Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 32

In the morning all three of them had breakfast together. Carla and Annabel grinned covertly at each other, thinking back to the previous night’s assignation, as the man of the house read his email.

As they ate he announced that he would be going overseas to finalize the merger he had been working on, and probably wouldn’t be back for a couple of weeks. Annabel did her best to look disappointed. Carla made no such pretense, her mind already racing ahead to what they might do during that time.

Annabel knew that he would want a kiss goodbye, so she gave him one — after rinsing her mouth out with mouthwash to cover the taste of his daughter’s pussy.

When he drove away Annabel walked into the kitchen, where Carla was still sitting at the table sipping coffee. The expression on Carla’s face was not what she expected — it was a cold and stern look, and Annabel knew immediately that she’d done something wrong. It took her a few seconds to figure out what it was, and when she remembered, she immediately bolted upstairs and retrieved her collar.

Once properly collared, Annabel turned around to find Carla smiling at her, leash in hand. Carla clipped the leash to Annabel’s ring and led her down the hall, allowing her to walk instead of crawl this time. 

Once they were in the bedroom, Carla wasted no time stripping Annabel naked, cuffing her hands behind her back, and pushing her down onto the bed. Carla gave her stepmother a few good whacks on the rump just on general principles, then got into her favorite strap-on and made Annabel suck it. She loved the way Annabel looked up at her, all sweet and doe-eyed, as the shaft disappeared into her mouth.

Spinning Annabel around, Carla pushed her legs apart with one knee and plunged into her. Relieved to no longer have to be quiet, Annabel let out an uninhibited howl of ecstasy. She only increased in volume as Carla gave her a good, sound, thorough seeing to.

Pleased with her efforts, Carla took off her strap-on and traded it for a face dildo, which went onto Annabel. Sitting back in a comfortable chair, Carla spread her legs and used the leash to pull Annabel to her. Once Annabel was kneeling on the floor in front of her, Carla grasped the shaft of the dildo and guided it into her cunt.

Carla grunted as the thick plastic cock pushed into her. Annabel once again had a close-up view of Carla’s private parts as she used Annabel to pleasure herself. Holding Annabel’s head with both hands, Carla anchored both feet on the floor and ground her hips forward until she had an intense, shivering orgasm, then another, then another.

Afterward Carla got back into bed and fell asleep. Annabel washed the toys they had used, then went downstairs to clean up from breakfast. It felt, strangely, like life was back to normal.


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