Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 40

The dinner was a great success; all the guests praised the food effusively and sincerely. Carla reveled in the moment, feeling like a queen as she ate, drank, and received compliments.

Annabel stood by throughout the meal, refilling water and wine glasses, and occasionally running to the kitchen to fetch something. She didn’t get to eat until after everyone else had finished, when she helped herself to leftovers while cleaning up. The food was indeed incredible, and all the better because she had been forced to wait and watch for so long.

She had just put the last of the dishes into the dishwasher when Carla appeared, casually twirling Annabel’s leash in one hand. Patting Annabel affectionately on the rump, Carla looked around the spic-and-span kitchen and nodded approvingly. It was time for the the next phase of the evening.

Carla clipped the leash into Annabel’s collar and had her get down onto her hands and knees. Walking tall and proud, Carla led her crawling stepmother out of the kitchen, down the hallway, and into the living room, where their guests awaited.

The atmosphere had changed from dinner party to just plain party. Music was playing, and Katya had lit a joint and passed it around, filling the room with a hazy layer of smoke. Katya was still drinking vodka, while the others had switched to rum, brandy, or tequila. They had been talking quietly among themselves, but all conversation stopped when Carla led Annabel into the room.

At that moment Carla realized that though she’d thoroughly visualized the entrance, she hadn’t planned what to do next. Improvising, she said, “Annabel here has just been telling me how beautiful and sexy she thinks you all are, and how she’d like to do anything she can to make you happy.” She paused a beat. “Anything at all.”

No one seemed quite sure how to respond, and nobody said anything for a few seconds. It was Katya who finally spoke up. “I’ve been wanting to suck on those titties all night.”

Carla handed the leash to Katya, who pulled Annabel close and sat her up on her haunches. Pulling  Annabel’s top down to release her breasts, which sprung out like they had a life of their own, Katya scooted forward and began to suck one while squeezing the other. 

Everyone else just watched for a minute until Monica, who was sitting closest, decided to get involved. She sank down onto her knees and reached over to lift Annabel’s skirt from behind. Annabel gasped as Monica’s hand began to gently rub her wet pussy through her panties.

Katya now pulled her own T-shirt off and brought Annabel’s head to her chest. Confident that things had been properly set in motion, Carla went to pour herself a drink. By the time she returned, Annabel was on her knees with her face buried in Katya’s pussy, while Monica was on the ground on her back, slurping away eagerly at Annabel’s cunt from beneath.

Smiling, Carla sat down next to Luisa and leaned back to enjoy what she had wrought.


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