Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 35

It was hot, moist, and musky down between Monica’s legs. Annabel took a deep breath, immediately feeling a little intoxicated by the strong and heady smell.

Monica spread her legs as wide as they would go and moved her hand around to the back of Annabel’s head, pulling her in closer. Getting the message, Annabel extended her tongue and took a taste of Monica’s pussy. It was tangy, tart, and overwhelmingly delicious. All inhibitions forgotten, Annabel feasted on the tender flesh between this virtual stranger’s legs, both of them moaning as Monica’s fingernails dug into her back.

After coming twice Monica pushed Annabel away and sat back to catch her breath. Annabel felt a hand on her head, turning her 90 degrees so that she was staring straight into a nest of dark pubic hair. Carla was standing over her, looking down expectantly.

Annabel nuzzled into Carla’s bush and Carla shifted her weight so she could get her legs apart. Inhaling the now-familiar scent of Carla’s arousal, Annabel burrowed into her stepdaughter’s crotch, thrusting her tongue up between Carla’s pussy lips.

In this position Annabel couldn’t breathe very well and she soon began to feel lightheaded; next thing she knew she was being lifted and deposited face-up on the desk. Monica, dropping to her knees, scooted forward between Annabel’s legs and began to tongue-fuck the older woman. Carla, meanwhile, hopped up onto the desk and straddled Annabel’s head.

Annabel was long past the point of resisting whatever was happening to her; she relaxed and enjoyed the sensations of the moment. None of them were in any particular hurry. Monica found Annabel’s cunt thoroughly delectable and took her time exploring it, licking all around, then penetrating as deep as her extra-long tongue would allow. Carla reveled in the whole scene, riding Annabel’s face as she watched her gorgeous ex-girlfriend eat her stepmother’s pussy.

Several orgasms later, Annabel found herself being turned over onto her stomach. She stretched out languidly as Carla and Monica both donned strap-ons that Monica had stashed in her desk. They took turns fucking the older woman from both ends, leaving her spent and semi-conscious on the desktop as Monica wrapped up their package. “Better give us the cheerleader outfit, too,” said Carla, and they laughed.

Once everything was ready Carla gently roused Annabel and helped her get dressed. Relatively clear-headed now, Annabel felt a little self-conscious as she exchanged hugs and goodbyes with Monica; in the maybe 90 minutes that they’d known each other, Annabel had shown herself to be a shameless lesbian slut completely in her stepdaughter’s thrall. But Monica was genuinely friendly and affectionate, embracing Annabel like an old friend and kissing her on the cheek. “It was really nice meeting you,” she said.

Carla and Monica also shared a long hug and warm, lingering kiss. “See you tomorrow?” asked Carla.

Monica looked at Carla, over at Annabel, back at Carla. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


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