Friday, May 4, 2018

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 74

When Kim arrived about 10 minutes later, Carla was bent over the bound form of Annabel, to all appearances giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. When Carla pulled away curly wisps of white rose up from between them, and Kim realized that she had been breathing smoke into her stepmother’s mouth.

“Hey,” said Carla, and held out the joint that was still smoldering in her hand. “You need to try this. It’s the bomb.”

Kim didn’t need much convincing; she accepted the proferred spliff, took two tokes, and handed it back. She immediately felt tingly all over, and highly conscious of the proximity of two beautiful women — one of them naked and one of them dressed very provocatively in revealing yoga clothes.

Sitting down on the deck, Kim began to fondle Annabel’s nude body — squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples, stroking her thighs. Annabel groaned and trembled, more than ready for some attention after laying there tied up and blindfolded for what seemed like hours, waiting for something to happen.

Carla sat down and took the last couple puffs from the joint, rubbing herself through her yoga pants as she watched Kim molest her stepmother. Annabel’s pussy was getting visibly wetter by the second, her lips growing puffy and opening like flower petals.

When Kim slid one finger into Annabel’s cunt, then brought to her mouth and licked it, the hankering that Carla had been nurturing all day hit her like a tidal wave. She leapt to her feet and quickly stripped off her top and pants. Even in her haste, though, she took a few seconds to fold them carefully before putting them down on a chair — they were brand new, after all.

Annabel felt the change in the air when Carla straddled her head, then the familiar scent of female arousal filled her nostrils. She began to explore with her mouth, finding first the soft skin of Carla’s thigh, then the tickle of her pubic hair, and finally the tender flesh of her vulva. Carla sighed and let her weight sink down onto Annabel’s face.

Kim, meanwhile, had pried Annabel’s pussy lips apart with her fingers and started to probe around inside with her tongue. It seemed to her that no woman had ever tasted quite as delicious as Annabel did at this moment; Kim craned her head and went in deeper, coating her lips and chin with Annabel’s nectar.

The deck was mostly hidden from the beach below, but a sharp-eyed viewer who happened by just then would have been treated to the sight of Carla writhing atop Annabel, boobs bouncing as she moved up and down on the bound woman’s tongue. But the beach was secluded and it was only rarely that anyone came there.

When Carla was satisfied she stood up. Her legs felt like jello, and just for a second she thought she was going to topple over. But she got ahold of herself and went into the kitchen to get something to drink; she was dreadfully thirsty. When she returned Kim had taken her place on top of Annabel, but facing the opposite direction, toward the house.

Carla sat sipping cool water as she watched the Asian girl grind down repeatedly onto Annabel’s face. At first Kim was gripping the arms of the chair; then she rested her hands on Annabel’s thighs; then she slowly let herself slump forward until her head was between the older woman’s legs. She just couldn’t get enough of Annabel’s pussy, apparently.

And who could blame her? Carla slid down off the chair onto her knees and crawled the few feet over to where the other two were. She lifted Kim’s head and they kissed, sharing the taste of Annabel that was all over Kim’s lips. Then they worked together to bring Annabel to one, two, three gigantic orgasms.

When Kim finally climbed off, Annabel’s blindfold had slipped off and the look on her face was priceless: dazed and cross-eyed, smiling stupidly but contentedly. Carla untied her and all three of them adjourned inside. Annabel got out some crackers, cheese, and fruit as Carla popped open a bottle of white wine.

As they sat down at the kitchen table the sun was just beginning its long, slow descent toward the horizon. Nibbling her food and sipping her wine, Carla looked back and forth between the gorgeous scenery and the two lovely naked ladies sitting next to her. She sighed contentedly. Sooner or later, she was sure, new desires would make themselves known. But right now everything was perfect just as it was.


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