Monday, June 26, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 45

Luisa left in the early afternoon and Carla followed shortly after, off to spend a couple days with friends in San Francisco. This left Annabel alone in a house that suddenly seemed very quiet.

She spent most of the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the aftermath of the party. There was a lot to be done but she actually rather enjoyed it; periodically she would pause and think of something that had happened the previous night. Twice she had to stop and rub herself to orgasm before carrying on.

Once the house was clean she heated up some leftovers, opened a bottle of white wine, and sat down in the living room, eating and drinking and reminiscing. But after a half-hour of that she grew restless. She flipped on the TV but didn’t really watch, repeatedly refilling her wine glass and pacing around the house, occasionally walking out to the deck and looking out at the water and the sky.

Without Carla there to give some structure to her existence, time seemed to just stretch out endlessly. She had no idea of how to fill it, none that seemed interesting, anyway. The night before the house had been so full of life, and now it seemed like the loneliest place in the world.

For a minute she thought about getting in touch with Kim, or Monica, or even Katya, and begging them to come over. But then she realized she couldn’t even if she wanted to — she didn’t have any of their numbers. They were Carla’s friends, not hers. This made her want to cry. Why didn’t she have any friends of her own? What was wrong with her?

Carla, meanwhile, had arranged to stay with her friend Daisy in San Francisco. Daisy lived almost rent-free in an amazing loft in the SOMA district. The only catch was that it was owned by a company that made adult films, who would occasionally use the loft for shoots.

This was how Carla came to find herself sitting in Daisy’s living room watching three pretty girls fuck. Daisy told her that sometime the directors and actors didn’t want observers on the set, and sometimes they didn’t mind. Tonight the latter was the case, so Daisy and Carla had hung around the loft as the director — a tall, short-haired blonde in her early 40s — discussed what they were about to shoot with the three actresses.

The scene would begin with the three of them doing yoga together. Then the older of the three actresses — an absolutely stunning Eurasian in her late 20s — would get the other two into cobra pose, with their hands behind their backs, and tell them to close their eyes. She would use yoga straps to tie their hands behind their backs and proceed to dominate them — making them lick her pussy and each other’s, spanking them with a cane, and fucking them with a strap-on.

This was all discussed very professionally and matter-of-factly. The two younger actresses — one brunette and one redhead — appeared to be somewhere between 18 and 21, and Carla could see in their eyes that they were excited by the idea of being dominated by this enchanting creature. She found her eyes constantly drawn to the Eurasian, who in addition to being beautiful had intelligent eyes and a magnetic presence.

As they talked the cameraman and soundman — both neat-looking, easygoing types, not the mulleted sleazebags Carla might have expected — set up their equipment and rearranged the furniture. From their demeanor throughout the shoot, completely focused and indifferent to what was going on before them, Carla assumed that they were gay.

Carla and Daisy sat in a corner away from the camera and watched as filming got underway. The scene was super-hot, there was no doubt about it; the three girls were really into it, and they were all gorgeous with great bodies. But Carla found herself restless and distracted. She kept thinking about Annabel instead of paying attention to the naked bodies writhing on the floor in front of her, which was really not like her.

When the shoot was over the cameraman and soundman packed up and left. Daisy invited the director and the actresses to hang around and have a drink, and they accepted. At the end of the shoot they had filmed a “behind the scenes” where the three naked, sweaty girls talked about what they’d done. In the process Carla learned that the older one was named Alison, and the other two were Jenna and Taylor. Carla hoped she might be able to get to know Alison better, and tried to focus on that rather than her stepmother, who was 400 miles away.


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