity to fondle Annabel’s ass, which was highly accessible in this outfit. Monica returned a minute later, and soon long black stockings and a matching garter belt were added to Annabel's ensemble. She could see herself in a mirror in the corner, and she had to admit that she looked smoking hot, if a little depraved.

“Perfect,” said Carla, “we’ll take it.”

“Cool,” responded Monica. “You want it packed up, or will she wear it out?”

Carla considered. “Better pack it up. We don’t want to start a riot.” She and Monica both laughed, and Annabel began to change as Monica and Carla whispered to each other.

“So that’s...” began Monica.

“My father’s wife, yeah,” nodded Carla.

Monica shook her head. “You're incorrigible.”

Annabel had just stripped back down to her panties and was about to start dressing again when Carla spotted a blue-and-white cheerleader outfit on a mannequin to the left of where they were standing. Suddenly a light bulb went on in her head.

“Hey Annabel,” she said, looking over at her stepmother. “I bet you were a cheerleader, weren’t you?”

Somewhat reluctantly, Annabel nodded. She had in fact been a cheerleader in high school, dated a football player, the whole nine yards.

“Why don’t you try that on?” said Carla. “You don’t mind, do you?” she asked Monica.

“Certainly not,” answered Monica, walking over to the mannequin to get the costume for Annabel. It fit like a glove, and Carla smiled wickedly at her stepmother, handing her the pom-poms that the mannequin had been holding. “Do a cheer for us,” she instructed.

Annabel blushed. “I guess I remember...something,” she said hesitantly.

“Wait, wait,” said Monica. She pulled her chair out from behind the desk and sat it down next to another chair that faced where Annabel was standing. “Here’s the scene. We’re the, like, captains of the cheerleading team,” she said to Carla. “And she’s the new girl auditioning.”

“Ooh, good one,” said Carla, and she and Monica sat down and looked over at Annabel expectantly.


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