Friday, June 2, 2017

Dominated by Her Stepdaughter Chapter 37

After dinner, Carla again sat back with a glass of wine, watching Annabel clean up the kitchen in her maid’s costume. When the last dish was done, Carla clipped the leash into Annabel’s collar and led her upstairs to the bedroom. She had an itch that needed scratching.

A minute later Annabel found herself on her knees, hands cuffed behind her back, dildo protruding from her face. She scooted forward, staring right into Carla’s wet cunt, as Carla gripped the shaft of the dildo and guided it to point between her pussy lips.

Carla let out a soft, unusually high-pitched moan as the dildo penetrated her. She slowly took the whole thing in, pressing her pussy against Annabel’s face, then began to move back and forth. She held Annabel’s head with both hands as Annabel did her best to push back against Carla’s force.

After awhile Carla pushed Annabel over onto her back and climbed on top of her, pressing down so the dildo pushed all the way up inside. Just for the heck of it Carla reached behind her to finger Annabel’s pussy; it was soaking wet and welcoming. In this position Carla had one massive orgasm, then another, before rolling off.

Carla very much enjoyed the sight of Annabel laying there on the ground, maid costume disheveled, hands bound behind her back and dildo dangling from her face. She was the very picture of beautiful debasement. Suddenly Carla wanted nothing more than to fuck her stepmother senseless; and the situation being what it was, there was no reason why she couldn’t.

Annabel opened her eyes to see Carla standing over her wearing a strap-on. Her pussy started throbbing; she wanted that inside her more than anything, and she didn’t have long to wait. Carla rolled her over onto her stomach, pulled her up onto her knees, and slammed the plastic cock home. 

As she fucked Annabel from behind Carla reached up and unstrapped the face dildo. After removing it she turned it around and made Annabel suck it, tasting the copious juices coating it. Soon Annabel came, moaning loudly and gagging a little on the dildo in her throat.

But Carla wasn’t done with her. Laying Annabel down on the bed, Carla tied her wrists to the bedposts, spread her legs wide, and plunged in once again. Annabel yelled out; from this angle the dildo felt bigger, somehow, and she felt herself being stretched inside.

For whatever reason, Carla felt like she had a point to prove. She kept pounding into Annabel, right through multiple climaxes, and didn’t let up until Annabel looked faint and her eyes rolled back into her head. 

Carla pulled out, stood up, and looked down at her stepmother appraisingly. Annabel’s costume was bunched up around her waist, her whole body was covered with a sheen of sweat, and her face wore the glazed, far-away expression of a thoroughly satisfied woman. Carla was pleased with her accomplishment. She untied Annabel’s hands and within a minute Annabel was fast asleep, breathing deeply and loudly. Carla returned the strap-on to her bedside table and went to pour herself a nightcap.


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