Friday, May 18, 2018

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 76

When Kim returned to their table Carla wrapped both arms around her and kissed her on the lips. Blair’s smell and taste were strong on her, triggering memories for Carla, who had first been brought to Blair’s the previous summer by an older woman she’d had a brief affair with.

The second time, after they broke up, Carla had come by herself. She was determined to look as sexy as possible in case they ran into each other, and dressed in her tiniest micro-miniskirt and an ultrathin tube top that barely covered her nipples. She remembered that on her way out of the house she’d walked past her father, who did a double-take and looked like he was about to say something; then just shook his head and kept walking.

As she walked through the parking lot toward the door of the club Carla felt nervous. She had been an out and proud lesbian for years, but still the kinky and public nature of what went on at Blair’s was new to her. Her former lover had explained to her that, in order to attend a show there, you had to agree to participate if your number was called. It was not permitted to be just a spectator.

As she signed the release form her heart was pounding. She had a feeling that something was going to happen. Instead of sitting down she lingered by the bar, slowly sipping her drink as she waited for the show to get started. Finally the lights went down and Blair appeared on the stage, dressed in form-fitting vinyl from the neck down. She welcomed the crowd and drew a number; Carla was not surprised to look down and see that same number in her hand.

From that point on things seemed to move in slow motion. Carla began to walk toward the stage, feeling more eyes on her with every step. As she did she watched herself in the giant mirror, and was happy with what she saw. This outfit showed off every curve and left very little to the imagination. She accentuated the sway of her hips, hoping to get every pussy in the place wet by the time she made it to the stage.

Blair helped Carla up the stairs and looked her up and down. She tried to keep her expression neutral, but the look in her eyes said she’d hit the jackpot. Carla looked out at the crowd, feeling a lump in her throat; she was used to being very open about her sexuality, but being onstage was something else altogether.

Then the world was wrapped in darkness as Blair pulled a vinyl hood over her head. The only openings in the hood were two holes for her nostrils and a zipper over the mouth, so Carla was completely blind. For a brief moment she panicked, then she got ahold of herself and told herself to relax, to savor every moment of this experience.

Blair’s hands wrapped around Carla from behind, pulling her tube top down, cupping her tits and pinching her nipples. Carla moaned into the zipper; Blair’s hands were so deft, so sure, so authoritative. She generally preferred to be the one in charge, but in this situation she was happy to surrender herself to the older woman’s will.

Now Blair lifted Carla’s arms up over her head and attached her wrists to a chain that was dangling from the ceiling. She then adjusted the chain so Carla was stretched out to her full length, not straining, but unable to put her weight back on her heels.

There was a wooden trunk on the stage that Blair now flipped open. One by one she pulled out various instruments of punishment, holding each one up for the audience’s approval: a whip, a flogger, a paddle, a cane, a riding crop, and a leather slapper. The amount of applause seemed to increase for each one, and so Blair chose the slapper, a recent acquisition that she hadn’t gotten much chance to use yet.

Holding the slapper under one arm, Blair pulled Carla’s skirt down around her knees. Her tiny white thong didn’t cover much of anything, so Blair left it in place. Taking a step back, Blair paused to appreciate the bound, exposed form of the young woman; a magnificent specimen, she was.

Blind under her hood, Carla had heard the six successively louder bursts of crowd noise, wondering what was happening. Afterward it was quiet, with nothing to be heard save the sound of her own breath. Then she heard something whooshing through the air, and braced herself.

The first whack of the slapper, which came on her left thigh, still took her by surprise. Her leg muscles trembled and she pulled, pointlessly, against the chain holding her hands. From Carla’s thighs Blair moved to her butt, her breasts, her belly, punishing her slowly, precisely, almost delicately; but Carla found that being unable to see heightened all her other sensations. Every blow stung for a few seconds, then dissolved into pins and needles.

Finally Blair kicked Carla’s legs apart and began to whip the slapper back and forth between her inner thighs. Carla bit her lip and groaned; the pain level had increased, but so had the proximity to her pussy. She hoped that a reward might be coming.

She didn’t have long to wait. Sitting down the slapper, Blair loosened the chain and adjusted Carla so she was bent forward at the waist. From the trunk Blair now produced a three-foot-long wooden stick with a nice, thick dildo on one end. Blair pulled the crotch of Carla’s thong aside and slid the tip of the dildo between her legs, pressing it gently against her pussy lips.

Sensing the pressure on her vulva, Carla lifted up onto her toes, angling herself for better penetration. Blair sat down on the trunk and got a firm grip on her end of the stick. She probed into Carla’s slit gently at first, then with one decisive move buried the phallus in her all the way to the hilt.

Carla contracted her leg muscles, pushing back against the invading shaft with all her strength. Aroused and well-situated as she was, it took only a handful of strokes before she felt a climax begin to wash over her. Even so she was eager for more, but to her disappointment she felt the dildo being withdrawn. Blair had other ideas for her.

Loosening the chain still further, Blair brought Carla onto her knees and opened the zipper that had been covering her mouth. Blair’s bodysuit had a crotch zipper, which she now opened as well, spreading her legs slightly and positioning herself near Carla’s hooded head.

Kneeling now, still bound and unseeing, Carla felt the warmth and smelled the aroma of Blair’s crotch just in front of her face. She stuck her tongue out and searched around, finally making contact with the tender flesh of Blair’s pussy. It was creamy and salty, and Carla licked and sucked it greedily, probing deep inside and drinking down the nectar. Blair’s pubic hair tickled her through the nostril holes, but with no hand available she could do nothing about it, so concentrated on finding and sucking Blair’s clit.

Blair gripped Carla’s hooded head with both hands and ground her crotch into the younger woman’s face. For a time everything around them dropped away: it was just two women, one giving pleasure, one receiving. Finally Blair began to shiver, her body wracked by an orgasm that came in stages, each one a little more intense than the one before.

Composing herself, Blair closed her zipper, then pulled the hood up over Carla’s head. After freeing Carla’s hands and helping her to her feet, Blair gestured to the crowd, which obliged her with a cacophony of applause, cheers, and whistles. Adjusting her top and skirt, Carla checked herself in the mirror: She looked good. Slutty, but good.


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