Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 46

Annabel woke up early but stayed in bed for a good while, unmotivated to start the day. Eventually she went downstairs and had breakfast, then showered before heading out to yoga class.

When she took her collar off to shower, she noticed that she was developing a tan line underneath it. Worried that people would wonder why she had a tan line there, she thought briefly about skipping yoga. But she was so desperate to get out of the house that she decided to go ahead.

After class Annabel again walked out with Dylan, and Dylan again asked her over. Annabel hesitated for a long moment and then, thinking about the empty house and the long empty day stretching out ahead, accepted.

“Great!” said Dylan, flashing a big smile. Annabel still wasn’t sure if Dylan just wanted her for a friend, or if she had something more in mind. But she was going to find out.

Annabel got into her car and followed Dylan for about ten minutes to a house in an upscale, quiet suburban neighborhood. Dylan made them tea and they sat under a big umbrella in her garden, talking. Dylan asked Annabel a lot of questions about herself and Annabel answered as honestly as she could, though of course when she talked about Carla, she didn’t disclose the true nature of their relationship. One thing Dylan didn’t ask about was the tan line around Annabel’s neck; she saw it, and wondered, but was too polite to mention it.

After an hour or so they went back inside. Dylan excused herself for a minute, saying that she had to check her email, and invited Annabel to make herself at home. Annabel wandered around admiring the house; it was beautifully furnished and impeccably maintained, but probably a lot less trouble to keep up than Annabel’s own house. She was studying the pictures on the living room wall —  including a photo from Dylan’s wedding, with her looking about 10 years younger — when she heard Dylan’s footsteps coming back into the room.

When she turned around Dylan was standing right behind her. A look passed between them, and next thing she knew Dylan was kissing her.

Dylan was an excellent kisser, with wonderfully soft, pliant lips. Annabel wanted to keep kissing her for a long, long time, but found herself pulling away.

Dylan frowned. “What's the matter, don’t you like me?”

Annabel shook her head, deeply regretful that she’d hurt Dylan’s feelings, feeling tears well up in her eyes. “It’s not that. I’m really flattered. It’s just ... I can’t.” Seeing that Dylan was looking at her, expecting more, she added, “It’s hard for me to really explain. It’s complicated.”

Dylan shrugged. “Well, I’m not trying to make you do anything you don’t want to do. But you should know that I think you’re beautiful and sweet and sexy as hell. I hope you’ll change your mind.”

Annabel nodded and smiled, touched by the kind words. “Well, um, I guess I’d better be going.”

“OK,” said Dylan. “This isn’t going to make things weird between us at the yoga studio, is it? I'd like for us to be friends, whatever else happens.”

“Sure,” said Annabel, and they hugged. Feeling the warm, delicious pressure of Dylan’s body against hers, Annabel again regretted what she was passing up. But then she thought of Carla and realized that, in her own mind at least, she had no choice. She broke the hug and headed for the door.

* * *

Carla woke up late in the morning feeling hung over and regretful. The night had started off well, with Daisy and Carla hanging out with the four women from the porn shoot. Diana, the director, took a real shine to Carla, telling her that she should do a scene for them, that she’d look great on camera. Carla was flattered and said she’d think about it.

But Carla wasn’t sure she liked the idea of appearing in internet porn. For one thing, if her father saw it, it might actually get her disinherited. He had more or less tolerated all her misbehavior up to this point, but he was pretty old-fashioned in certain ways. And also, flamboyantly promiscuous as she was, Carla still had a strong sense of personal privacy.

Daisy’s initial invitation had been for a drink, but inevitably that turned into two, then three. Diana was aggressively cozying up to Carla, who appreciated the attention, but really wanted an opportunity to get closer to Alison, the gorgeous Eurasian domme. 

At one point Diana insisted on making a gift to Carla of the cane that had been used in the shoot. Daisy, who was drinking the most of anyone, immediately jumped up and said that she wanted to be caned. She lifted her skirt, pulled off her panties, and bent over the couch to present her ass.

Carla was game. She picked up the cane and stood up, taunting Daisy by touching the cane gently to her rump, measuring the distance. Then she began to punish Daisy, but went pretty easy on her, just trying to put on a good show. Daisy moaned theatrically, making out like she was being hurt worse than she was.

Eventually Carla lost interest in the punishment and used the tip of the cane to tease Daisy’s pussy. The atmosphere in the room had changed; the sexual charge was palpable. With this group of sexually active lesbians, it didn’t take much to set off an orgy, and that was what transpired.

In the free-for-all that followed, Carla got her chance to fuck Alison, but ended up disappointed. Alison was sexy and skilled, but somehow Carla’s heart wasn’t in it. Her mind kept drifting, much to her annoyance, back to Malibu.


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