Friday, May 11, 2018

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 75

No one had said anything for a few minutes; the three of them had been sitting gazing out at the cool blue ocean and the glittering golden sun. Then Kim spoke up.

“So, were you gonna go to Blair’s tonight?”

Carla cocked her head and thought for a second. “Oh, that’s tonight, isn’t it? I had completely forgotten.” She paused to consider. “Yeah, we should go. Definitely.”

An hour later they walked out to Kim’s car together. Carla had dressed Annabel super-femme — slinky white dress, pearls along with her collar, and pouffy blow-dried hair — and herself kind of butch, in blue jeans and leather with her hair slicked back. Kim was wearing a short plaid skirt and white blouse, going for a classic slutty schoolgirl look. With her youthful features she could easily have passed for an actual student, except that no school would allow a skirt that short.

As they approached the warehouse Annabel felt her stomach tighten. Blair’s attracted a regular crowd, which meant that many of the people who were going to be there that night had seen her punished and exposed, seen her hanging upside-down with her face buried in Blair’s crotch. Thinking about it Annabel felt both self-conscious and aroused; her pussy was soaking wet by the time they pulled into the parking lot.

Carla didn’t leash Annabel this time, but held her by the elbow and guided her toward the door. The three of them sort of looked like a family — mom and dad and precocious teen daughter. Annabel recognized a few faces from their previous visit; every time she saw one she blushed and looked down, but she could feel eyes lingering on her. It was a relief when they got inside, where it was relatively dark.

Kim and Annabel sat down as Carla went to get them drinks — a beer for herself, a cosmo for Annabel, and a Shirley Temple (spiked with vodka) for Kim. As she poured the drinks the bartender looked over at Annabel, then back at Carla. “That was quite a show the other day,” she said. “One of the best we’ve ever had.”

Carla smiled. The bartender was cute, with big brown eyes, a short black bob, and a compact but voluptuous frame. It might be fun to have her spend some time with them. But there was plenty of time for that later. For now, Carla just nodded and took the drinks back to their table.

They had been among the last to arrive, and it was only a few minutes before Blair appeared onstage. She was dressed, it appeared, as some kind of priest — or at least she was wearing a clerical collar, though the rest of her outfit was decidedly nonstandard. The black top had a cross-shaped cutout that revealed her upper chest, navel, and black lace bra (the latter stuffed to the breaking point with her magnificent breasts). Underneath she wore a black leather skirt with a slit down the side.

“Welcome, everyone. It’s great to see you all here again.” The crowd murmured in response. “Let’s get started. First off, we won’t be doing the lottery tonight. I have a particular look in mind for this scene.” She walked down from the stage and began circulating through the crowd, taking time to check out every woman she passed.

When she got to Carla, Annabel, and Kim’s table she stopped. Pointing at Kim she said, “That’s it exactly. Come with me.” She extended her hand and Kim took it; the crowd applauded as Blair led Kim to the stage.

There was a desk onstage with chairs on either side, and after sitting Kim down on one side, Blair walked around to the other. She sat down and made a signal with her hand. The lights went out for a few seconds and when they came back on, Blair had clearly gotten into character. She had a stern look on her face and was tapping a wooden ruler on her palm.

Staring fiercely into Kim’s eyes, she asked, “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Unsure how to respond, Kim stuttered for a few seconds — “Um, well, I...” — and finally said, honestly, “I don’t know.”

“Sister Mary Agnes told me she saw you smoking cigarettes behind the gym. Are you denying it?”

Kim started to get a sense of where this was going. “I don’t smoke,” said, putting on her best pouty face.

“So you don’t have cigarettes on you right now?” asked Blair. Kim shook her head. “Stand up for me, please.”

Kim did as she was told and Blair stood up and walked around the desk. Undoing the top button of Kim’s blouse, she poked a finger down into Kim’s cleavage and rummaged around in there for a few seconds. Then she bent over slightly and slid her hands up into Kim’s skirt. She spent what seemed like an extremely long time probing, prodding, and squeezing before finally emerging with a pack of cigarettes in her hand — which she had of course palmed earlier. Earlier in life, Blair had for a while made her living as a magician.

Sitting the pack down on the desk, Blair gazed over at Kim with a shark’s ruthless grin. “Hands on the table,” she ordered, and Kim obeyed. Walking around behind her, Blair kicked Kim’s legs apart and bent her over further so her ass was sticking out. The crowd began to buzz with anticipation, and Annabel felt Carla’s hand slide up under her dress and begin to caress her knee.

Blair lifted the hem of Kim’s skirt and tucked it into the waistband, revealing her skimpy pink panties, then pulled them down around her ankles. After having Kim step out of the panties, Blair wadded them up and stuffed them into the younger woman’s mouth.

Now what do you have to say for yourself?”

Playing along, Kim tried to say a few words through her panty gag, which was of course copiously soaked with her juices — she had started lubricating furiously the moment Blair picked her out of the crowd. All that came out of her mouth was a muffled croak.

“I thought so,” said Blair, smirking. She picked up the ruler, took her time measuring the distance, then let fly with a resounding whack that echoed through the room. Kim moaned and braced herself harder against the desk, a little surprised at how much the ruler stung.

By this time Carla’s hand was creeping up Annabel’s inner thigh. The skin there was warm and moist, sticky with sweat and a trickle of girl juice. Annabel was in a highly sensitized state, and every touch of a fingertip on her thigh felt like a small electric shock.

Blair twirled the ruler in her hand theatrically before bringing it down on Kim’s other cheek. At this point Kim closed her eyes and tried to keep herself together. She wanted to put on a good show for the people, and not be a sissy; but that ruler really smarted, and hurt a little more with each blow.

It helped that between strokes Blair started teasing her inner thighs, then the tender flesh of her vulva, with the end of the ruler. Soon her ass and her pussy were both on fire, though in different ways. Kim bit her lip and held on.

And then, suddenly, things changed. Blair dropped the ruler and fell to her knees, burying her face in Kim’s crotch from behind, driving her tongue in deep. The tremor that ran through Kim’s body was visible even from the back row. Carla’s hand had now made its way inside Annabel’s panties, pushing the hem of her dress all the way up around her waist. Exposed as she was, Annabel felt like everyone must be watching her; but when she looked around, she saw that all eyes were fixed on the stage.

Kim came quickly, but Blair didn’t let up. Gripping Kim’s ass with both hands, Blair spread her even wider and pushed in even further. Kim gasped and fell down, somewhat suddenly, onto the surface of the desk. She gripped the sides for dear life as Blair tongue-fucked her, a copious stream of her juice dripping onto the desktop. Then she was coming again, and this time she managed to spit out the gag, emitting a loud wail that echoed through the room.

There was a thunderous round of applause, but the scene was not done quite yet. After whispering something into Kim’s ear, Blair walked back around to the other side of the desk and sat down. Kim climbed off the desk and wriggled underneath it. From this angle the crowd couldn’t see her so they had to imagine what was happening from the look on Blair’s face, which changed gradually from neutral to elated to ecstatic.

Finally Blair pushed herself away from the desk and stood up, smoothing her skirt and catching her breath; though she hadn’t made a sound, her orgasm had been quite intense. She reached one hand down to Kim, who emerged a few seconds later and stood beside Blair. They took a bow together as the audience went wild.

Annabel, who had come at the same moment as Blair, clapped heartily. Carla brought both hands to her mouth and whistled as Kim turned and made her way offstage. When the applause died down Blair looked out at the crowd and said, “Thank you, ladies. There will now be a brief intermission.”


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