Friday, May 25, 2018

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 77

Watching Kim onstage had gotten Carla into an almost unbearable state — nipples throbbing, pussy pulsing. She decided that something needed to be done about this immediately, if not sooner. If she’d been wearing a skirt, she would have made Annabel go down on her right there under the table. Instead she stood Annabel up, took her by the hand, and led her quickly to the bathroom.

Ducking into a stall and pulling Annabel behind her, Carla stripped off her pants, folded them, and hung them over the side of the stall. She had gone commando underneath, and there was immediately a waft of female arousal from between her legs as she sat down atop the toilet seat.

Annabel knew what was expected from her, and fortunately the bathroom seemed to have been set up for this very activity. The stall was roomy and there was a plush, clean-looking bath mat for her to kneel on. After slipping one finger between Carla’s slick pussy lips, Annabel leaned down and started to lick.

When Carla had gotten what she wanted she stood up and pulled her pants on. As soon as she vacated the seat Annabel took it, lifting her skirt and starting to rub herself as Carla left. Closing the stall door and turning toward the door, Carla saw a pair of high heels sticking out from under the adjoining stall; apparently they weren’t the only ones to be affected by the performance. Carla was tempted to peek underneath and see what was going on, but decided to give whoever it was their privacy.

When she returned to their table, she found Kim being chatted up by a tall, striking black woman with a shaved head. Carla winked at her friend and made her way to the bar, where she was helped by the same cute bartender as before.

“Friend of yours?” asked the bartender, nodding her head toward Kim.

“Yeah,” responded Carla. “We went to school together, in fact.”

“She’s pretty hot,” said the bartender as she sat their drinks in front of Carla. Looking Carla up and down she said, “You’re not too bad yourself.”

“Yeah,” said Carla with a grin as she gathered up the drinks, “I know.” As she turned away a few possibilities for later began to drift idly through her mind; at the moment she felt completely relaxed and calm, looking forward to the second part of the show.

She’d only been lost in thought for a few seconds, but by the time she got back to the table Kim was gone. Looking toward the door, Carla just caught sight of Kim’s back as she exited with one long brown arm wrapped around her.

This left Carla with an extra drink, which she sampled as Annabel reappeared, looking a little rumpled but none the worse for wear. It tasted like at least half vodka. Carla sat it down and picked up her beer, determined to pace herself. The night was still young.


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