Monday, June 12, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter, Chapter 41

Carla sipped her drink and surveyed the situation. Katya was leaning back on the couch, moaning and panting as Annabel’s tongue burrowed into her. Annabel, in turn, was being licked from underneath by Monica. In this position Monica’s fancy dress was all askew, revealing her thighs and occasionally flashing her panties.

As Carla looked on — cuddling up against Luisa, who looked on wide-eyed — Kim joined in. She dropped to her knees, lifted the bottom of Monica’s dress, and pulled her panties off. Eager as a kid in a candy store, Kim spread Monica’s legs and leaned down to feast on the dark-skinned girl’s pussy.

After watching for a few minutes, Carla took Luisa by the hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom. There the two of them made out and groped each other for awhile — getting reacquainted with each other’s bodies — before equipping themselves with strap-ons and returning downstairs.

When they walked back into the living room, things had been reconfigured; Annabel and Katya were 69ing on one couch, Monica and Kim on the other. It was such a beautiful sight, Carla was hesitant to disturb it. But just then Annabel looked over at her and momentarily turned her attention from Katya’s pussy. Seeing the long, thick dildo dangling from Carla’s crotch, Annabel’s mouth fell open; moments later it was completely full as Carla drove the shaft of the strap-on into her throat.

Luisa, meanwhile, went over to the other couch and started fucking any hole she could find, starting with Kim’s pussy. When Kim started making her characteristic squeaking noise, Luisa moved to silence her by shoving the dildo into her mouth. After a minute Luisa pulled out and  plunged into Monica’s cunt, leaning over and contorting herself to get her head between Kim’s legs and take a taste.

Carla now angled herself so she could penetrate Katya from behind. Katya looked back over her shoulder and muttered something in Russian that translated roughly as “Fuck me hard, you bitch.” Carla grinned and complied, wrapping one arm around Katya’s thigh and pushing in deeper.

Just then the doorbell rang. This caused Carla to panic for a second, thinking that maybe her father had unexpectedly returned home. Then she realized that of course he wouldn’t ring the doorbell, that it had to be Courtney, who had said that she had other plans but indicated that she might turn up at some point during the evening.

She used her leverage to turn Katya to one side, allowing Annabel to escape from underneath. Annabel unclipped the leash and took a few seconds to straighten her dress before going to answer the door. It was indeed Courtney, who had been out to dinner with her parents. She cocked her head, taking in Annabel’s smeared lipstick and JBF hair, and wondering what might be going on inside.

Annabel smiled sheepishly as she invited Courtney in. When they got to the living room, Carla was now sitting on the couch with Katya bouncing up and down on her cock. Lucia was giving it from behind to Monica, who had her face buried in Kim’s crotch. Annabel went to fetch a glass of wine for Courtney, who stood there trying to figure out where she fit in.


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