Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 31

Moving carefully and quietly, Annabel slid her dresser drawer open and reached inside for the collar. She tiptoed out of the room, gently shut the door behind her, and walked slowly down the hall.

Flickering light was streaming from a crack in Carla’s door; Annabel paused there and fumbled with her collar, dropping it once before finally getting it fastened around her neck. She could still hear her husband snoring down the hall.

Taking a deep breath, Annabel opened the door and stepped inside. Carla was sitting up in bed with a tablet in her lap, wearing a black lace bra with the covers pulled up around her waist. Her eyes glittered in the candlelight as she looked over at Annabel with an expression that said “What took you so long?”

Pushing the door closed behind her, Annabel pulled off first her pajama top, then the bottoms, and let them fall to the floor. Carla lifted the corner of the sheet beside her in invitation. Annabel walked over to the bed and slid in next to Carla; it was delightfully warm and delicious-smelling under there.

Carla set the tablet aside and took Annabel in her arms for a long, wet, passionate kiss. For the moment they were like any two lovers reunited after some time apart. Annabel felt her nipples begin to stiffen, her pussy begin to moisten, and a fluttering sensation in her stomach.

Pulling her bra off, Carla hooked a finger into the ring of Annabel’s collar. She pulled Annabel’s head down to her chest and Annabel eagerly went to work. The sensation of Carla’s soft flesh in her mouth was comfortably familiar now; she suckled like a happy baby until Carla tugged on the ring to move Annabel down under the covers.

Down there Annabel was completely enveloped in Carla’s smell, feel, and taste. She felt at home, safe from the world, with the comfort of a definite purpose: to make her stepdaughter feel good. To this end she applied her fingers, her mouth, and all the knowledge she’d recently acquired.

Inching over to one side, Carla reached out to penetrate Annabel with one finger, then two. She brought the fingers to her mouth and licked the juice off. Delectable. Hungry for more, she turned Annabel and adjusted her own position so they could 69. They licked each other slowly and tenderly at first, then with increasing fervor, and didn’t let up until each of them had come several times.

Afterward they lay side-by-side in quiet contentment. Listening closely, Annabel could hear her husband snoring in the distance. He would probably sleep straight through till morning, but even so, she knew that she would have to get back. She stayed a little while longer, then kissed Carla softly on the lips and slid out from under the covers. Carla understood the situation and made no move to stop her.

After getting her pajamas back on, Annabel crept down the hall back to her own bedroom, removing her collar on the way. She replaced the collar in the drawer and eased back into bed, and in minutes she was off in the land of dreams.


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